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Modern Technology and its Amazing Development, Are We Liberated – or Does Technology Enslave Us?

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Around the world, over the years, technology has advanced, fit data that has changed and simplified many lives. It’s accessible in a way that we can communicate over the Internet through instant messaging apps and social media platforms. Social media have influenced countless lives so much that people worldwide have become addicted.

The way technology influences the way individuals communicate, learn, and think led me to examine his technology simplified lives or does it raise the discussion of the enormous question. Are we liberated–or does technology enslave us?

Before technology, we had to pass through the long route to get things done. Now technology has simplified life to be so much easier. It has been an opportunity for everything to move so much more promptly that it is beyond words how we can practically do almost anything.

There are many ways through which technology has simplified life. Countless people are using modern technology to do distinct things. Because you can browse the internet from anywhere, life has become more convenient and a way to ensure that a living for many.

These conveniently have allowed people worldwide to meet their goals and live out their dreams and that’s a wonderful thing, but it also comes with being so addicted to technology. Think about it this way: how often do you go online to look up information or just to socialize? Most act as if they can not live without the Internet.

The technology digital world has made things a lot of simplers and more transparent control to give some people the classic sign of someone who’s in a lethargy stage. It has brought culture closer for more people, making it more easily and quickly accessible. With that being said, again, I ask, are we liberated–or does technology enslave us?

Most of us use technology daily and it’s hard to dispute that technology was developed to provide a more convenient lifestyle, whether it is working from home, grocery shop, online dating, going to school online, clothes and shoe shopping, worship, etc.

Although the technology was built to simplify and everything should be as simple as possible, the way it affects life and society leaves me wondering, and asking has technology made us liberated–or does it enslave us?

Technology has emerged to increase the quality of life, and we love it. Because of digital technology, we’ve been able to meet every need that requires fulfillment. Before technology, people had limited options to provide information, but with it, many can transfer data from one person to another.

Perhaps it’s continued to improve our lives, cut the workload, burden, and stress of people all over the world. With this in mind, I ask, are we liberated–or does technology enslave us?

Technology and all its amazing development, we all use them on a regular, whether its mobile devices, the microwave, the laptop, or a desktop. Ways technology enhances us through tools like the iPad, PlayStation, dishwasher, washer, and dryers, a car. Each gadget is useful and we welcome the help they give us.


Modern technology has come a long way. Now that we have limitless possibilities, it put useful information at our fingertips, and from anywhere. It assists the brain to work to its full potential.

Although sometimes it can be a distraction, and it no disputing that technology will continue to revolutionize our lives, which leads to the enormous question, are we liberated – or does technology enslave us?

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Many of us are so addicted to technology that we can’t go a day without the Internet. While the Internet is often seen as the thrall behind so much like serving, watching a movie on Netflix or Hulu, playing video games, and an opening to face-to-face talking.

We use technology as a convenience, because so many lean on their mobile devices, they don’t even bother to memorize telephone numbers any more. For this reason, I am left asking, are we liberated – or does technology enslave us?

Can you visualize a world without technologies? No Internet, PlayStation, Xbox, GPS, cell phone, TV, microwave, radio, cars, iPad, dishwasher, washer or dryers, imagine a world without computers, all the wealth of information we so easily and quickly allow to analyze data that saves extensive amounts of time and money. This leads me to ask an enormous question. Are we liberated – or has technology enslaved us?

How technology has changed the way we live and enslaved us

You can sit at home, be a couch potato, and never leave the house. It still a way to receive entertainment. In the past, you used to have to get dressed, leave home to get entertainment, today you don’t have to leave the sofa just log on the computer to get all the entertainment you want.

Technology has made so much available for pleasure, entertainment like playing your favorite video game, watching a wonderful movie, you no longer have to go out to a movie theater to see the latest movies, but viewing services like Hulu or Netflix.

You used to have to take the family out, to a restaurant or fast-food chain to eat when you don’t cook, not anymore. You can pick up a telephone, and place an order or log on to the computer and arrange your order to have it delivered to your door.

Even, if you short of food, you don’t have to go to the grocery store and stand in long lines, you can pick the food you need from online, and have it delivered to your front door. You can even set it up to pick up from the parking lot without getting out of your car.

If you want a new dress, blouse, pants or a pair of shoes. You don’t have to go to the mall or department store to purchase what you need. There’s no need to spend hours walking around a crowded store getting tired, log on the computer or search from your smartphone your favorite online store to get your clothes and shoes from the online store of your choice delivered right to your door.

Maybe you love to read and spend a lot of time in the library checking out books, or you had to visit a bookstore to purchase a book. You don’t have to go to the library or bookstore again. There are services available online that you can subscribe to that will deliver books right to your door. Also, you can read as many delightful books as you like from a Kindle from your computer or you're smartphone.


Perhaps, you have a lot to do, but too lazy to run your errand, no problem. If you don't feel like running errands, you can search from your smartphone or log on the computer and find couriers, a person who will do your errands for you.

Someone who can drop your letters off at the post office, drop off your dry cleaning and pick them back up. You can even do your research on a person to trust to drop the children off at school and pick them back up. Someone is available if you need them to grocery shop or grab dinner if supper is not prepared to be placed on the table.

You are a person who loves hanging out and chatting with your friends, you may even be gain to meeting new friends. There is no need to go knock on their door or go to a club or bar, you can use online hangouts. Many online hangouts are available, like Google, Yahoo, Gaming, Instagram, Twitters, but Facebook Messenger is one of the popular ones.

Public school doesn't give your child what he or she needs because your child is coming home from school, distraught because they have been bullied. As a parent, you tired of them being bullied and it affects their education, when it’s hard to find a suitable solution, you can take a healthy approach to bully prevention and continue their education from home online. More people are turning to online school with all that going on in public school, especially the massive shooting.

There you have it, my belief in modern day technology and how it has affected every aspect of the people today life. And who knows what’s next for the tech world only, whatever it is, it no doubts it will be something the people are willing to use. Something to give the people of this world comfort and extra ease to unquestionably enslave them in their day to day lives for all of the reasons outlined above.

There’s no doubt, technology has made life more productive and all the tasks in our lives are being made easier and it would be hard to do without it. Technology is good. But, at the same time, it has enslaved us. So, what do you think? I say, that we've become too dependent on technology, but what is your opinion, are we liberated – or does technology enslave us?

Modern Technology and its amazing Development, are we liberated – or Does it Enslave us?

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Liz Westwood from UK on February 24, 2019:

As with most developments, there are advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes being connected 24/7 brings the pressure of instant communication. At other times technology can speed up processes and be helpful.

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