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Motorola Moto G Fast Smartphone: Review and Opinion

Charles enjoys reviewing and photographing food and restaurants for online publications.

Motorola Moto G Fast (2020)

Moto G Fast (2020)

Moto G Fast (2020)

Pros and Cons


  1. Inexpensive ($79.00)
  2. Relatively large screen
  3. Camera (wide angle lens and 4K Video)
  4. RAM (3GB)
  5. Screen Resolution


  1. ROM (Storage Capacity 32GB)
  2. Processor Speed
  3. Not 5G


Motorola Moto G Fast (2020) Specifications


4,000 mAh Battery

Talk Time up to 33 hours


3GB RAM/32GB ROM w/ Support for External microSD™ Card up to 512GB

Androidᵀᴹ 10

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 665 Mobile Processor
16MP Triple Rear Camera System 8MP Front Camera

6.4" Max Vision Display


6.37" x 2.98" x 0.36" 6.68oz


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Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 5.0
USB Type C
3.5mm Headset Jack

My Use and Experience With the Moto G Fast

Upgrading to a New Phone

My main reason for initially purchasing this particular smartphone was to upgrade the LG Stylo 5 I was using at the time. Generally, when the time comes to upgrade my smartphone, I tend to compare the specifications of both phones and I look to improve the RAM, ROM, and Camera. I also consider the price. I tend to stick to a certain price range. As a Boost Mobile customer, you must purchase the phone outright. In this instance, Motorola was able to meet this established criterion. I have an unlimited plan for $50 per month. The 4G service is acceptable and gets the job done.

Limitations of Phone Choices

I am also limited in my phone choices by my particular carrier, Boost Mobile. They offer phones that are compatible with their network and usually have a couple of dozen listed for sale on their website. Boost Mobile offers both Android and Apple IOS phones. I prefer Android-based phones.


I primarily use the Moto G Fast for personal use, talk, text, email, and photography. Sometimes I use an app for work to keep an eye on certain systems at my job. I mostly used the camera for documenting my travels and for photographing products and scenery. This phone was adequate and really excelled in the photography category.


Overall I felt this phone was decent. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it came in around 7. I give it a 7 based on cost ($79.00) and the camera. I really loved the way photos turned out on this phone. The camera was capable of taking excellent close-up or macro shots with bright, vivid, sharp photos. The camera also provided an ultra-wide-angle lens that was perfect for taking great landscape shots for my articles. I felt the camera on this phone was good enough, that I often left my digital camera at home. It can shoot high-quality video at 4K resolution with the rear camera and an impressive 1080P HD resolution with the front-facing selfie camera. The 3GB of RAM was sufficient for most everyday tasks although the lack of a faster processor would often slow things down if I had too many apps open at once. The built-in 32GB of storage is mostly useless as the operating system used about 1/3 of it leaving very little for apps, photos, and videos. I was able to get by using an SD card to store photos and video. The battery life was also very good. The Moto G Fast battery is capable of lasting all day with heavy use and nearly three days on standby. I wish this phone offered NFC capability so I could use the phone to pay for things where that function is available. I've since upgraded and truly miss the camera on that phone!

Ultra Wide Angle and Macro Photo Examples Moto G Fast (2020)

Wall Cloud Ultra Wide

Wall Cloud Ultra Wide

Harmony Lake, PA Ultra Wide

Harmony Lake, PA Ultra Wide

Caterpillar Macro Lens

Caterpillar Macro Lens

4K Video Motorola Moto G Fast (2020)

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