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Negative Effects of Modern Communication

Negative Effects of Modern Communication

Modernization has given the world the gift of ease in communication with other people. Despite its extensive usefulness, some people believe that it has its drawbacks in terms of social relationships. The writer thinks as well that these modern platforms for communication has its negative impact.


To begin with, people who are far away from each other relies solely with the use of up to date technologies such as cellphones and computers as means of reaching out to one another. However, a lot of people still long for human touch that these devices cannot provide. No matter how long they see each other onscreen, they still cannot touch one another and a feeling of loneliness will still linger. Presence of their loved ones will still be sought after.

In addition to that, misunderstandings can occur when technological issues occur. Such thing can happen when for example, a problem happens with a cellphone network and one cannot text, call or message via internet connection for a whole day and a significant other is waiting for a reply. Consequently, he or she might think that the other person is ignoring the messages thus feeling of rejection may arise.

Moreover, some people with ill intentions sometimes use modern technology to deceive another person. A good example is a scenario in a dating application where a person pretends to be another identity by using fake name and pictures. That person often makes a convincing story to solicit money from their new found friends and after that, deleting their accounts so that they will not be caught. This greatly affects trust of people with other individuals thus affecting their attitude with other human beings.

In conclusion, the writer agrees that technological advancements in terms of communication has its negative implications to social relationships. It cannot replace human touch and sometimes, it can also create misunderstandings and mistrust.

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