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Monitor Rentals

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AVRexpos provides you with direct access to the state-of-the-art audio, visual, and on-site computer and electronics rentals you need to ele

Monitor Rentals

Our Monitor Rentals for Trade Shows and Events are available in many sizes. HDTV Monitor Rentals from AVRexpos offer you a huge inventory of LCD, LED, Touch Screen Monitor Rentals. We also carry 4K Touch Screen Monitor Rentals and 4K Monitors rentals. Ranging in size from 24 inch up to 105 inch monitors. Monitors Rentals are one of our most commonly used products that we offer for digital advertisement. We rent monitors throughout the US for trade shows, events, meetings, seminars, education and learning events, etc.

  • HDTV Monitors:

Suppose you're looking for stunning picture quality, sharp contrast, and clearest images for your home. In that case, you'll require an HD TV from Avrexpos -- the country's most trusted provider of audio and visual sub-rentals for equipment. For more than 30 years in the business of cross-rentals, We've built a name for excellence through providing speedy efficient, reliable, and hassle-free rental services for equipment for our clients in the production and AV industries.

  • 4K Monitors:

Avrexpos rental of 4K displays regularly exceeds the expectations of our customers. We offer a wide selection of 4K monitor and displays to rent for the day or week. We also have month-long rentals available to ship. Since Avrexpos has warehouses conveniently situated near major metropolitan areas throughout the United States, we can deliver your display within 24 hours, and usually on the next day that you make your order. So rent without worry, assured that Avrexpos always provides the rental equipment you require ready to be delivered.

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