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HubPages Cons Plus My Blogger Blog Can Monetize Better

Having researched into search engine optimization and content monetization since 2009, well experienced in ranking well in search results.

Why Say Goodbye to Writing Community Platforms?

Community writing sites that share ad revenue with you are holding you back from earning opportunities. Limiting your content from having affiliate links unless the link has been approved is just one example.

Get off those thieving writing communities!

Get off those thieving writing communities!

Houston We Have A Problem

Limiting your ability to publish an article until you have met a certain amount of quality articles is another example. However, this is not just holding you back from earning opportunities, but can be exposing your intellectual property to greedy eyes. This is definitely the case when writing on HubPages.

It's understandable to want quality content on your site as you don't want to have your search engine rank plummet because of a few bad authors. The problem with that is that the quality assessors for HubPages are some of the authors that started freelance writing on HubPages in the early stages. These authors have control on whether you get to be an author or not.

Let's just say you happen to write an article regarding a topic they have written on. Do you think they will publish it? No, because they don't need you as more competition added to the thousands of search results on Google, taking their views and income.

Moreover, those quality assessors (aka freelance authors) who denied your article now have your work that they can claim as their own. With that said, HubPages Terms of Use no longer state that your work is your intellectual property.

How do I know this? Well there happens to be an Amazon program that people can join to get paid small amounts for small tasks. It is called Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk).

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It was a HubPages author who tipped me off to the program. I decided to try out the MTurk program, and while looking for tasks to complete, came across HubPages articles to grade.

With that said, it is quite clear that HubPages is only a legit source of passive income for the authors who were established at the beginning and don't have to go through the quality assessment process.

Is This The End Of Freelance Writing?

Nope! There are other options to freelance writing so if writing is your dream don't let this little fact about HubPages discourage you, just know not to start on HubPages.

In fact, you can start out for free on a more open platform like Blogger, Wordpress, Webador, and Tumblr, where you are the owner and publisher of your intellectual work. Some of these platforms are fairly easy to use, and provide templates you can use to customize your blog.

Though some of them do offer templates for free, some charge money for templates. Unless you know website design, you may not be able to go about blogging completely free, especially if you are picky about how your blog looks.

Being the owner and publisher of my blog, I can freely choose which advertisers I want to support and promote. Plus, I don't absolutely have to have a Google AdSense account to display advertisement as I can place affiliate links to companies within my articles to earn revenue.

Quality Content Will Get You Monetized

The only thing you really need to start monetizing is at least 10 pieces of ROQ solid content to lure the affiliate platforms, as well as Google AdSense, to accept your application. For some affiliate platforms, sometimes all you need is a large following on a social platform like Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok to be accepted.

Though some affiliate platforms will accept you based on a huge following, you still want to have that ROQ solid content, as the more space you can place those links the more opportunity you will have to earn a passive income.

If my explanation of how my blogger blog can monetize better and why I'm leaving HubPages has been useful, please feel free to give it a like and share it. Your comments are always welcome. Do feel free to come visit me at my blog linked on my profile page, as I will be moving all my articles except this farewell over there. Much love and best wishes to you and your writing journey.

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