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Meet BeeBee890, Can Crusher Extraordinaire

BeeBee's Twitter logo

BeeBee's Twitter logo


BeeBee's simple, honest style on YouTube and his prolific can crushing abilities have attracted a devoted legion of followers over the years.

Since 2007, BeeBee has created literally thousands of videos, but each of them are short-- hardly ever running past more than a few minutes in length.

Most of BeeBee's videos can best be described as relaxing; usually it's just BeeBee signing in to crush a can for some worthy cause, say hi, give a birthday shout out or to make a comment on current events.

Sometimes, though, Brian posts a truly hilarious video. One of Brian's most popular clip is a video of him hopping up and down in the air, wiggling his arms around and singing a funny song about fast food.

Between can crushes, BeeBee (birth name Brian Thompson) sometimes gives us intimate glimpses into his unusual life and totally unique personality.

After watching BeeBee890 videos and following him on Twitter for several years, I feel like I know him. And I want you to know him too. He's a good guy, this BeeBee character.

My personal favorite BeeBee video, "Tape Head," gives us a peek at BeeBee's sillier side.

Tape head

BeeBee and neurofibromatosis

As you may have guessed from watching the video, BeeBee is disabled. However, he's not mentally retarded. BeeBee has neurofibromatosis, which is a mysterious, little-understood, painful disorder that affects nerve clusters throughout the entire body.

The lumps in the center of Brian's forehead and on the side of his cheek are clusters of nerve cells that have developed into tumors, or neuromas. People like BeeBee who suffer from severe cases are covered from head to toe in neuromas. Depending on where they develop, neuromas can be very painful. Neuromas caused by neurofibromatosis can manifest on skin tissue, but they also sprout up on nerves that control hearing and vision, and can even grow inside of brain tissue.

Neurofibromatosis affects consciousness in ways that scientists are still struggling to understand. According to the Mayo Clinic, neurofibromatosis can affect the language and visual-spatial areas of the brain.

Whether it's a result of Brian's neurofibromatosis, the drugs he takes to treat it, pure creativity or a mixture of all of the above, BeeBee's unique way with words has resulted in more than a few gems that have been favorited and retweeted thousands of times:

"I want to go too Paris France just to kiss a girl on top of the eyeful thrower" - @BeeBee880

"i say hi to radon ppl and make up names i freked out some lady becuse i got her name right she said how do you know me i said i don't" - @BeeBee880

BeeBee's best friend

BeeBee and friends

In spite of the fact that he's disabled, BeeBee has an outgoing, extroverted personality. BeeBee seems to be the ringleader in his group of mischievous friends; he's the brightest and most charismatic of the bunch.

BeeBee has been hanging out with the same group since high school. All of BeeBee's friends seem to have mild cases of Down's syndrome, which is an entirely different sort of disease compared to fibromyalgia. BeeBee's best friend seems to be pretty much on the same intellectual level with him, though and is able to operate a computer and goof around with him on Skype.

BeeBee likes making videos for the pure joy of interacting with his online audience. Occasionally, BeeBee flips the camera around on his buddies, but since they all seem to be camera shy, this doesn't happen very often.

BeeBee and the gang

That naughty BeeBee

BeeBee is something of a practical joker and he's got something of a mischievous side. When he feels inspired, BeeBee occasionally makes a prank phone call.

In the video below, BeeBee calls a local gas station to ask how much gas costs.

"Three.... seventy nine?" says the voice on the phone.

"Can be three dollars cannit be three dollars? C'mon."

"What was that?"

"Can-cannit be three dollarsa gallon?"

"Nope!" [laughter] "I wish, but it can't"

Apparently this type of wholesome BeeBee tomfoolery is sanctioned by Brian's mom, who can be seen chuckling a little bit in the background of this vid.

BeeBee pranks a gas station

BeeBee's parents

BeeBee lives with his mom. His dad died in 2006, and never appeared in a video. His mom has made several appearances, though, over the years. In one video, we find out the extent of BeeBee's addiction to soda: for some reason, BeeBee made a video of his mom restocking his enormous soda supply. In another memorable "BeeBee's mom" video, Mrs. Thompson crushes a can with BeeBee.

She seems to be concerned by the amount of soda that BeeBee drinks, but can't quite bring herself to make him cut down.

BeeBee's mom crushes a can

R.I.P. dad, by BeeBee

BeeBee's weight problem

BeeBee's love of corn syrup and fast food explains his obesity problem. BeeBee is aware that he is overweight, though, and has made frequent, well-documented attempts to eat healthier food. One of BeeBee's favorite things to do is make a video of himself buying healthy food at the store.

"rt if you ever been to a store hope i get alot of retweets lol" - @BeeBee880

"KFC, McDonalds and a Pizza Hut," one of BeeBee's most popular videos, features BeeBee jumping up and down, flapping his arms around and singing about his favorite places to eat.

KFC, McDonalds and a Pizza Hut, by BeeBee

The art of crushing cans

Many of BeeBee's followers found his account after browsing around and stumbling across one of his can crush videos.

BeeBee curls his right hand in an awkward way when he crushes a can. He uses his right hand mostly to hold the empty drink in place, while he accomplishes most of the crushing action with his left. BeeBee also has a habit of lifting his front lip up in a curious way during the crushing process.

The strange stills from his videos cause YouTube users to click on them to find out what's going on.

BeeBee has crushed hundreds of cans for a wide range of reasons.

A few of the people, places and things that BeeBee has called attention to during a can crush:

  • survivors of natural disasters, shootings, etc.
  • birthdays (dedicated BeeBee fans are treated to their own personal can crush on their big day)
  • the Denny's on Fairlane
  • Steve Jobs, shortly after he died
  • Tiger Woods, in the middle of a controversy
  • Rebecca Black, because so many people "say mean things" about her on YouTube
  • Police "offcer" Cannon, for "being the best officer"

How to do a can crush, with BeeBee890

BeeBee's "Alfred E. Newman" corns

BeeBee's "Alfred E. Newman" corns

BeeBee's laid back style

BeeBee's fans appreciate his extremely laid back vibe and near total disregard for public opinion.

BeeBee wears oversized t-shirts with stains and holes and crooked transition lens glasses. His teeth are yellow from all of the soda that he drinks; he grows his facial hair for a few weeks and then shaves it off; he grows his hair out until it becomes a tangled mess, then clips it down to a crewcut.

BeeBee isn't a total slob, though. He's made several videos of himself cleaning up around the house, or making his bed.

BeeBee's fans have grown to expect multiple videos every day, but sometimes BeeBee doesn't feel like making one. But he still feels a responsibility to his fans and anyone who may be worried about him. So, sometimes he just signs on to say hello.

Hello, by BeeBee890

BeeBee and cyberculture in 2013

The Internet is getting crowded. Gone are the late 90s, and with them the days when any high school kid could throw together a mediocre webpage, dust his hands off, kick his feet up on his desk and enjoy a pleasing, continuous stream of web traffic.

These days, if you want to do anything online and get it noticed, you have to either be totally unique or very talented and/or dedicated, or all of the above. Undoubtedly, part of BeeBee's success is a result of his consistency. Brian posts to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter multiple times per day.

My opinion that there's plenty of room for everyone on the Net isn't shared by everyone. BeeBee may have frustrated as many people as he has inspired.

The concept that BeeBee could attract an online following simply for being himself has caused some of the young, talented kids of the Internet underworld to question themselves and, in turn, call into question the value of the Internet itself.

The faulty logic behind these arguments seems to go like this: if a guy like BeeBee (who isn't as smart or talented as me) can achieve the ultimate End Goal (presumably, becoming "Internet Famous").... why "try" at all?

The coolness of the BeeBee

Brian Thompson is a guy that has been stared at and laughed at his entire life. Facing constant ridicule can either make or break a person. In BeeBee's case, the constant animosity he faces in society has given him an aloof, detached perspective on life. The concept that "haters are gonna hate" is probably crystal clear to BeeBee, in ways that people who, for whatever reason, have been sheltered from experiencing any form of negativity can't even begin to understand.

In other words, BeeBee is a cool guy. He's cooler than me, you and probably 99% of everyone on the Internet.

And when it comes to dealing with negativity, BeeBee is a genius. Instead of becoming emotional, he sticks to reason. When he comes across hateful, negative comments or videos he responds (usually in a hilarious sing-song voice) with something along the lines of:

"If I'm a mega retard deluxe... If I'm mega retard, deluxe. Then why do you keep watching my videos? And keep posting retarded comments on my videos?"

Well done, BeeBee. Well done.

Haters gonna hate

BeeBee's apology videos

BeeBee occasionally admits to a shortcoming, or makes an apology for some kind of wrongdoing. In one video, BeeBee apologized for calling an ugly girl "horse face" in high school (she looks like Paris Hilton now). After reading some "mean" comments directed at Rebecca Black on YouTube, BeeBee made an apology video for saying something "bad" about her on camera one time.

BeeBee apologizes for teasing a girl in high school

BeeBee's "Do the Right Thing" videos

BeeBee tries to use his ability to attract attention on the Net to affect positive change in the best way that he knows how, by reminding us of simple truths and good ideas (don't drink and drive, for example) or to tell people to stop being mean to each other.

Stop it, get along

More from the Internet Underground

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Meet Dan "Stevia" Quinn.

BeeBee on YouTube

BeeBee's most popular tweets

#BeeBee890 on Tumblr

Sheep Head, by BeeBee890


Hey on June 10, 2013:

This was a an awesome article about an awesome person. I've been a Beebee fan since about 2007 as well. One thing - doesn't he have neurofibromatosis, not fibromyalgia?

Christy Birmingham from British Columbia, Canada on May 27, 2013:

That's great! I like the spotlight on him and enjoyed watching the videos (especially the Sleephead one at the end, it had me laughing). I'm following him on Twitter now too.

Alex Munkachy (author) from Honolulu, Hawaii on May 27, 2013:

Aloha Joe, thanks for the feedback on this one. In writing class, we're studying Lajos Egri's "bone structure" method of describing an individual's personality. The bone structure is a series of details concerning a person's physiology, sociology and psychology. It's kind of like a 360 panoramic view of a person's psyche. I had that information on BeeBee from watching him for so long, so I decided to write it all down. Glad you enjoyed it.


Julhas on May 26, 2013:

Excellent story ! It's sure that BeeBee helps in many other necessary subject for human life.BeeBee is a storrgle person who try always how do success in her life and he could already success in her life.

Isn't it learning subject? I think that it's learning subject.

Thanks for given us about BeeBee information.

Hawaiian Odysseus from Southeast Washington state on May 26, 2013:

Kudos to you, Alex, for sharing this collection of BeeBee videos and your commentaries with us. I think it's really cool how BeeBee has marketed himself and what he enjoys on YouTube. It's like a real-life Napoleon Dynamite kinda thing going on here, and BeeBee's brilliantly building up a huge cult following.

A shout out to you, my friend, in a hub that I hope passes the Google and HP scrutiny. Should be viewable today sometime.

Aloha, and have a terrific rest of the weekend!


Alex Munkachy (author) from Honolulu, Hawaii on May 25, 2013:

Thanks Rose! I do quite a bit of fooling around on YouTube, and when BeeBee pops up in my feed I always get a kick out of whatever he has to say. I think he is smarter than a lot of people, specifically when it comes to being online. The Internet can be a pollyanna-ish hugbox of positive reinforcement for people who have no idea how to be themselves. The fact that BeeBee can just be himself, "warts and all" in spite of criticism is inspirational.

rose-the planner from Toronto, Ontario-Canada on May 24, 2013:

I thought this was an interesting story and a testament to the human condition. Clearly BeeBee has had to deal with adversity his entire life and yet he feels empowered in his room, sitting in front of his monitor and delivering this exposé of his unusual life and daily activities for the whole world to see. Perhaps he is smarter than everyone else because he knows that people are always curious about that which is different and yes, even unusual. As a result he has become some sort of celebrity by garnering the attention of people who in the real world wouldn't give him the time of day. Maybe this is his way of feeling accepted and part of a world that he believes excludes him. However, he has managed to use this online platform to discuss important and real issues such as struggles with his weight or the loss of a loved one. Personally, I think BeeBee is awesome. This was a thought provoking story. Thanks for sharing and introducing us to BeeBee's world! (Voted up)

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