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Mobile Technology


Mobile technology

This is an article post aimed at presenting a lecture on the importance of mobile technology and its value in the current information technology systems of the world.

The current geographical region is rapidly developing around the world and every country shows its interest in joining forces with their friend countries in many fields. In this perspective, if I think of a project that should improve the communication process as well as information sharing, I think an article post about the advantages of mobile technology can be a perfect suggestion.

Web-based technology and mobile technology. Web-based technology and mobile technology

A typical case of web-based technology is online banking. Today, the number of users with mobile phones in the whole world is staggering. For a new client to open a web account on an online website, a fee is paid. The user will get a unique web password which will be offered to other clients as well. Web-based banking and mobile banking almost track each other, what they need to do is the same.

Web-based banking is available on a number of devices such as phones, desktops, and tablet devices. On the other hand, mobile banking is available on a number of devices. Mobile phones may be able to open and register online bank accounts on an online platform. Some phones are equipped with browsers that allow web-based banking while others are equipped with apps that allow online banking with a mobile banking interface. It is generally considered that web-based banking is automated and in the design within phone apps. A client intending to visit the internet for the first time can have an intuitive experience by registering for any internet application. In addition, clients in Australia can open web banking from anywhere in the country. Additionally, a web-based bank can be accessed through free web or mobile applications. The whole world today faces many challenges due to the high speed of information flows (voice or text) that is realized in the online world. However, as a result of numerous information streams, “weighing up the availability of information” has become a critical factor when thinking about the total cost of services or even the effect on economics. Meanwhile, “debt collection, data security, and telecommunications are perhaps the most rampant concerns” (, 2010).

To solve the problems, many organizations in the world started to apply web and mobile technology. For example, business enterprises have also used web-based technology while integrating certain features of mobile phones such as routing calls and managing certain operations.

Web and mobile technology present tremendous opportunities in different industries and industry verticals. This is because, with the help of mobile technology, organizations can review the customer experience to see trends, in addition, online companies can deliver services from anywhere in the world that has web applications that allow data gathering and processing.


Mobile technology has introduced tremendous benefits to organizations, while mobile technology has saved organizations cost in storing their data and thus has now become the most preferred method of communication. Home benefits from mobile To the general public there are many advantages of mobile. Such as in case of an emergency hospital or ambulance to contact. Or as needed contact family members. there are many advantages of mobile like this. via mobile Business, transactions have also become such a way with the advent of mobile phones, people are living has become much easier.

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