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The Nero Platinum Suite Gives Your PC A Lot To Work With


There are a number of reasons why a person get a PC; for some it’s about working on photos and for others it’s about saving precious memories or important data onto discs for long -term storage. Others want to create compelling videos and everyone wants to find ways to keep their PC from “blowing up.” So rather than buying a multitude of programs, consider Nero Platinum Suite for its ability to present a set of utilities that enable you to efficiently perform a wide variety of different functions with the click of a button by aggregating them together rather than having to go with a set of separate programs.

The Nero Platinum Suite organizes applications into convenient, self-explanatory categories: Manage & Play, Edit & Convert, Rip & Burn and Backup & Rescue. But you don’t have to guess which app to use – Nero has a highly useful Search function that asks you the simple question “What do you want to do?” For example, let’s say that you wanted to edit some photos stored on your hard drive. Just type “edit photos” in the Search box and you get a list of focused links, such as “Easily edit photos with effects”. Clicking on this link launches the Nero MediaHome app that provides useful editing functionality for your stored photos. Yes the initial navigation is that simple


Many programs are tailored to help manage your media. For example, Nero Recode helps get your video and audio into the best file format for your needs. With just a couple of clicks, you can convert one file format to another, optimizing the output file for playing on a tablet, smartphone, gaming console, or audio player, even letting you export to AVC 4k Ultra HD format. It makes an otherwise chancy operation a success with the easy-to-learn Recode interface.

Nero Video is a great complement to Nero Recode. It lets you drag and drop in video and audio files or capture them directly from a camera, TV, or disc player. Once you have the files you need, you create “Video Projects” in which you can edit and tweak the content into movies, videos, or slide shows, and then publish it to Blu-ray, DVD, or AVC-HD media. It’s all intuitive and fun, with features like RhythmSnap that lets you sync your slide show or video edits to the rhythm of a soundtrack of your choosing. For those less ambitious, providing you’ve a defined length for your output content, the Fit Music function can be used to make Nero Video fit your slide show to the length of the music track or vice versa.

If you want to fully access all the content you’ve created for watching on your Smart TV, Nero MediaHome brings all your content together in one place. More than that, it lets you stream the content over your Wi-Fi network directly to the TV set.

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Many of the Nero Platinum Suite programs are designed for managing ones media. Nero Video, MediaHome, Recode, and Music Recorder will aid in the importing, organization, outputting and streaming of audio and video content. But Nero also goes beyond media management by assisting in keeping both computer and files optimized and efficient: Nero Duplicate Manager gets rid of redundant files in a cautious, thorough fashion; you can copy files onto removable media using Nero Burning ROM; you can prepare to back up your files using Nero BackItUp. As with its media management programs, you can find the exact program for the task at hand by using the intelligent search.


One of the easy-to-use computer management apps is Nero TuneItUp. When you launch it, TuneItUp performs a SmartCheck of your system, looking for trash files, browser issues, registry problems, privacy improvements among others. Once it’s done, it lets you pick and choose which areas to improve, giving you custom control over the process.

A certain amount of learning curve exists, but Nero’s got you covered through Nero KnowHow PLUS, an online help manual that pulls up step by step instructions on how to use each of the various programs. KnowHow PLUS is accessible from a program’s toolbar, so help is never far away.


All in all, Nero Platinum Suite is a great set of helpful programs at a great price, retailing for $42.95. This comes with a one year license. Minimum requirements are a PC with Windows 7 or greater and a DVD player for installing the disc (unless the digital version is purchased instead). For further details go to

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