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Name of Google Algorithm Updates in Short.

I am working as an SEO in Green Media Technology and I had completed my Master's at Mumbai University.

Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update!

Google Algorithm Update!

Name of SEO Algorithm Updates and their Importance in Short!


February 2011
The sites ranking with poor content was stopped for ranking means quality and lengthy content was considered to be a major ranking factor. And also the content is mainly responsible for decreasing the bounce rate of a website. Good content, like text, Images, Infographic, videos or etc. can be used to engage users on a website.

September 23, 2016
The first Penguin update happened on 24 April 2012, this was also a penguin updated but for the 7th time. Websites not following Google Webmasters Guidelines were penalized, black hat SEO practices were also penalized through this update.

August 2012
This update happened to fight with the privacy-related issues, Website with high removal notices was penalized. Websites with black hat SEO techniques and practices were removed. In this update installation of SSL certificate on a website was forced, and installing SSL Certificate had become a ranking factor.

July 24, 2014
Importance of local SEO was increased through this update, Google map search result was also affected in this map. And Google My Business gains its importance through this update. Personally, I am Advising to used Google my business in Building the local citations it boosts the website ranking locally. And for International SEO, you can use the Href Lang HTML tag in the header part of the website. Through this update, the citation building in the off-page section of SEO gain Importance.

February 6, 2014
Approximately 0.7% of English queries were affected. User experience was an important factor that was included in this update. User Experience consists of the website speed, Website layouts many also many other factors that make a website easy for the users as well as for Google to easily index it. This Update was a good update the spamming websites were severely affected by this update.

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