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Munchausen by Internet: Faking Death Online


Written by: Jaclyn Popola

With the advent of the Internet there came an insurgence of new and unlimited possibilities--you can connect with loved ones across the world in the blink of an eye, meet new people, join communities. But there also came a whole new set of problems, too--internet predators stalking underage children, online scams bilking people out of their hard earned money, message boards dedicated to encouraging anorexia and so forth.

Munchausen by Internet is one of these disorders. Regular Munchausen syndrome is a psychiatric disorder in which those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves; Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a type of abuse in which a caregiver feigns or induces an illness in a person under their care, in order to attract attention, sympathy, or to fill other emotional needs. Munchausen by Internet takes this concept to the realm of cyberspace, to blogging communities, social networking sites and message boards.

SCENARIO #1 Lauren is a long-time member and frequent poster on the message boards over at a pet lover's community. One day, she composes a new post that says something like, "I CAN BARLY TYPE BOTH ARMS R IN CAST OWWW IT HURTS OH DEAR GOD PRAY FOR ME PLEASE!" Community members will respond, obviously concerned, and Lauren's next post will be typed by her "brother" as she dictates, telling him what to say. He will relay a story about how he is sitting next to Lauren in her hospital bed because she fell off the roof/got beat up by her ex-boyfriend/was mugged at gunpoint. Some fakers will even go so far as to say they will be bed-ridden for the next two months and will be so bored. Would anyone mind checking out her wishlist and buying her the books and movies she's been wanting?

SCENARIO #2 Maddy is a blogger who has kept an online diary at for over a year. She has amassed a decent number of cyber friends who read her entries daily. One day, out of the blue, her friends log on and see that Maddy's most recent entry says something like this: "My name is Tom, I am Maddy's younger brother. I know her log-in password from when I did the HTML on her profile. I am very sorry to have to inform you all of this, but Maddy was in a car accident last night. The roads were slick from the rain we've been having, and a tractor trailer hydroplaned into the opposite lane and hit Maddy head on. She suffered from numerous injuries to her head and neck, and was bleeding internally. The doctors did everything they could, but it was too late. Maddy passed away this morning at 2:11am. I know she is in a better place now. Please pray for our family to get through this difficult time."

At first, Maddy's online friends will be shocked, and there will be an outpouring of comments expressing their sympathy and remorse. But then someone will remember something, a vague recollection from an earlier time. Didn't Maddy say at one point a few months back that she was an only child? Didn't she mention that she didn't go for her driver's license test yet? Something will arise that plants a seed of suspicion, and all it takes for that seed to germinate is another person voicing their agreement that they feel wary, too.


Now it becomes a mission. Once someone has a hunch that the death is fake, he or she becomes an Internet crusader, crawling the world wide web, gathering information and collecting data so that he may debunk the perpetrator's claims of death or illness. There are even groups of Internet crusaders devoted to exposing false claims of death, like the LiveJournal community Fake LJ Deaths. The crusaders figure out the poster's first and last name and area of residence; if a hospital name is given in the entry, they call that hospital and ask if a Maddy Wilkins was brought in Thursday night. If a hospital name is not provided, they will go as far as to call all the hospitals in the county to inquire about Maddy. They scour old LiveJournal entries looking for clues, and they keep a record of their progress for all to see. And nine times out of 10, they're right. There is no death notice or obituary for Maddy Wilkins, assuming she ever existed in the first place and was not just a fake name persona originated by an anonymous teenager looking for attention.

SCENARIO #3 The blogger will write an entry that serves as a suicide note, announcing to her online friends that at 12:03am exactly, she will begin swallowing 30 pills every twenty minutes because nobody loves her. [Disclaimer: if you ever see this in one of your friend's online journals, do not disregard it just because some people do choose to cry wolf. Contact your friend's guardian or the local authorities. Better to be safe than sorry.]

Even if caught red handed, the faker will not stop operating. It is a compulsion. She will just create a new screen name, a new online persona, and continue the charade in another community. It may sound silly and fun to play the part of Private Internet Investigator, but the men and women who perpetuate these fake deaths have a real problem and a genuine need for sympathy and attention that could very well evolve into full fledged Munchausen or Munchausen by proxy if it is not recognized and dealt with. If you or someone you know suffers from or is affected by this disorder, do not be ashamed to seek help.


Redrecks on September 09, 2015:

Oh God what the Hell is happening now!?

Is someone on here faking to be me?

I really can't take anymore of this at all.

I have been so unweel, in and out of hospital, that I don't get the chance to get on the comp because I am too exhausted.

My cancer is back and I am now having extreme neurological issues and strees does not help.

check my Facebook out. You notice barely any use. Because I just don't have the strength. So why would I make another profile on here?

It doesn't make any sense.

Lonelyheroine I have written you something on YouTube. I am trying to get it post but I need to go to sleep as I have anoth surgery today at 1pm and it's 3am now.

And to this fucking tossing looser that has nothing more to do with their time to stert fucking mine up at the worst time, I hope you die a slow and painful death.

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ptuf2 on September 03, 2015:


Thank you for sharing this. I only recently began to wonder about her after receiving my abandoned Xanga logs and noticing the comments were somewhat intact. That's when I found this page.

That's the Kristen I was referring to. Quite a confusing period for us all. It seems that if you knew Rony through that whole period then you have a good idea of what she was really all about. I share a lot of the same feelings you do about her good qualities, which was what lead me to post here possibly against better judgment ;)

I can't say that I ever really recovered at any point. Recovery was rocky at first in part to disappointing and awful experiences with professionals both in Residential and IP. Some of it felt downright abusive. I had a minor flashback after a nurse grabbed my arm to drag me to day school, mistaking my age -_-.. Being denied showers was also very damaging at the time. Their rules lacked rhyme or reason and I lost hope in mainstream treatment, unable even to trust my team back home. I became very ill before attempting recovery on my own, but the endless stressors of family drama and lack of support or understanding have been an obstacle. It's been a long time since I really imagined it all getting better. I'm trying to focus on living my life to the fullest as much as possible, and maybe I will give another go to dedicated recovery at some point. I'm a bit ashamed to say all this, but it is what it is.

Anyway, thank you again for opening my eyes a bit. This has actually been somewhat enlightening as I've been reflecting quite a bit on those times and using the internet again to connect with others struggling.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on September 03, 2015:

As a recovered anorexic, it bothers me that this whole thing has become somewhat of a circus. Nobody really says anything----posts jump all over the place and, quite frankly, it's very difficult to know just who is who on this board. Is there one person here defending herself ? The level of childishness and name-calling, sparkled with angry defense and self-pity wallowing is quite frustrating. Whoever you are, I wish you the best in life. I offered friendship and got slammed for it. If you want people to like you, then you are going about it in the wrong way.

Anon on September 02, 2015:

Also, I just wanted to add that I hope you've recovered from your ED (I'm assuming you had/have one, based on the people you knew through Xanga), and have found some happiness in life.

Anon on September 02, 2015:

Was Kristen the one who was outed after she disappeared for a while (presumably to fake her death) and someone contacted an IRL friend to see if she was okay? If it's the same girl I'm thinking of, I didn't really know her very well and my memory is a bit hazy, but two of my most vivid recollections were an entry she wrote claiming that she'd sleep on the floor to "punish" herself, and a card someone made to send to her with messages from various Xanga users. I also remember that when she was confronted, she claimed that much of what she wrote had been true "several years ago" as a feeble (and likely BS) defence for her lies. It was a huge deal on Xanga at the time - what she did was truly disgusting. I'm sorry to hear that you were one of the people she hurt.

We're almost certainly talking about the same Ronny. Her blogs were TheStrawberryNinja and BonyPink on Xanga - I knew her when she first started both. She was also the co-owner of the site ED Refuge (I linked to the archived page a few comments back, you can also search for the site to see more snapshots), which was a smallish support community for ED sufferers. The website included a chatroom that allowed users to enable their microphones and webcams if they wished, which Ronny would do whenever the people she knew quite well were the only ones present; if new members or people she distrusted were in the chat, she'd disable her cam. Her Xanga was also heavily protected, with many posts only visible to those of us who'd she'd known for a while. She became even more secretive as her claims got more and more elaborate, so I'm not surprised that she was very closed off when you spoke to her.

It's possible that she has some fraction of Chinese ancestry and simply didn't inherit any strong Asian features, but her appearance suggests that she's more Caucasian than anything else, and the lack of any accent in her or her parents' speech makes it extremely unlikely that she was born in China, as she claimed. Her pronunciations, speech patterns and vocab were all in line with what I typically hear from people who were raised in urban Ontario.

I do agree that her posts condemning pro-ana were very effective. I know it probably comes across as if I absolutely hate her, but the truth is, she did have some good traits, such as being very supportive of friends in need. It's just that I spent a lot of time worrying about her when she was claiming to be terminally ill, self-harming, wheel-chair bound, etc., and I was quite hurt when I figured out that she was a liar... it's tough to focus on any good she might have done in light of all that.

Like I said, I know a *lot* about her activities during the mid 2000s, and can share that info if people are interested. Everything I've posted so far is really just the tip of the iceberg - she has a very long, colourful history of lying and causing drama in ED-related communities. It's bound to be a long and time-consuming chore, though, so I just want to make sure that it's actually going to be read before I invest the time.

ptuf2 on September 01, 2015:

Wow. Lonelyheroine - I'm not sure if that's hilarious or sad (saying that I am yet another imposter). I never fully trust people online (even Ronny..), but I've seen a lot of paranoid accusations happening on this thread.

I haven't bothered getting involved further because of the already long and complicated history of comments can hardly keep up with what's being said and by whom! And yeah, I created my username just so I could post on this thread. I wanted to share my own knowledge Ronny. Beyond that, I'm not a hubpages user.

Maybe the girl I had correspondence was the same as the girl other people here are describing, and maybe not. If she was, then she probably is living in her own fantasy world. And that's a shame, but also the Internet for you.

So, to clarify, I knew her from Xanga. I find it surprising that anyone would have video chatted with her. But it's possible that she completely twisted her story, as much as I hate to believe it.

I think I was probably asking her those questions because it did sound a bit fishy. She had text in Japanese on some of those bogs, which did not sound like they were written by native Japanese, even if the meaning was technically correct. I'd studied as a second language up to 400 level at University and seem to recall trying to use this as a clue to her ethnicity. That she was Canadian Chinese made sense to me at the time :\ The grammar was simplistic, but vocab correct.

This was about the same time a definite case of munchausen was outed. I think her name was Kristen? Anyone active in the Xanga community mid/late 2000s should remember that well. There was no doubt, and that was a definite betrayal, because she was pretending to be at death's door and absolutely doing it for the sympathy.

With Ronny, she struck me as being concerned about girls getting deep into EDs. The content on those blogs was shocking to say the least. I think that it didn't really matter in the end if she was making certain details of her life up.. She kept her face hidden and was as good as a ghost. The girl I remember from those days, you just couldn't get to know her really. I wasn't emotionally invested. So hearing people say they video chatted with her.. Cannot even fathom that. The person you chatted with, same or not, definitely sounds manipulative :(

I stopped using my blog a few years before Xanga's downfall, so I'm out of the loop with the experiences people have been having with this online persona since. I'm sorry about your experiences with this person.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on September 01, 2015:

This certainly has taken a weird turn. I didn't exactly say that-----just saying that, due to other conversations on this board, I had come to the conclusion that ptuf was more than likely Wendy, given that she had opened that account very recently and there was no activity and no comments. I didn't mean to blindside this woman--I would just like this whole hot mess come to some closure. If ptuf is Wendy and she's hopping mad at me, then what will be the outcome of all the melodrama once the dust settles on this weird message board. Resorting to name-calling is childish and rude. I am not sparring with this person anymore if she keeps up the personal attacks.

LOLZ DRAMA on August 31, 2015:

LOL, lonely thinks that Wendy is resorting to sockpuppets now. This whole discussion is too funny.

Anon on August 30, 2015:

@ptuf: How did you know Ronny? Were you a member of the EDR website or did you just know her on Xanga? Ronny is lying when she claims to have known BP and taken over her accounts. She made that Xanga, and later a bunch of other BonyPink accouns herself, and only started claiming to know BP long after she'd started the account. Prior to that (during chats on EDR), she only spoke of BP as someone she'd heard of online, with no personal connection.

Anon on August 30, 2015:

Believe whatever the hell you like, I really don't give a damn. I'm not interested in arguing with jerks.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on August 30, 2015:

Oh, I am certain that you are Redrecks aka Wendy Van Duren. I clicked on the ptuf2 username and that account is pretty much empty and had only been activated a week ago. But don't worry--I'm still on your side, as I would imagine people are still being mean to you. This is a short post, as my mom's in the hospital and don't have as much free time as I usually have. I've always liked you, Wendy. I don't abandon my friends.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on August 28, 2015:

I know I said I had no more time for this thread, but after reading the comments from Anon, I need to challenge a lot of your information with regard to the Ronny Bi/BonyPink/The Strawberry Ninja situation. I know without any doubt that this Ronny person is as fake as a four dollar bill. Now you've tossed another name into the mix: Keruberosu. You seem to be desperate--no offence. Why is it so important to you that the girl you vlogged with be anorexic? I know for a fact that Ronny never does vlogs because everyone could see she wasn't emaciated. You come here on a regular basis to shake things up, but it's getting annoying. And she is Asian, so where the "she's white, not Oriental" come from. As for this Keruberosu, she's a new one. The problem of rewriting the history of these people in an effort to get some bizarre valediction isn't doing you any favours. You pick and choose what the current Ronny bi is doing. I have no idea why you keep changing your stories, but I think you need to step away from your computer and go outside and walk and enjoy the sunshine. I don't care who this new is, because things would just get too confusing and irritating.

Anon on August 25, 2015:

I knew Ronny/Murong/StrawberryNinja/Keruberosu/the fake BonyPink years ago though an ED support group (not a pro-ana one, though she also apparently frequented those). I video chatted with her on multiple occasions, as did most of the other members, so I can confirm one element of her story: She was emaciated during the period we had contact and very clearly had an eating disorder. The rest is largely bullshit.

She's white, not Chinese, and she never once brought up the supposed sex slavery story during the time I knew her even though she was quite open in sharing the details of her clearly fabricated, increasingly dramatic life story - I can elaborate on some of her other lies if anyone is interested. Any time she spoke of the BonyPink photographs during that era, it was in terms of someone she knew of through the internet but with whom she had no personal connection. This whole BonyPink association/persona is just one more lie on top of countless outrageous tales she's invented over the years.

The Truthteller on August 24, 2015:

Bony Pink, TheStrawberryNinja and Murong "Ronny" Bi are the same person. There is no doubt about that, and there's also no doubt that the person hiding behind all of those names is a compulsive liar who just wants attention.

To believe otherwise is just naïve.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on August 10, 2015:

I'm not going to keep saying the same things over and over, so I'm just going to leave this board. My life is very complicated right now and I really haven't the time for this. No offense, but this is going nowhere.

Take care.

ptuf2 on August 09, 2015:

Well, you certainly are confused, because those comments are not supposedly by Kanako. I'm not sure how you even got that out of her explanation when she was saying quite the opposite.

This was my correspondence with the user "TheStrawberryNinja", and she was replying to a question I'd had about her openly using a second blog (BonyPink), and clarifying the issue by identifying this as her passed friend's username. But my clarifying this for you may not do much good if you missed that originally.

Yes, it did seem very strange, wondering who this girl was exactly, but she was not claiming to be those people. That much was certain in what she had to say. I'm not sure after reading your response that I can actually help you understand any better how she meant to represent herself, but her words are there as she wrote them to me.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on August 09, 2015:

I have been researching this very topic for quite some time now and had long held the belief that Ronny bi, Bony Pink and The Strawberry Ninja are the same person. Nothing has convinced me otherwise. This person is as fake as a four dollar bill---of this I am certain. She and NancyBratt ,as I have previously stated, are con artists of the highest order. Nothing has convinced me otherwise.

To be honest, your post is very confusing and difficult to follow. I know there is a real Kanako Enomoto (I never for a second thought that she's fake at all). Is this letter that you've posted here, supposedly by Kanako , doesn't make a lot of sense, to be honest. It's just another tangled chain of back peddling and coming up with an alternate story to let us know that there is a now another person tossed into the mix.

ptuf2 on July 29, 2015:

I found this article searching for BonyPink, since a google search is about all we have post xanga..

It's true that some of us were fooled by imposters in those days, but I've never had reason to believe this was among them. And to be clear, the person I am referring to would more accurately be "TheStrawberryNinja", sometimes uses/ed the name "BonyPink". However, as she once related to me, this was originally the username of her friend who had passed on early/mid 2000's, and she had access to all her accounts. It was a bit confusing with her posting on two blogs at once, but after asking her about it once I received this response, which I was able to retrieve just this month when downloading my old xanga blog;

"Submitted on 2007/11/01 at 3:56 pm

In answer to your questions to one of my posts;How long has she been gone?It’s been a good few years since she died, from that date and onwards I took on her screen name/accounts. The xanga TheStrawberryNinja has always been mine, however the post I had made had an exert of a conversation using BP’s AIM account, which I had access to even before she passed away. (I have all her old accounts over various places)The professionally photographed pictures of an extremely thin asian girl would be those of a model/actress called Kanako Enomoto, not BonyPink. The personal pictures with the name BonyPink are not Enomoto’s pictures, and those are the ones I’ve been trying to get the wannarexic/pro-anorexic idiots to stop using as those were taken by the man who sexually abused the now dead BP.Kanako Enomoto is now recovered from her eating disorder, and has been married and had children since. She is currently at a healthy weight. The idiots posting her pictures are no better than the ones who use the recovered anorectic, Fiona Apple’s music as “thinspiration.” I’m sure Enomoto wouldn’t be pleased to know she is being used by idiot teens to promote ridiculous crash dieting in the name of the fatal illness that nearly killed her.Hope that clear you up a bit into a totally twisted story."

She sent me this message the next day commenting her her personal situation;

"In my home country EDs are everywhere, yet are seldom talked about. Weightloss is a big issue, the thinnest are offered better jobs, and the fat are more commonly referred to as ‘americans.’ (That being an insult as america is considered a country overpopulated by laziness.) The push to be thin in Asia is sometimes worse than in North America depending on the area you are in. (Big cities = more jugdement) Treatment for EDs, however common they are, is lacking. To be treated for an eating disorder where I’m from, you literally have to be on death’s door. If you aren’t dying, there’s no treatment. If I were to go back home, even with the tube jutting out of my face, and trapped in a wheelchair like I am now, I would be congratulated for my weight when I returned. Girls in my family would likely be all over me after weight-loss tips, etc. That reason above, being partially the reason I stay away from any family members who live near me. My parents and I would be bombarded for tips on how I lost weight. (Actually, often family members and friends of the family will call up my parents just to ask them what I’ve eaten, or if they know what I’ve been doing. Not in an act of care, but more hounding to figure out how much I weigh, and how easy it was for me to get there. Bear in mind that I range in the 12’s for BMI, and have been classified by doctors as terminal. This wouldn’t bother my family whatsoever, they would still ask me for tips and disregard the fact that I’m dying.)"

She mentions being terminal, and various health issues. It was my impression that her ED was causing her terrible suffering, and she meant only to scare others away from glamorous ideas about EDs. Also, although her doctors did classify her as terminal, that doesn't mean there is any date on when those health complications end ones life. The point was, she had damaged her health irreversibly and was living day to day.

You will also find her on ExperienceProject;

So if there's any other confusion about what conditions she shared with the online community, you will find an outline of it there.

I know how hurtful it is to be taken in by trolls and imposters. I'd say.. definitely be very careful about making friends on the internet.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on April 13, 2015:

You could be correct in assuming Bony Pink was very young when the Live Journal was popular---hello Facebook. We may never get any answers, shy of hiring a private investigator (just kidding). Scammers have been lurking in the vast caverns of the web since its inception. I can't believe that it has been 20 years since the days of Geocities (the do-it-yourself website builder), X-Files and the powerful alternative music (REM, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alanis Morissette, etc). These musicians actually sing; they write their own songs, don't lip Sync and last but by no means, no autotune!!!

Sorry for writing a novel. I guess I just got a bit carried away and took the time to climb onto my Gen X soap box.

Does anyone still have accounts with Live Journal, Xanga and MySpace anymore? They appear to be ghost towns now that Facebook and others in the same vein have hi-jacked the web. Ronny is, in some weird way that defies explanation is an iconic figure---a twisted symbol of the strange side of the internet, where catfishing was just gaining some attention and popularity. Ronny bi is nothing short of a pioneer, a beacon showing the way to distort reality, use sock puppets to make trouble and who severely alter important features all for the sake of extracting money and gifts from her unaware "friends" until they are bled dry.

Both Ronny and Nancybratt are nothing short of narcissistic sociopaths The majority of people with this diagnosis aren't killers-----most are just ordinary folk who just happen to have no conscience.

Redrecks on April 05, 2015:

In the mean time.

That Pro-ana forum fight between Nancy Bratt, Bony Pink and Redrecks (Me) was more than it appeared to be and I am so glad it was taken down straight away as I was disgusted in not only what I wrote but what was written about me.

That day Nancy Bratt was playing herself.

Redrecks was me, Wendy.

But Bony Pink, who after a bit of searching had joined 1.5 years ago, with Bony's avatar, was actually Nancy's big, fat, burns my eyes, so gross to see, Jennifer!!

So now how did she manage to get Bony's log in details? Or was she 'playing' as Bony the whole time in that forum?

There is only one person that family that has a spark of a brain & that is Gary who is great at computer hacking. But that's all. It makes my mind spin now about if some of the time if it has been Nancy posing as Bony??

I don't know anymore.

That Nancy skank. Oh! Even the thought of her makes me think of how dirty she would smell light. Yuck!

Redrecks on April 05, 2015:


I am writing my answer, but on Word before I transfer it over to here because there is a lot I want to say & don't want to make any mistake so they can be misread and all this shit drama and Witch hunting starts again on this site alone that is.

So I will be answering soon.

Anonymous on April 04, 2015:

For what it's worth, I saw those posts by "BonyPink" and "NancyBratt" on that Pro-Ana forum, the ones where they were joking about Nancy having a tube in her ass. I suspect that those posts were actually made by a troll who was impersonating both of them.

That doesn't change the fact that I think both Ronny and Nancy are Münchkins, but I think that it's worth pointing out that if those posts are the ones you're referring to, then they probably weren't actually made by them. They were most likely made by someone else that the two of them succeeded in scamming and/or pissing off.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on April 03, 2015:

She and NancyBratt are very good con artists. They would never have had the overwhelming amount of gifts and money for so many years and continues to this day. Ronny bi was never anorexic--nor was NancyBratt, but their ability to pull the wool over so many eyes is actually brilliant. Having said that, both these women have no problem begging and engaging in continuous Munchhausen behaviour, because they know they can get away with it. At least Nancy took down the Donations button after a lot of people pressured her to do so. But they still manage to squeeze every bit of money from their legion of "fans". She and Ronny have known one another for years. I would tell Wendy not to send anymore gifts to Ronny bi, because the only illness she suffers from is Munchhausen By Internet. Ditto for NancyBratt.

Anonymous on April 03, 2015:

Murong "Ronny" Bi was definitely a teenager when this whole mess began. She frequented common teenage hangout sites like Gaia and Live Journal and her comments were written in a very, very teenage style.

My guess is that she became "Bony Pink" in an attempt to feel/look more mature. I guess she got her wish, but she got it at the expense of Wendy and others.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on April 03, 2015:

I'm pretty certain that some bored, drama-seeking kid is behind the whole Ronny/BonyPink/Strawberry Ninja debacle. He or she has spent one hell of an effort to create this fake anorexic and likely has far too much time on his or her hands. This has been going on for over ten years now, so if Ronny were a real person, she would have either gotten well or died from her "anorexia." Someone is sitting there behind their monitor having a good laugh at Wendy's expense. Who knows how many people she had duped. She had the audacity to post on a now-defunct pro ana board telling all the members that she had 8 inches of prolapsed bowel that she had to "keep clean." She was also in diapers and hadn't gotten out of bed in several years and was now "terminal". Keep in mind that this was around 2005, which would mean that she has been dying for a decade. She is just as bad as NancyBratt, another scammer pretending to be a dying anorexic for longer than Ronny. Apparently, they are best friends or some nonsense.

Anonymous on April 02, 2015:

Also, I'm beginning to wonder whether Ronny intended to use you as a scapegoat. I've seen some comments from her that seem like they're written in your style, but now I'm wondering if that was done intentionally by her in an attempt to use you as a shield and make you take the fall.

If that was her plan, then I'm a sucker too.

Anonymous on April 02, 2015:

By the way, Wendy. If I've appeared to be all over the place with my opinions here, it's because of the obvious confusion surrounding this whole situation.

Some of the things I've said about you were beyond assholish, and I apologize for saying those things. Obviously I don't think that you're going to murder anyone, that was just a trollish comment that I made after seeing your account on Documenting Reality. And I know now that you were apparently on there trying to help Ronny get "her photos" taken down.

As for the Wendy the Good Little Witch comment, that was actually a reference to a character from Casper the Friendly Ghost. I'm sorry if that came across as overly hostile or insulting, I obviously didn't think things through before I said that.

Anonymous on April 02, 2015:

Ugh, thought that first post didn't go through. Disregard the fact that I posted twice.

Anonymous on April 02, 2015:

I believe that I may have been the one who originally misinterpreted the Medusa incident. I apologize if that mistake of mine caused you any distress (and it seems that it has, unfortunately).

Anonymous on April 02, 2015:

My apologies then, I believe that I may have actually been the one to have originally misinterpreted the whole Medusa incident. I apologize if that caused you any distress (and it seems that it has, unfortunately). That wasn't my intention, and I honestly feel quite bad that it seems to have hurt you.

Wendy, do you mind me asking why exactly you started the Münchausen's page on Facebook? Did you have any experience with any other Münchausen cases before meeting Ronny? Or was it related to the whole thing with doctors not understanding your Achalasia and thinking that you were faking/exaggerating your own symptoms?

Redrecks on April 02, 2015:


That Medusa thing, I NEVER wrote as Bony Pink OR had her avatar. I posted AS ME, Redrecks on the Medusa site, using MY avatar I WROTE that I was "Redrecks a very close friend of Bony Pink & she is very upset when her pictures are public without her knowledge or permission. And that SHE with MY HELP are trying to get them all removed from the internet. Could you please remove this one that is one the site at Bony Pink's request?"

This misunderstanding that I posted as Bony to have this photo removed when she could have done it herself seems to have come from someone on this very site misreading Medusa a few years ago.

When I posted as myself on the Medusa site, I still remember posting that post, Ronni, or what ever the Hell her real name is was very able to do these things herself, so there would have been no point in me faking being her?

This is wearing me down.

I don't know what else to say!

I still have all of my messages with her on Facebook, so I will go through them to see what I can find to help me.

Anonymous I get emails to say that more comments have been left on HubPages and I try to ignore them but I can only ignore them for so long.

Then when you commented on that Bony Pink had joined & contributed to the Munchausen's site I just huffed and puffed as she hadn't written anything, if at all, in 4 years.

Then you noticed that I quite often contribute to the page, well that rattled my cage & boil my blood, so I finally, as I made that page when Facebook was first started long before I even had met Ronni, & the reason why I had set up the group had been removed, so to knock two birds down with stone, I wrote what I wrote I the group page.

As for all these other names you have come up with. All the name I knew that were Ronni's were, StrawberryNinja, BonyPink & there was another one I think.

I know realise, thanks to Lonelyheroine, that I have been taken in.

this is the second time I have been the pawn in someone's twisted Munchausen's game. And everytime I get stung, the more stupider I feel.

I am NOT a Munchausen's patient.

I am just another bloody sucker.

Anonymous on March 29, 2015:

They're out there. Jenova is a reference to a character from Final Fantasy VII and cenobitepinhead is a reference to Hellraiser. Apparently Ronny was a big horror buff and anime fan who used to use sites like Gaia Online and Live Journal, then suddenly she became BonyPink/TheStrawberryNinja and all of a sudden all of her online activities began to revolve around her condition and "terminal illness".

In reality, there are blogs out there where she posted whole surveys full of personal info, and those surveys not only contradict her claims of being BonyPink, they also contradict each other. She seems to just be a compulsive liar, really.

For example, this so called "terminally ill" anorexic said that she has 34-DDD boobs (Yes, that's TRIPLE D). And based on her age and the times/dates she's posted, I estimate that she would have been about 5-years-old at the time that she supposedly began having anorexia.

She's a liar through and through. And for a while there, I thought that redrecks actually was one of her alts, but it would appear that redrecks is actually Wendy. My apologies for that misunderstanding, that one was completely my fault.

So yeah, I kind of feel sorry for Wendy if she fell for Ronny's charade. And it's not really Wendy that I have anything against, it's Ronny that I have issues with. People who pretend to be ill just to get attention or toy with others really are the worst.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on March 29, 2015:

I Googled those aliases and they all appear to be the names of online games. I didn't see any references to Ronny Bi. Don't be too hard on Wendy. We all make mistakes---God knows I have made many of them. Anyway, your comment sounds pretty gentle and kind and I am sure that she appreciates that.

Anonymous on March 28, 2015:

I know you're still reading these comments, Wendy. So let me clear up a few things for you.

The fact of the matter is, you appear like you may be a Münchausen's case too, much like Ronny. I've seen people call you out on your videos before, they're clearly of the opinion that you too are exaggerating your condition in an attempt to gain attention and sympathy.

Then there's the whole issue of the Medusa incident. It was you who contacted Medusa, correct? And you did it pretending to be Bony Pink/Ronny, correct? Are you honestly surprised that a move like that could taint people's opinions of you if it ever came out? And that's not the only incident where you appear to have pretended to be Bony Pink. I've seen other posts scattered around the net where the supposedly Chinese/Canadian Murong "Ronny" Bi was suddenly using words like "bugger" in her posts. That really makes me suspect that there was actually an Aussie behind her keyboard.

Care to explain why you would be pretend to be Ronny Bi a.k.a Bony Pink, TheStrawberryNinja, Bubble T, Jenova, cenobitepinhead, Lightningyte or whatever other name she's using today? Oh yes, that's just a short list of Ronny's known names that I've compiled. Feel free to do a Google search for those names so you can see all of her childish antics from before she became "Bony Pink" and started spewing BS.

That's pretty much all that I have to say about this mess of a situation. And if I've gotten anything wrong here then please do let me know, you have my sincerest apologies if I've misunderstood anything.

Anonymous on March 19, 2015:

Do you have a link to Ronny talking about the groups she belongs to?

Anonymous on March 19, 2015:

Did you notice that Wendy the Good Little Witch is also a frequent poster in the Facebook Münchausen group?

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on March 11, 2015:

Went looking around and found Ronni Bi aka Bony Pink on Facebook: Here is the page where she talks about all the groups she belongs to. She just posted a few days ago, so I suppose she is still living this elaborate hoax. Interestingly, she is a member of a Munchausen support group:

Ah the bitter irony. Some people never give up.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on March 03, 2015:

When Xanga started charging money for their network, Bony Pink aka The Strawberry Ninja's account disappeared without a trace. It was available for viewing until very recently-----I would have gotten screen shots if I knew that the site was going belly up. There were some pictures of several people on her page, none of whom looked sick. There was one who could be Asian, but the photo was partly obscured and the individual in question didn't look anorexic in the least.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on February 26, 2015:

Just this. Notice that her home is listed as somewhere in Europe:

Anonymous on February 25, 2015:


Do you have links to any of those comments and photos that Bony/Ronny posted?

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on February 25, 2015:

You are probably right. I haven't been able to find any recent articles about Ronny---she hasn't updated her Xanga---but then, I know that most people lost their Xanga accounts when they started charging money for them---she was also The Strawberry Ninja and she has disappeared also. I did see that picture that supposedly showed a hospital bed that had been set up in her apartment and it was so obviously photoshopped, and badly, I might add. It is very easy to create these fake pictures. She posted on a pro ana site that is no longer active that she was in terrible shape, with 8 inches of prolapsed bowel, was in diapers, couldn't walk without falling and a myriad of other symptoms that got a lot of caring responses from the other members. Then several months later, she said she had 7 inches---she must have pushed an inch back in. She has been "terminally ill" for over a decade, just like NancyBratt. Her credibility went out the window years ago and I believe that she realizes nobody believes her crap anymore and has pulled up stakes and moved to another part of the Internet.

So you can understand why I think Ronny is nothing but a desperate, clinging vine who got herself in deeper than she wanted and that is why nobody has heard from her since. There is no way that woman was anywhere near as sick as she said and at least has the insight to realize that the gig was up, so to speak.

Anonymous on February 24, 2015:

If Wendy hadn't tried to be Ronny's very own white knight then she'd be free from all of this drama, it was by her own hand that she made people suspect her of being Ronny/Bony Pink/TheStrawberryNinja.

I for one don't believe that Wendy is Bony Pink, in fact, I think that she's Ronny's biggest victim in all of this. Not only did Wendy go and send gifts to Ronny, but she also ended up taking the fall for Ronny's shenanigans. Some friend Ronny was, letting Wendy get fed to the wolves and doing nothing to stop it.

Here's an interesting quote:

"Body Type:: Ugggllllyyy with 34-DDD boobs" - Murong Bi

Yes, that comment was made by the same Murong "Ronny" Bi who goes around saying that she's terminally ill as a result of anorexia.

Wendy is a victim in all of this, but she still shouldn't have tried to "protect" Ronny by lying to Medusa. If she hadn't done that, then maybe she wouldn't have ended up in this situation at all.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on February 11, 2015:

As for Nancybratt, here's some information about this scam artist:

Is anyone familiar with Nanny?

She’s been around for years. Her story is that she has an eating disorder, and she’s dying from complications. She’s been dying for what… I think over 5 years now. That was before she decided she didn’t want to die. Unsure if current status is ‘dying’.

Her whole life and that of her family revolve around her being sick. She constantly talks about medical procedures, about pain, etc. She hasn’t actually eaten in years and years apparently. She’s been fed via TPN and nasogastric tube. She has Chron’s disease and gastroparesis.

She drinks huge coffees and diet cokes constantly. I don’t know much about those diseases but I do know that coffee and coke are huge triggers. She goes to Burger King or Starbucks every single day… for a coffee? They seem to live there. For someone with an eating disorder, who supposedly doesn’t eat, that makes me give her the sideeye.

Recently she was told to improve her nutrition for an operation to remove her colon. So she started trying to have 3 cans of jevity a day… and I’m like WTF? She’s been fed via TPN for years, and then fed via NJ tube for what, a year at least now? And all of a sudden she’s saying she’s struggling to have 3 cans. 3 cans wouldn’t sustain a newly admitted anorexic on an ED ward. So what has she been putting through her tube to keep her sustained if she suddenly can’t tolerate 3 cans of feed through it? Per DAY.

She’s never been emaciated much as she talks about it. She’s always been this weight.

In recent months she’s talked much of her ‘relapse’ with the ED. Her weight hasn’t changed. Apparently she’s not eaten at all in all that time still – she is tube fed. So, if relapsing means she’s bingeing and purging again…. she eats. So why claim to never eat? And is it wise to go to Burger King and Starbucks every damn day? Why all the fuss over 3 cans of feed through her tube per day?

She’s been busted wearing oxygen prongs that attach to NOTHING.

She and her family always schill for donations. They originally had a donation button, but took it down after a few too many people WTF but they still get them. And they still passively aggressively ask for them. With the recent surgery, Nanny said that her mother wanted to stay near the hospital. She would have to sleep in her car if someone didn’t pay for a hotel for her. Someone offered to pay for the comfort inn, and they rejected that because it was only 1 star. And they had a whole YEAR to plan for this and save money for it!

People have sent money, gifts, clothing, computer games, TVs, a ‘last trip to the ocean’ etc etc etc. Whenever they want something, they just hint on how nice it would be to have X, of course they can’t afford it, and it is so sad that Nanny can’t enjoy it being so close to death, but the Lord will provide,or they drop hints all through the posts about “Nancy needing a new mattress. Where will we find the money for it? I guess we will just go without again.” Or “Nancy wants to see the ocean one last time before she goes to Heaven. But we don’t have any money. We need about another $150.00 to send her.”

Then there are things like her PICC line getting infected. There is a movie showing her preparing her line. While she does her preparation the line becomes deliberately contaminated 3 times.

Then she ends up with a blood infection.

“This one will kill her. Pray for Nancy.”

People are starting to question. Why is she not sicker than she ‘is’ in nearly 10 years of ‘dying’? Why is she still alive? Why do the family constantly ask for money and sympathy? Why does this family spend every second day in the ER or in the hospital for another “final test to tell if it’s time.”

It seems more like Nancy is a Munchausen patient and her mum is her proxy. Her mum is actually worse. Sympathy wants overload!!!!

I believe Nancy is sick but no where near what Nancy, especially her mum makes out.

Jane Wanklin from London Ontario Canada on February 10, 2015:

I have been in contact with Balkbettystacks via her YouTube page. She is still really upset about someone who keeps telling people here that she is Bony Pink. I have no way of knowing for certain what the whole story is. She said she was Redrecks and knows Ronny bi personally. It seems as if Ronny bi is also Bony Pink and The Strawberry Ninja, who has a Xanga account. I don't know whether or not it's still there. I don't want to add to Redreck's pain, but I did tell her that Ronny bi is a liar. She wrote to The Guardian newspaper that she had been held captive by sadistic anorexic pornographers and that she couldn't escape because of how thin she was. I haven't heard back from Redrecks yet, but when the newspaper's journalists did some digging, Ronny bi's story was removed because it lacked sufficient verification. So you can come to your own conclusions about the issue.

LOL on August 04, 2014:

Anonymous ^ owe me a beer LOL I was just reading this as you posted it. Let me tell you a story. A girl and I were on a anorexia support site and up pops a post by BonyPink and her side kick Nancy Bratt. NOT TEN MINUTES LATER THIS WENDY AKA REDRECKS AKA BLACKBETTY STACKS AKA WHAT-FN-EVER jumps in out of no where as if all she has to do in her life is stalk these sites. She never had an account. She made one just to post her BS. So in other words she lurks on these sites all day... I think we found our Munchhausen troll.... BUSTED WENDY - WE GOT YOU!

Anonymous on August 04, 2014:

Wendy, you clearly have a severe case of Münchausen Syndrome. Please get some help before you start murdering children and posting pics of their corpses on Documenting Reality. kthxbye

lulito on March 09, 2014:

lol , some people are ridiculous, faking their dead is some new highs or should I say lows,

Caroline on July 21, 2013:

LOL I love how at the end they're going, well, howcome we spent *all this money* and they won't put it tgeethor for us??Um, after they explained that you could put it tgeethor as a four or five-day program. After they explained that here are some stickers for your readers and SOME people like to put them on their book binders and SOME people like to put them on their notebooks...I would be a total renegade and pitch the system they use in favour of dividing everything by subject, including the student sheets. We tend to be a year ahead of some things than others and I just cant see myself doing it week one, two, three, if we are literally homeschooling 52 weeks a year with a couple days off for Christmas. :]I like the explanation that all your teachers' stuff is in two binders. HOW do they do that? Because I have (literally) six honkin' big teachers' manuals, little slips of tests, workbooks... tons o' stuff.Do they just label the lesson "teach fractions" or something, and you're on your own? How could all that get packed into that little box???

Redrecks on April 02, 2013:

I am only just responding to these comments about myself after a friend of Bony Pink’s on Facebook, Tamara Winters. Her name on Facebook. I DON’T know her real name. Sorry. But als known on Facebook as Gloomy Ruby Tuesday. Also known as MadameGladysHollingsbury decided to do a Witch Hunt, as some of you have, on myself, after reading very misincorrect information about myself.

I have NOTHING to hide at all.

I have even unlocked my private Facebook profile and included the link to my page, as me, Wendy Van Duren, so you can ALL SEE who I am and always have been.

My profile was locked because of my occupation. I don’t need Employers reading my personal things, so it won’t remain unlocked for long.

I have a Youtube channel under Balckbettystack.

And for clearance I am NOT a 'drug addict' as you call me, but became drug dependant after living on painkillers for guenuine pain for years. The videos were done for 60 Minutes Australia.

How the Hell did you mix me up in this???

What would YOU like me to do to prove to you that I am NOT Ronny.

I really don't appreciate you telling people that I am a herion addict as I have NEVER taken herion in my life. If you read the information properly, you would know that I was detoxing off Morphine.

I can provide you with my APHRA Physician's Registration site link even to prove I am an Australian nurse.

Ronny lives in bloody Canada! And if she is not real, then I have also been sucked in. I sent her gifts.

I have many, many private messages written on Facebook, that I can show you.

If I was BonyPink, how could I be writing to myself in REAL TIME, whislt Bony Pink was responding???

I had actual conversations with her about medical things and as a nurse, speaking to who I thought was a Doctor, she was dead on with her medical knowledge and terminology. At times she would even go over my head.

I can't believe the shit you have written about me.

How you came up with this misinformation? I have no idea. Apart from that I have often posted that I am a friend of Ronny and asked for her pictures to be removed. BUT I have NEVER stated that I was Ronny. Always a friend. Read the comments left again carefully if they are still there.

tell me please what you need me to do to prove to you that I am not Ronny?

You have made me do a lot of Googling about this totally incorrect information and I was disturbed, well more than disturbed, to find that this may have all started with someone misreading something I wrote on Medusa and then going on a Troll Hunt to find out more about me.

I had NO IDEA that this shit being written about me has been going on so long.

I, myself, have a bloody good mind to, and I have made copies of EVERYTHING, to starting finding myself a good Lawyer to sue for slander! And we don’t sue in Australia.

I made this video of myself because your comments upset me so much I have become suicidal.

This is also my Facebook profile link.

F on February 12, 2013:

I know/knew both. Redrecks is an Aussie nurse. Whether BonyPink/Ronny/Strawberry Ninja is really 'the' Bony Pink or not, she's a real woman too, who actually was in hospice. She had a private account where she did post photos of herself and her hospice surroundings, her cats, her food, her craft, and her parent's apartment when she left hospice . She had a hospital bed, TPN, Oxygen etc all in her apartment to be able ot live there. So yes, I think she's real. I also think she's passed away since because all has been quiet from her for the past few months unfortunately. She was a beautiful soul and will be missed.

Lol on October 24, 2012:

I just read "The StrawberryNinja" blog on Xanga. How can this phantom "Bony Pink" expect anyone to believe that she is the same woman as the one or ones in those photos stamped "Bony Pink"? I looked at the few photos she had up on her site (she had her face blocked in all the photos) but from what I could see was that the woman "TheStrawberryNinja" is DEFINITELY NOT the girl in those photos nor is she a doctor. You can tell just by the words she uses. Writes more like a teenager and the photos (some didn't even look like an Oriental girl (she had the face semi blocked) but the face and hair was more like a Caucasian. There is also some little brat with an eating disorder running loose on YouTube who is on all "TheStrawberryNinja's" sites. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her. The attitude and method of writing are the same. This girls channel is PuppyLove1105 and you can find her on all the "Ninja's" pages. I could be wrong but it's too much of a coincidence. The arrogance and attitude are the same.

Anon on August 28, 2012:

RE: The comment above me by "The Truth". This imposter aka TheStrawberryNinja, Bony Pink, Redrecks has yet another alias called "balckbettystack's". She's got a channel on YouTube. Funny thing..she's kinda heavy set and she's a junkie. She even went so far as to post as Bony Pink on , a eating disorder help site asking Medusa the webmaster to take her photo down (a photo of an oriental girl who Redrecks claimed to be herself as Bony Pink). Medusa did take the photo down but does anyone else see a very disturbed person in need of mental help? Redrecks aka Bony Pink, aka The Strawberry Ninja aka Ronny Bi. Jesus H. Christ will she ever stop?

The Truth on August 23, 2012:

Okay. There are some misconceptions about this BonyPink person.

1) The girl bonypink originated from a Yahoo Group in 2002 (it may have been 2004/2005, I am still searching). It was run by a Japanese girl who wrote in very broken English and described her anorexic body: "bony very bony. my skin pink in lots place. pink and bony" Some time after, she stopped writing. It has not been confirmed whether or not she has died.

2) The girls you are seeing in the pictures stamped 'BonyPink' is not the girl from the Yahoo group. These were taken by an anonymous photographer who went by the alias of BonyPink. There are estimated to be about 90 different photos. Most were in swimsuits and some were nude. It is nearly impossible to find all of the photos because several of the girls in the pictures requested them to be taken down. The girls are mostly Chinese, but a few are Japanese. It has not been confirmed if any of the girls are dead yet.

3) The person(s) that create accounts under the name 'BonyPink' are fake. Most of the time their stories remain the same, but there are plenty of varieties that make the story false. The imposter of this bonypink girl also goes under the names StrawberryNinja, Ronny Bi (on facebook), or redrecks. Please do not believe this imposter. It is very wrong to pose as an eating-disordered person. on July 09, 2012:


Butters on July 03, 2012:

Funny how when I called the show "Intervention" and told them of this woman they did some research and this troll does not exist. Infact there is no hospice or hospital in all of Canada or the US that has ever heard of her and her many aliases. As for the few that actually believe this crap, ask her to do a Vlog and see how many excuses she has for NOT wanting to do one. I simple Vlog would clear up any skepticism.

BonniePlunkett on March 09, 2012:

This "BonyPink" blogger a.k.a. TheStrawberryNinja a.k.a. rednecks is just a seriously messed up anti-pro-ana attention whore who thinks that it's fun to use legal threats, impersonation, multiple identities and other similarly juvenile tactics to attempt to censor the internet and get attention. Get a life, it's bloody obvious that all your posts as rednecks are you since you never even bother to change your posting style AT ALL.

Anon on January 30, 2012:

Bonypink does exist, and is still alive. She has a running blog and Facebook account and is very ANTI pro-anorexia.

The photos circulating the Internet of her naked were taken by a sick man who abused her vulnerable state of mind, due to the extent of her illness, and she is fighting to have them removed.

Not what it seems on November 22, 2011:

I had contact with that user id and she uses southern belle, up to the time we were going to meet she was in contact with me daily. She said i had helped her leave an abusive marriage and sister dying on chrstmas day. We had a very strong connection spending hours each day on Skype with her becoming very familiar with my family and details of my life. We were to meet in august and Teresa put me off until eventually I realized that her friends I were talking to were her via another email address. She had convinced me that her husband wouldn't leave her alone and that she needed money to get away from him and come to start a new life in New Zealand with me. Be very careful with this person. She listens very carefully to what is happening in your life while she is in contact and uses it to keep you coming back.

Concerned on October 27, 2011:

I have a very good friend who has met a woman via farm story who now says she has cancer and is asking for emotional and financial support to come from America to Australia to meet him....has anyone had or heard of a similar experience. Her user ID is kaage?

ROFLMFAO on August 21, 2011:

THATS ALL...ROFLMFAO! Hey If there was really a woman named BonyPink and she actually went through all of the crapola she's talking about....wouldn't you think she'd change her name for Christ sake...Oh Lord some kid is going through real lengths to keep up this charade. I saw the photos and you can bet dollars to donuts that the woman in those photos has been dead for quite some time now. Nobody who is that malnourished can not exist very long at that weight even if she was being treated in a hospice. If this was NOT a sham then that woman BonyPink would have had to have gained quite some weight and start taking care of herself a long time ago in order to still be alive right now. Cmon, those photos have to be at least 15 years old, you can tell by the type film that was used to take those photos so even if those photos were taken 5 years ago, no one can live at that weight for that long. Unless she got her health back a long time ago you can safely say there is a kid posing as her, maybe even an adult but her writings and blogs do not resemble the writings of a woman that would have to be AT LEAST 50 or old by now. As for the people who say they know her, let me ask you this, have you ever met BonyPink in person? most likely not since she has claimed to be in a hospice as she writes this stuff. Seems to me you have been scammed too, sorry to say that but people are NOT who they say they are on the internet so yeah unless you have met and witnessed how bad she says her health is, you have been duped! Give it up already the photos are old and the woman in those photos has to be an elderly very sick miracle to still be alive now think about it, this whole BonyPink thing has been going on since the world wide web started, windows 95 and you guys think she's still alive, think of something new like maybe posing as someone who is more positive, maybe pose as a famous athlete or something. If there was a BonyPink, she would have not wanted to be associated with that name, would you if you went through all that stuff she claims to be involved in, kidnapping and all that jazz?

know her in person on May 22, 2011:

No she's not playing at it, but she's definitely becoming a victim of others playing at it, the way she gets abused just by having her say and making a very valid point. dissapointed in people here who are so judging without knowing the facts at ALL. Ignorance like yours is why those who really ARE putting it on get away with it.

foxyshadis on April 30, 2011:

I think it's incredibly hilarious that someone appears to be playing Munchausen by Internet on the very hubpage about the disease. The Internet is better than any fiction sometimes!

dupped on March 23, 2011:

I had something similar happen to me not too long ago. We became fast friends and our "personailites" were a great match. It was surreal and that personality reached out to others via live journal, fan-fiction, twitter, g-chat, the whole nine yards. He was so kind and generous that many never stopped to question if this guy was for real or not.

Too much of a listener and I used to question in my head if it was a real person or something made up. But at the same time the wool got my eyes the most.

I was the targeted one who met all his "RL friends" via e-mail. We even had drama and this, that, and the other. It all felt so real. So when he died...I was devestated. And his RL friend told me first...then got online and had people send e-mails to his family and friends via his e-mail that he was still signed into.

That's when it got weird. The RL friend who told me of his death developed really odd behavior that had me questioning it all. Turns out, the guy didn't exist. (No public license listed in his profession, no property owned in that name where he "lived", no nothing!)

I confronted the RL friend (and his e-mail that has never responded) and she told me she was mad at me because he is dead and had a piece of his heart that I don't appreicate. Oh, best part, she admitted he lied to everyone and asked me what good it would do for people to know, he never hurt them. She never denied his name but said she'd never tell me where they live because it's dangerous for me to go there.

I think it was the hardest lesson in life to learn. It's human nature to want to trust someone. And why would someone so nice lie about something like that? What does it accomplish? Besides breaking hearts...

redrecks on December 26, 2010:

BonyPink placed her name across ALL pictures that she finds on the Net about her or the one's she tracks down.

The pupose of putting her name on her own photographs is so when a picture appears with that name on it, she will go after the Poster with the law.

These photos, although she can not bear to look at them, below to her and are constantly being stolen.

The photographer is NOT BonyPink.

Ashlee on November 15, 2010:

Why does she still call herself bonypink than if that is in fact the name of the photographer who took the pictures? Even if it isn't why would she still want to be associated with that time in her life? Seems odd...

afzal bata on October 31, 2010:

I absolutely agree with you about affiliate marketing. I host a series of websites, but hands down, I make more money through Google and I do very little work to put the Google Ads on my website. I'm currently considering removing Clickbank from my websites, as I believe they're one of the reasons my stats have decreased.

It is also true what you wrote of earnings on HubPages - write one really good hub (usually one that isn't written for marketing purposes) and the money will follow!

Mafia girl on October 03, 2010:

Bonpink is the photographer who took the photos. If you look at the set of nudes there are three different Asian girls not just one so this Bonypink has got to be someone posing as an imaginary anorexic. There is no one person named Bonypink. I dont knoe who the asian girls are but the person who shot the photos is Bonypink. Hope that clears up things. I don't know the name of the person in the pornos with that name is though

L.Elle on July 19, 2010:

Most of the girls who say they are pro ana (the ones Bonypink sais have munchhausens) are not the ones who actually have it. They might strive for thin but for the most part they stop at thin or maybe even scary skinny. Bonypink has purposely made herself emaciated. Now that's Munchhausens, when you go beyond scary skinny on purpose so you can get all the attention that Bonypink is getting, thats munchhausens. She is not a doctor so really making that diagnosis or any diagnosis for that matter is dangerous and she should not be giving it

Josh Burns (Burnsy) on July 16, 2010:

Who would know better than Bonypink what Munchhausen's is. She invented it. She was a used up whore. If I was a girl I would never take dieting advice from her. If you lay with the horses you die with them too........

Carly Furguson on July 11, 2010:

Bony Pink died from complications from a disease she picked up when she was doing all those porn movies. She used to have intercourse with animals and she has been dead for quite some time now. However there is someone masquerading as her on the internet.

BonyPink on November 13, 2009:

I am someone who is anti-pro anorexia, and have seem SO MANY individuals who have Münchhausen's syndrome on the internet.

Most pro-anorexia (pro-ana) websites are filled with people who are afflicted by this syndrome. It's horrible how many people actually care and worry that these people have passed away and so forth, when they have not.

There are MANY weblogs on livejournal and xanga (and various pro-ana communities) that are created by pro-eating disordered people with Münchhausen's, who belittle eating disorders and their effects and make a joke out of the illness with their lies and attention seeking. Those who actually suffer from anorexia nervosa(like myself) and other eating disorders often get very angry at the pro-anorexics for emulating this illness for attention when they have no idea how horrible this illness truly is.

I would say that a very large percent of pro anorexics have Münchhausen's by internet or factitious disorder.

Although I do recognize this is a genuine problem and these people desperately need treatment, it's aggravating to be lied to by anyone, and lying to get attention pisses me off so much.. It's so hard for me not to get angry with people who have Münchhausen's unfortunately.

WKC24 on August 09, 2009:

Ive had a pretty extreme version of this. I met a girl on an online dating site. she was amazing. but told me when she was young,she had neuroblastoma (a rare form of cancer). we were dating really well for only 2 months but soon enough she got cancer again.she showed me her MRI scans on her data stick and i could see the severity of it. she moved back to her home town, but we kept in touch on phone and email. but i then got an anonamous txt saying there was to be a memorial service held for her.its location didn't exist. her "sister" later added me on msn and she told me what happened and sent me a beautiful obituary detailing how amazing she was.3 months went on of more anomalies like her facebook account being reactivated and phoning the hospitals she supposedly stayed at and hearing they'd never heard of her. but then i looked at the obituary again and rang the funeral director who also hadn't heard of her but then found out that the obituary was an exact copy of a young girl's who did actually die of neuroblastoma except names and places we're changed accordingly.

i messaged her friend on facebook to tell her my discoveries who must have conversed what i had said. lucy coincidently got back from a 2 month holiday on that day claiming all her friends we're asking why it was going around that she was dead.

Divaliscious on April 26, 2008:

It is so sad these people who seek help in the wrong way for whatever their reasons are. I recall one woman I worked with years ago 'faking' her father's death. So many of us shared our sympathy with her, yet she continued to work for the firm for another 8 or so months, even after we found out the death was faked.

I do not know how someone could 'fake' such things unless they are so warped.

But alas, they do exist in the cyber world as well, as I have recently been witnessed to another personality(s) of one person who basicaly created so many scenarios and psuedo personalities of horrid accidents and deaths, it was basically too unreal. And what's worse, so many of us at this particular social site expressed concerns, spent time trying to find out where to send flowers and what's worse it created a negative energy at the site which (for now) has calmed down.

All I can say is be wary out there in cyber land. This is for real, this syndrome, though the 'patient's' problems probably are not real.

seamus on February 06, 2008:

I knew about M Syndrome but not how people afflicted with it use on the internet. I'm shocked.

Kate Swanson from Sydney on February 06, 2008:

Excellent Hub. We all know about children (and adults) who misbehave to get attention due to low self-esteem - the internet gives such people a chance to attention-seek on a grand scale, so I suppose it's no wonder it's attracting behaviour like this.

Iðunn on February 06, 2008:

"Even if caught red handed, the faker will not stop operating. It is a compulsion. She will just create a new screen name, a new online persona, and continue the charade in another community" <--- or in the same community as one or ten or twenty more alts.

I don't know how I missed this thread, but I have had dealings with one of these people. I had no idea it was a syndrome with a name or that widespread. Excellent hub.

Bob on November 02, 2007:

I just experienced this...and very well done, too. The girl is zani, a kinky 'slave' looking for a Master. But, unfortunately she is suffering from Lupus. She supposedly died 3 days ago, but on her deathbed, she wrote me a beautiful poem--which I found on someone's blog--written for HIM.

Nion Kokesu on August 30, 2007:

I read a rant about internet drama earlier and it included a part about scenario #3 exactly. I frequent deviantART, and there are so many people there who constantly spew stories and suicide threats to get attention. The worst part about it is the fact that it works. I've never heard of Munchausen by Internet, but it definitely seems like a viable disorder these days, though I think some people are just drama whores.

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