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More about the K4 LED Monitor

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This high-quality LED monitor has been professionally designed and meticulously manufactured to meet all of your gaming needs. Available in an array of sizes, this monitor boasts an ultra-slim design with thin bezels to deliver a modern and sleek impression that blends in with all indoor space seamlessly. The 4K monitor also displays smooth, crystal clear images with highly accurate colors, making it ideal for gaming, watching fast-paced movies, and other activities. With this high-performance monitor, you can enjoy a premium gaming or streaming experience.

A moderately sized 32- to 45-inch 4K TV is probably as big as you'd want to go for desk use, where you sit close to the display—don't get 1080p, as the pixels can be very large. One attractive feature of HDTVs is that they almost always have much better speakers than computer monitors.

  • Material: ABS.
  • A 4K LED monitor that delivers blur-free and sharp images.
  • Features an ultra-slim design with narrow bezels.
  • Delivers an elegant, modern and clean impression.
  • Blends in with almost all indoor spaces seamlessly.
  • Size: 15” – 32” monitors are available.
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