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Yahoo Homepage

Yahoo Homepage

My Yahoo! Homepage

In this section of article I am talking about My Yahoo Homepage. I mean not about 'My Yahoo', but my web browser's homepage as Yahoo. The image of my Yahoo Homepage is shown above. The pagerank of Yahoo Homepage is 9. This is best pagerank. Yahoo is very popular Search engine. You can see Yahoo Search Box at the top most portion of the Yahoo Homepage. Left hand side sidebar of Yahoo Homepage is reserved for Yahoo Sites. There are so any Yahoo Products that I can access through yahoo homepage. Yahoo Mail is the top most essential product of Yahoo. Number of people use yahoo mail as their primary email address. Along with Yahoo Mail there are so many Yahoo products like Movies, Music, Finance, Games, Cricket, Groups, Answers, Sports, Travel, and Weather etc. I can also integrate my facebook and twitter accounts with my Yahoo Homepage. I can read latest news from entertainment to politics all with my Yahoo Homepage. This is the reason behind loving my Yahoo Homepage. You can also set Yahoo as your web browser's Homepage. We will see in the upcoming section of this article, the information about setting Yahoo as your Homepage.

My Yahoo!

Make My Yahoo Homepage

Make My Yahoo Homepage

New My Yahoo! Homepage

Now we will talk about setting 'My Yahoo' as Homepage. You can make 'My Yahoo' as your Homepage. Sign in to your Yahoo account. Then click over 'My Yahoo' link on Yahoo Homepage. On the top of your My Yahoo page, you can see the option 'Make My Yahoo your homepage'. Click on that option, you will see the purple "Y!" button. Drag that button and drop on to the homepage icon of your web browser. Thus you can make My Yahoo as your Homepage. There are so many things that you can do with this New My Yahoo Homepage. You can add and edit several tabs including so many Gadgets. You can make your online experience simplified with these My Yahoo Gadgets. Setting up New My Yahoo Homepage, could make this online experience more wonderful.

Make Yahoo! Homepage

Now we will see how to make Yahoo Homepage? Setting up Yahoo as your web browser's Homepage is very easy. Do the following steps to make Yahoo Homepage.

Firefox Web Browser : Tools - Options - General - Home Page

This is the way to make Yahoo as your Firefox web browser's Homepage. You can type into the empty box, in front of Home Page option.

Internet Explorer : Tools - Internet Options - General - Home Page

This is the way to make Yahoo Homepage for your Internet Explorer web browser. You can type into the empty box, in front of Home Page Option of your web browser.

Google Chrome : Click over 'settings' logo situated on the right side of your Google Chrome web browser. Now click on 'Options' and then 'Basics', here you can set Yahoo as your Google Chrome homepage.

Yahoo! Mail Homepage

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular email service providers in the world. is the address to access your Yahoo Mails. You can make Yahoo Mail as your web browser's Homepage.

For Firefox users : Go through 'Tools' tab from the top most portion of your web browser. Then click on 'Options' In option you can set as your homepage.

For Internet Explorer users : For Internet Explorer, from 'Tools' section Select 'Internet Options'. Here you can set Yahoo Mail Homepage, means 'Yahoo Mail' as your internet web browser's homepage.

Image of Yahoo! Logo

Image of Yahoo! Logo

On the right hand side you can see the logo of Yahoo. The first logo of Yahoo was used when the company was founded in 1995. On some international Yahoo Homepages, page designs are different. The logo of Yahoo! is sometimes abbreviated with Y!

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The logo of Yahoo is in purple colour. You can see TM and a small R in a circle along with Yahoo logo, as Yahoo logo is the registered trademark of Yahoo Company.

This is the information about making Yahoo as your homepage, My Yahoo and Yahoo logo. If you like this information, please share this information with your friends with the help of Share button given below this article.


debra on August 01, 2013:

i am wanting to get the tabs from my lift side of yahoo.. like sports and so on i do not want those .how can i get rid or change them thxs

Kelly on February 21, 2013:

New Yahoo homepage is horrible. Send your feedback to Yahoo directly

Gg554515 on January 31, 2012:

You are soo hot

sehrish on November 19, 2011: are amazingggg

md arif khan on November 19, 2011:

all the best

Chapter from Indonesia on June 25, 2010:

It is very intrestin. Can YAhoo homepage boost our blog traffic

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