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Maskfone Is The Built-In Audio Solution Smartphones Need


How To Improve A Mask

We all have to wear masks. In the beginning any kind would do — just grab something that looked like a mask and throw it over your face. Didn’t matter that it fogged up your glasses or made you look like a Sci-Fi nerd; you had to have a mask so you grabbed one and put it on like you knew you had to. But then as time went by, little things became annoying. Like how uncomfortable it was or how it wouldn’t stay on. Or how those earbuds you liked wearing just didn’t seem to jibe with that mask and so one had to go and it wasn’t the mask. More time went by an people started to “dress up” their mask: they got interesting designs on it, instead of boring white or black, and found ones that held onto their faces better. But while that might have solved the fashion “look,” it did little for the fact that holding a phone up to your face now resulted in what you were hearing being muffled and in the other direction for your voice it was the same. This problem, along with solving the problem of earbuds just not being able to do their thing well didn’t seem to be happening. Except that Maskfone has now come along.


Put This Mask On

Maskfone fits over your face and has ear-loops and works with replaceable N95 filters. It can be hand washed but isn’t machine washable and that makes sense because there’s electronics inside. And these electronics just happen to be tied into a pair of integrated earbuds that work with those ear-loops (with a choice of ear tips/stabilizers and held in place with magnets when outside the ear). But before anything else, the whole shebang is IPX5, which means water and sweat resistance.

Now back to the electronics: the earbuds use Bluetooth to receive streaming music/audio from your smartphone/tablet/laptop. The now ubiudoutous-style controls (volume, play/stop) are hidden at the front side bottom of the mask where the wearer knows that they are there. The final component is the built-in microphone to pick up incoming/outgoing calls, with noise cancellation doing what must be done for improving on the person’s voice outgoing. Powering all this is a rechargeable 12 hour battery (real-world giving you 9-10+ hours), yet the whole mask continues to be lightweight enough not to make any of these tech additions a challenge for wearing.


It’s About The Sound

But what shouldn’t be lost in all this tech and mask-wonder is how those earbuds sound —after all that’s the whole idea behind what makes this mask special. So tech wise the drivers in the earbuds are reasonably sized for what they need to do and the reality of the results is that the sound is better than average overall — the bass being a bit thin but that can be modified through the audio source. Just remember the better the resolution of that which is being streamed in, the better the quality of the sound overall. The Hubble Connect app can be used (iOS/Android) and it adds functions such as accessing virtual assistants and enhancing the quality of the audio reception/microphone.

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You Can Leave This Mask On

Now speaking of wearing, in all the tech excitement what about the quality of the mask to perform as a, er, mask? Well, the PM2.5 filter insert provides a high virus filtration, and is replaceable — which is why extras are packed in the box. The material of the mask is designed to be breathable — meaning it allows air through and into/out of the filter without clogging. That material in the mask is multi-layered also. Plus the overall design is such that the mask doesn’t become a drag after being worn for an hour or more — once you get going on listening to music or just forgetting that it’s on (as much as that is possible these days), then the mask becomes less a hassle and more like someone wearing glasses — we do and no, we don’t think about wearing our glasses every other minute or even once a day.


Maskfone has as its main focus the ability to wear it while accessing audio and not having to pull out a smartphone to make calls. So it’s important to note that it’s not FDA approved, nor does it make any claims regarding antimicrobial protection, antiviral protection, particulate filtration, or infection prevention or reduction (obviously not desitned for use in a medical setting). Those looking for a comfortable mask that obviates the need to pull out a smartphone now know where to look, and putting Maskfone on means the phone can stay in one’s pocket. Retailing for under $50.00, and coming in small/medium or medium/large sizes, more details can be found at

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