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How Can You Make Modern Technology Work for You Efficiently?

I have expertise in computers and technology with bachelors and masters degrees in equivalent fields along with teaching experience.


With the advent of modern technology, our lives have become easier and more convenient. But we still need money to buy the commodities to take advantage of technology. Are we being lazy or efficient at work in order to get raises and promotions? We need the latter very much to equip ourselves with most of the essential appliances and products in order to make our life comfortable. How can we make it possible? Read on.

Technology Is Okay So Long You Don't Lose Physically Human Connections

Technology Is Okay So Long You Don't Lose Physically Human Connections

The Convenience We Can Already Have

If we do some clever budgeting, yes we can afford to buy laptops and cell phones with internet connections. These have become the part and parcel of our lives. Some of the advantages we can benefit from these are fast communication, access to shopping, use of forums and YouTube as well as searches on Google.


We can email or talk on WhatsApp/Viber/Messenger and connect with the people we want immediately in the shortest possible time and convey our messages. Communication is really fast nowadays while during the days in the golden past, communication was slow and people were more patient.

Access to Shopping

Access to shopping is really convenient. We can browse the stores from the comfort of our homes, see reviews of products and buy whatever we like online by using credit card including shipping costs. The products are then delivered to our door in the quickest possible time.

Use of Forums

By becoming members of appropriate online forums we can get help with the more technological information, for instance, programming at the advanced level. We can also become members of forums for creative writing if you aspire to be an author. There are many forums with different purposes, and the idea is to get the help you need and proceed with your tasks fast.

Use of YouTube

You can access YouTube to access handy information on the usage of software and other solutions to technical difficulties you might be facing regarding your laptop and gadgets. You may also get important information on tying your hair, available furniture, cooking recipes, your favorite song artistes along with new singers, and news on the overall.

Google Searches

They are the easiest way to access the information you need by typing important keywords in the search bar. Sometimes, Google may not give you the obvious solution you need, which is why you need to divert your attention to one or more of the items above.

When Do We Face the Real Challenge?

We face the real challenge if we cannot answer ourselves whether we are giving out 100% authentically. In other words, are we being efficient at work 100%? Probably not. With software tools and software built-in programs and the invention of robots, our work is much simpler. We can relax, be lazy and chat with colleagues for most of the time while we concentrate on our work for an hour or two only.

What Else Do We Do Actually at Work?

If we don’t chat with colleagues, we spend time at work emailing, using social media and networking. While this goes for fun for some time, it does come at a price. The higher authorities will soon notice you and when it’s time to retrench, you are one of the first persons to lose your job. Would you blame yourself? Probably but you will not exasperate because you know you have the talents and skills to find another job. When you land on another job, you are again lazy, and you relax the majority of the time, and the cycle repeats.

So what is the Moral Line?

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The Moral Line

You need to put out 100% and give all focus into your work. You need to get immersed in it and lose yourself. Only then you live moment to moment and make the most of your time.

Never be a Workaholic

While you work hard at your office using technology, never allow yourself to be a workaholic. You need to discharge all your burdens, pressures and stress right there and carry back home only your spirit and enthusiasm. At home, you should be relaxing, eating and conversing with your family and pursuing a hobby if you like. You can also sit with your laptop and earn money online from a side income for a short time. But don’t overdo it. You had better limit use of TABs, iPADs, and other digital gadgets to give your mind and body ample rest.

Interact with Family at Home

It's okay to relax at home but you must also cater to the needs of your family. Have a family discussion and ask if there was anything you could do to help. If there were any bills to be paid, do so online and if there was any shopping to be done, order so online as well. Make your life simple and efficient and keep your family happy.

A Simple Ritual Before Retiring to Bed

Before going to bed, you know you want some good and deep sleep. To save yourself from prank calls and keeping you awake at night, switch off all your cell phones and keep them out of reach from your bed. That way you can sleep heavily, and you can wake up fully energized and full of vigor, ready to start your day efficiently using technology once again.

Summary, the Checklist

1) By clever budgeting, we can buy laptops and digital gadgets.

2) With laptops and gadgets, we can have fast communication, fast access to online shopping, forums and YouTube and make quick searches on Google.

3) We face the real challenge if we don’t know if we are giving out 100% at work. If not, we should try to rectify ourselves because only then we can have true efficiency, and ample abundance follows.

4) While trying to be efficient, we should never allow ourselves to be workaholic.

5) We should cater to our family needs and help them by paying bills online or ordering food or other essentials online.

6) We should carry out a simple ritual before going to bed to have proper, good sleep and that is, switch off all phones and gadgets and keep them at a distance. We can then wake up fresh and energized and work our day efficiently once again with the help of technology.

Are We Really Being Efficient at Work?

Are We Really Being Efficient at Work?

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