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Multimedia and its uses

Multimedia and its uses

Multimedia and its uses

One use of this technology might be future home office which is equipped with computer, that has speech and touch screen input, camera for video conferencing or environment of virtual reality.Thus,one might be an Indian resident or Chinese and working as a faculty member of MIT or Harvard.

Multimedia is a popular technology of today.It is much talked about and sought after not only in IT,but also in advertising, cinema,corporate sector fashion and education. Research in this new technology field of sound,text and animation is making it better day after day.Even people with no knowledge of computers can work with it.It has targeted people from almost all ages from toddler to aged one.There is no lower or upper age limit for target audience.

What is multimedia?

multimedia can be considered as graphics,text,images,audio and video in computer.Interactivity is key feature of multimedia.It conveys enriched interactive information to its users.Multimedia can be considered as a combination of TV and computer.

It is one of the most powerful form of communicating ideas and searching information.

The advantage of multimedia over conventional form of media is that it uses graphics,sound and text,example TV,is the interactive feature of multimedia.A multimedia version of news would be the situation where you request the broadcaster the type of the news you are interested in,when you want to hear the news and with the click of mouse or press of button you can hear news.

A new broadband system based on MPEG(Moving Picture Expert Group) standard will allow transmission of video signals using a single satellite transponder.Flow communication terminals,also known by digital set top boxes are equipped with computer capability offering on screen interactive programs,personal information channels and movie on demand.These will soon feature robust graphics and interactivity and MPEG video all running on set top box and open operating system.

Multimedia is interactive as compared to broadcast TV.The interaction between information and user make it a powerful media for activities as education, training, business presentation, advertisements, manuals, reference material,geographic information system, multimedia databases.

Components of multimedia

Components of multimedia are:

1.Text can be added for giving emphasis.

2.Graphics are added for visual impact. A picture is worth a thousand words.Graphics enhance the presentation.

3.Voice enhance presentation by adding persuasion.

4.The animation is for attracting attention. A chart can be focussed more quickly by adding animation to it.

5.Video in multimedia can be used for providing clear cut instructions.

Uses of multimedia

Multimedia is widely used now a days and business is one such application of multimedia. Market competition is ever increasing. Now a days there is competition to provide better service and timely information to client in brief,timely and understandable manner in short time.Multimedia provides many ways to maintain competitive edge specially in training, public relationarket speculation.

Many aspects of business as marketing plan for a product, consumer reaction, its impact in market make assessment of consumer feedback on the launch of product. Digitised information in multimedia make it more assessed as compared to conventional methods of chart,video where one cannot edit that is already videotaped.

Another use of multimedia is in education. It enhances the education quality.It provides new ways of teaching. Topics can be linked with other information. With a projector with large screen and a playback system of multimedia teachers can use multimedia to enhance their lesson plans.

In a complete sense graphics, sound,text and pictures are the essence in multimedia.

Hardware for multimedia


CPU should be Pentium processor or other advanced chips such as PowerPC.


The multimedia monitor should have Super Video Graphics Array(SVGA) card.SVGA has better resolution and thus better quality for graphics and pictures.

Input Output devices

Keyboard and mouse are essential input devices for multimedia PC.Sound speakers and microphones are other essential input output devices.


Multimedia use huge amount of space and high speed storage as they have to send data back and forth quickly to keep video audio recording and playing smoothly.

Laser Disc

A laser disc also uses recording media like CD ROM.In comparison to CD ROM a laser disc can play 4 channels at a time.It can store video in analog form.

Software for multimedia

Movies, graphics, sound,text,animation are part of multimedia software. Softwares available for such media elements are Photo Finish, Paint Brush,Animator, 3D Studio, Photoshop, Sound Blaster,Coral Draw,Master Blaster etc.

Uses and applications of multimedia


Real life like games can be created by multimedia. Developers use sound,animation,graphics of multimedia to create games.Flight simulator creates real life imaging.

Children can drive cars,play musical instrument, fly aircraft, play golf by multimedia.


Edutainment is educational entertainment. Computer games with focus on education are available. Example: educational game which plays rhymes for kids. Children can paint pictures also in addition.

3.Business Communication

The quality of business communication can be enhanced by multimedia. Product promotion, customer information,communication to employee can be done by multimedia.

4.Public Access

In this many multimedia applications will be available. Tourist information system is one such application. Here a tourist can have glimpse of places selected for visiting. Example:In Railway Timetable Enquiry,multimedia system may not only display trains and time but also route map of destination.


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