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Micro Influencing Is On The Rise

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Why It’s Time To Invest Into Micro Influencers

How much of a difference can a couple of thousand people make?

To this day, if we as social media marketers have learned anything about influencers, it’s that an influencer marketing campaign done right can make a world of a difference for a brand. By aligning themselves with certain celebrity influencers, brands can co-opt the values of these public figures and utilize their following to expand brand awareness.

Something that we know considerably less about is the influencers that are not quite celebrity-status.

These are the people who are influential to a small community of a few thousand people. They are the ones who show their authentic lunch without having it paid for by a company’s brand revenue dollars for a story post, and according to research, they tend to have the most engaging voices in all of the influencer community.

The people with the highest Instagram engagement rate tend to have the lowest amount of followers. Nowadays, it is easy, even if not exactly ethical, to buy a few thousand followers with the click of a button and become considered an “influencer”. What’s less easy is securing an Instagram engagement rate that will make brands want to work with you. In influencer marketing, a high Instagram engagement rate is key to a successful influencer campaign.

Micro influencers typically have a smaller audience but this smaller audience is all part of a niche. This niche considers the influencer a leader and representative voice of their community. Through proper social media marketing techniques, it is far easier to tap into a large percentage of this population than into, say, a substantial section of Kim Kardashian’s 200 million followers.

It is time for brands to invest into micro influencers and not underestimate the power that they hold within their niches. Their reach, while smaller, is substantial due to the one thing they still have that celebrity influencers may not -- a genuine voice and unwavering authenticity.

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