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Macbook for Engineering Students and Majors - Pros and Cons

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If you are going to an engineering school or college, you might be wondering whether a Macbook is a good enough laptop for an engineering major or not. As a student of engineering myself, I don't find any trouble with using a Macbook for my studies. In fact, I have several friends (and also a lecturer) who are serious Apple fans and use a sleek and shiny white Macbook Pro.

Macbook for Engineering Students

Macbook for Engineering Students

Many times, engineering students prefer to use the MacBook brand because of its functionality. If you‘re an engineering student, you’re probably wondering whether a MacBook computer is your preferable option. Mind you, most of these laptops will cost you an arm and a leg. The cost and functionality notwithstanding, is MacBook a viable option for engineering students? The answer to this question is in the affirmative.

However, with different versions of Macbook in the market, it can be hard to make an informed purchase. First things first - a Macbook Air won't cut. Macbook Air is primarily for light-duty users who do not need serious processing speed, graphics rendering, and designing. All versions of Macbook Air also don't have a dedicated graphics adapter - which is a must for laptops for engineering students.

Pros of Macbook for Engineering

  • It's an Apple product. Period. This includes design, light-weight, portability, and a plus if you are an iPhone user accustomed to Apple apps.
  • Longer battery life than its Windows counterparts
  • Increasing number of software programs for engineers (for example: AutoCAD)

Cons of Using Macbook For An Engineering Degree

  • No universality. While Macbooks are popular, most of your friends will be using a Windows PC. It's not a big issue if you are okay with the OS and use iPhone and its apps to sync everything.
  • Some programs may not run. However, to run programs like these, it is easy to create another Windows OS in your Mac using parallels. All my friends do this and have had no problems whatsoever. This way, you get the performance of a Mac and also the compatibility of Windows.

Having a Macbook Makes More Sense if You Have an iPhone

More often than not, Mac computers are everyone’s delight because they look stylish and are easy to use. It cannot go without saying that these devices have serious computing power. Macbooks can run engineering software but this functionality is dependent on the specs needed. With this kind of machine, you will get the feeling of being in Silicon Valley where the most talented software engineers find it hard to use any other device. Since MacBook is an Apple product, you will be better off with this laptop, especially if you own an iPhone. Macbook for engineering students can be synced with an iPhone for the purpose of running engineering apps. On the academic front, this feature will probably turn you into a productivity beast.

What's your opinion about using Macbook for engineering?

Which Macbook Pro is Best For Engineering?


Features of the 16-inch Macbook Pro

  • The display quality is a huge improvement than a Macbook Air. It will be useful when using AutoCAD.
  • The speakers are also improved and sound clear - although the bass seems lower.
  • Backlit Keyboard.
  • Battery life has been clocked at 11 hours.
  • Does not have a CD/DVD drive. Making a laptop lighter and more portable does have its drawbacks. And honestly, we don't use the optical drives much these days as everything is downloadable online.

Gaming on a Macbook Pro

One aspect we can't overlook is gaming. Whether you are a casual or a hardcore gamer, we all want to know how versatile is Macbook for gaming. After all, gaming requires similar performance as graphic designing and simulation in engineering.

It was found that a Macbook is perfect for casual gamers that runs games like Minecraft, Tomb Raider and even GTA V. However, when Windows 10 was installed on the same Macbook using Bootcamp, the performance skyrocketed to more than double the frame rates of what the Mac was playing. And this was with just the integrated IRIS graphics.

More powerful spec graphics like NVIDIA should yield better frame rates with HD playback. So if you are a gamer and want Macbook as a part of your engineering course, go for the model with NVIDIA or AMD Radeon dedicated graphics.


Contrary to perception, Mac computers are not only a preserve for graphic design but they can also be used to accomplish engineering tasks. In the course of your engineering major, most of the programs will be compatible with the Mac operating system. For those that are not compatible, you can opt to create a windows partition. Bottom line, Mac computers are sleek and durable and they are the most viable option for engineering students. While Mac is a top-notch computer, always keep in mind that this device is only as good as its user.

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