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Make All Your Calls With The Banana Phone


Bananas Are An Earful

There’s a lot of reasons to like bananas. They’re fun to hold, good to eat (potassium and all that) and are the source of jokes and amusement (as in the old banana peel on the floor slipping up the nuevo riche guy from Monopoly as the swells look on). Add to the list a 21st Century digital reason — the Banana Phone which now takes Bluetooth headsets to a whole new level of yellow.

How To Use A Banana

Shaped like a banana (no surprise there), it’s made of inert materials so it doesn’t have to be stored in a refrigerator when not in use. Those inert materials are plastic-based, don’t you know. Now normally you’d open your mouth and eat the banana — here that is not the case. Instead you keep your mouth closed — at least initially — and put it up against your ear so that the top of the banana is against the ear, with the lower part dangling close to your mouth. Now it’s okay to open your mouth because you’re going to use the banana to make and receive calls. In order to make that happen there’s electronics inside, but the two parts that are a microphone and speaker are in each end of the banana. Now add to that a series of buttons doing their hardest to make things work — from up/down the volume to a multifunction button and an LED indicator. Batteries power it so yeah you have to insert them and replace them when they get tired? No forget that, the recharable batteries are inside and charged when tired through a microUSB connection. That makes sense, right?

Now in case it wasn’t obvious — as obvious as walking around talking into a banana — the Banana Phone has Bluetooth built in.So that means it can work with mobile devices like smartphones from Apple and Android (plus other Bluetooth audio devices like tablets, should they be able to access phone calls). But for that to happen, you’ll need to do the expected and conventional Bluetooth pairing. And no, that’s not a joke where a banana becomes a pare. FYI — this banana even allows for using that pesky voice assistant each operating system seems to love.


This Banana Is Charged

So once the banana is charged you’re free to run around talking your head off (or just listening to whoever is on doing all the talking). Of course you need to be within the usual 30 foot Bluetooth range, but if you’re out to make a point of things, then you’ve the banana lying next to the phone on your desk or night table, or you’re out on the street with the phone in your pocket and the Banana being held up against your ear. Given how self absorbed people are these days, you’ll probably not even be noticed by others. Until you take a selfie with it, that is. Then again, the banana does stand out, so that could make it useful for waving around if you need to get a taxi to stop (not that a Uber or Lyft driver would care). Whatever, there’s up to 70 hours of idle time and up to 10 of talk before microUSB screams out to recharge the phone.

Using Your Banana

So what’s it like using it? Remember holding a landline phone against your ear? It’s sort of like that. Only it’s a banana. Just stick it in a good size pocket when it’s not being used or put it next to your phone and compare industrial build (joking... you can use it with an iPhone but its not designed by them as they’re prejudiced towards apples). As to what it sounds like, who cares! It’s the look that counts (relax, it sounds fine).

Now this banana company may be taking a bite (ouch) out of the smartphone accessory market, but less fun and more importantly the slogan on the side of the box says “Talk More. Smile More. Save Gorillas.” That refers to giving 1% of yearly sales to Gorilla Conservation. A good cause worth contributing to, as well as knowing that your $ is doing more than just lining someone’s pocket.

The Banana Phone retails for $39.99 and it won’t be found in the produce section of your supermarket. But you could be there using it.

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