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Motionless Rooftop Wind Energy Technology Can Save You 50% More Energy than Solar Panels at the Same Cost.

Motionless wind energy technology


Motionless Wind Energy Technology Will Save You 50% More Energy than Solar Technology at the Same Price

There is good news for those looking for renewable energy to power their homes and businesses. A new motion-less wind harvesting system has been developed, tested, and found to be a better alternative to rooftop solar energy. Though this new technology has not been deployed commercially, it promises to be a game changer when it is launched globally in the renewable energy market. The manufacturers also claimed that it is a product that will come with a much lower maintenance cost.

What is the Wind Harvesting Technology About?

The technology comes with a blade-less energy component, and it is the primary, scalable component that harvests wind. It can be integrated into a small, medium, or large home rooftop, and it is motionless, which means fewer movements and more wind capturing. It can produce 50% more energy than rooftop solar at the same price.

This device leverages similar aerodynamics found in airfoils used in making race cars to capture and increase airflow. Unlike the traditional wind turbines that can be noisy and dangerous to animals like birds, the motionless wind harvesting technology is quiet. It doesn’t pose any risk to birds or any other animal.

The technology, known as Aeromine, comprises between 20 and 40 units that can be installed at the edge of a building to face the most predominant wind direction. The setup can maximize its energy storage to provide all the energy needs of a building.

It comes with a small footprint on the roof; hence it can be used alone or in combination with your solar panels.

Importance of Motionless Rooftop Wind Energy Technology

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Since buildings account for nearly half of the carbon emissions generated globally, it is essential to find means of creating better and more sustainable energy systems. According to Architecture 2030, residential buildings alone contribute not less than 27% of carbon emissions globally. The building construction industry also accounts for roughly 20% of carbon emissions. These statistics offer the opportunity to make residential and commercial buildings more energy-efficient through innovative technology that will lower carbon emissions.

Motionless wind energy technology is a game changer because it will add greater value to the growing rooftop power generation market. This technology will also help energy firms reach their sustainability goal of accessing untapped renewable energy.

There are many issues mitigating spinning turbines and less efficient yet costly solar energy technology. Wind turbines, for instance, occupy expanses of land and require a more significant workforce and resources to manage. Solar energy systems, however, can be costly for regular homeowners. The motionless wind energy technology combines more affordability and efficiency to deliver the best results.

Benefits of Motion-less Wind Energy to Solar Panels?

The new motionless wind energy technology will require up to 10% less space than solar panels and generate energy all day. It is clean and poses no health risk to birds and humans. Unlike solar panels that produce variable energy depending on weather conditions, the wind energy device will provide stable energy in all weather conditions.

This new renewable technology offers a more economical approach to delivering sustainable renewable energy with less maintenance cost. Since the components used in creating these devices are not as sensitive as those found in solar panels, repairs and replacements of parts will be less common, lowering the cost of maintenance. Though this is a new product in the market, it may not be available globally until after a few years.


The cost of renewable energy is still beyond the reach of most people in the world. In addition, renewable energy options like solar technology can take up massive space on rooftops. Energy consumers in developing countries will still have to grapple with falling currency values, making such renewable energy even more expensive for home and commercial use. With the construction and ongoing testing of the motionless wind harvesting technology, renewable energy consumption costs are expected to go down in the coming years. Experts also believe wind energy is much easier and cheaper to capture and convert to energy. This product is undergoing some large-scale tests and will be ready for general deployment in the next few years.

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