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More Instagram Followers in 2022

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On Google, there are 33 million results for the question "How to get more followers on Instagram?". Getting followers on an Instagram account is a popular search topic. Unfortunately, the first 10,000 are the hardest to acquire.

Nobody knows you yet. You first have to prove yourself as a successful brand or influencer. If you follow this guide on how to gain Instagram followers, with luck you could reach the magic mark of 10,000 followers in just six months. I am right? Then let's jump right into it.

Learn how to get more followers on Instagram

#1. Join Instagram engagement groups

Following a strategy will help you grow your Instagram following. The service works by placing you in a group of people who are looking for engagement on Instagram. This allows you to interact with other people and have followers more quickly.

It can be enticing to join big Instagram engagement groups, but you should focus on your niche. Focusing on your niche will allow you to build up a more targeted audience. These communities exist for travel, beauty, fashion, and much more.

You can make new friends and attract potential followers by joining groups on social media. If you take the time to follow back those who have followed you, then your chances of success are even higher.

A few other friends I know have gained 2000 followers with this strategy.

This strategy is more short-term and can help you gain more followers on Instagram in the first few weeks. This is because a profile with more followers already looks more legitimate than one with fewer followers.

#2. Have your customers share their photos

If you're just starting out, use a social proof technique by including photos of customers in your feed. This will make people feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

influencers with fewer followers are willing to help you, just be willing to work with them as well.

A good, short-term strategy is to contact people who have bought your products and offer them a gift or cash incentive in order to improve their quality of content. This will not be the long-term strategy, but it's a great tactic for now if you're building your brand.

With one simple follower to follow back, more followers may follow you.

#3. A consistent style with recognition value

I know some people will think this is just another recommendation for getting more followers on Instagram. But that's not true. Why? The content you published before doesn't matter. People follow you based on the type of content they assume you'll publish in the future.

If you post dachshund-related content, consistently and frequently, Instagram users will follow your account. They will expect the posts to center around dachshunds.

Whatever your style or theme it is important to create consistent expectations for your Instagram followers. If they know what to expect, they will stay interested and keep coming back every day.

If you consistently post quality content to Instagram, you'll get more followers quickly.

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#4. Get Instagram followers with hashtags

When building your Instagram account, don’t follow any advice that limits you to 5 or 11 hashtags. Stop thinking about numbers and just keep posting what you want.

I used hashtags in a type of experimentation, trying different ones and finding out which ones work best. As a general rule, I used the maximum number allowed or at least was close to it. 30 - That is the magic number.

To increase your social media presence, be thoughtful when selecting hashtags. They should match the topic of your post and be placed either in the post or first comment.

But if you don't have many followers on Instagram, then people will see your comment. Still, if you want to increase your visibility, using more hashtags is the easiest way. The more Instagram followers that you get, the higher these hashtags will rank you. And that in turn will give you more visibility.

Using niche-specific hashtags will allow you to be found by savvy audiences, leading to followers on Instagram.

Don’t use hashtags like #love or #picoftheday. Use hashtags that are more relevant to your product.

#5. Use your Instagram posts in blog posts for higher engagement

Use your Instagram posts on your blog.

One example of how Copymatic leverages technology is by using Instagram for inspiration. When you want to create a fashion blog post, you can search for a hashtag and use the Copymatic tools to host the post on your website or Facebook feed. Cymatic automatically inserts the link in HTML because it knows its purpose is for a social media platform.

With more people visiting your blog with embeds, there is also a chance that they will see your Instagram profile and click on it as well.

I acknowledge this is a long-term strategy and will most likely be a waste of time if you don't currently have much traffic. However, if you add your Instagram posts early on it will increase your exposure, which will ultimately lead to a huge payoff down the line.

Reading tip: Create a blog to boost your online shop

#6. Follow users who follow your competition

To get more followers on Instagram, follow other brands and find people who like their posts. Check out their posts if they mention any of your competitors. Follow these users and interact with them.

Don't promote your cosmetics brand on a platform like Youtube, where there are larger makeup brands that have more customers. You should focus on social media ads for smaller brands.

If you choose a competitor with 100,000 followers or fewer on Instagram, they may not be as loyal to your brand. They may not be as passionate about your business and/or products/services.

If you comment on posts by people you follow, don't piss them off with ads. Likewise, don't use the same comment for every person you text. When a user asks a question in their post, provide a thoughtful answer. Take what other people are commenting on and use it as a guide for your own post.

When you follow others and interact with them, you will start getting more Instagram followers.

#7. Working with influencers

How to get more followers is to cooperate with influencers, who will promote your product on their Instagram account, and in return, you can mention their products or they'll take over your Instagram account for a limited period of time.

Influencers can give shoutouts, for instance mentioning your product or showing it in a picture. This can then lead to new followers and maybe even generate sales.

To avoid fake traffic, you should include terms in your contract that prohibit the influencer from using bots during their content promotion. If your account has a sudden rush of followers, it is at risk of getting banned.

The best way to increase your number of followers on Instagram is by having a chosen influencer take over your account for an Instagram story.

#8th. organizing giveaways

Rather than post the same promotion on your Instagram, offer a giveaway on your website and an "option" to follow you on other social networks, so that you get a wider audience.

Alternatively, you can post your giveaway in specific Facebook groups or on dedicated giveaway blogs.

Originally, I turned to giveaway blogs in order to get product reviews. In exchange for some free products, the blogger would publish an honest review with pictures and a review of the product. If readers entered the raffle at the end of the post, they could potentially win the featured item.

We gain hundreds of new followers by delivering the product to the winner ourselves. It's an easy way to gain followers if you don't already have an audience on social media sites. However, this method isn't as targeted as a giveaway.

With giveaways, you'll build your followers quickly but they may not bring in any sales. If your goal is to promote sales, this strategy won't work. But if you want more followers, this strategy will work well.

#9. Cooperations with other brands and users

To gain more new Instagram followers, it's not just about you. It's about cooperating to reach your goal and winning. There are many ways to do this, for example, Narrowcasting on Instagram to intrigue followers and increase engagement.

You can use your blog to write about other users who share the same interests. You should talk about what they do well - maybe with a photo - and ask them to follow you back.

If you're lucky, the user or brand will notice and shout out to you as well. If that doesn't happen, you can be proactive and send a Direct Message mentioning your shoutout. Feel free to mention directly that you would be very happy about a similar shoutout.

Another way to collaborate on posts is to share a joint project. If you post on the same topic, you can team up on a project and publish at the same time. This might lead to a long-term collaboration with another user.

#10. Get Instagram followers through offline meetups

One way to hook up with other bloggers and influencers is through offline events, such as bar camps, conferences, or even local meetups. Offline events are helping foster a sense of community among bloggers and influencers today, who might otherwise have felt isolated.

Research is worth it. Many events happen virtually, meaning that you don't even have to travel for them.

#11. Learn how to post Instagram stories

You can use Instagram Stories to stay in touch with your community and deliver fresh content if you allow creativity to run free. You can show behind scenes, or short updates from you or your company. You can also provide inspiration as journaling or just present small bits of snapshots.

Yet, Instagram Stories may be a good thing. Videos played on in Stories and can stay at the top of News Feeds for up hours after their creation. This way, you are still present in followers' lives and give them more of a reason to follow you on Instagram.

While this strategy may not increase your followers straight away, it will still keep you relevant and engage a large amount of audience. In turn, this will pay off in the future on your overall growth.

#12. Transmission of live video

Live videos are a great way to grow your followers on Instagram. Test the format by broadcasting one live video per day at the same time of day each time you go live.

Schedule live videos at specific times of the day to attract viewers and maximize the number of possible viewers.

To increase followers, share often and use live videos

Learn how to post a story each day announcing your next live video

How to Increase Followers on Instagram in 2022

With a short-form content style, you can also be creative. You can give brief updates, give a behind-the-scenes look at your work, answer followers' questions or simply share what's going on with your brand. It's worth trying out and seeing how it goes.

#13. Gain Instagram followers with advertising

If you're looking to make Instagram your priority and increase followers, consider advertising. Paid advertisements allow sponsored posts more reach and allow your content to reach a broad audience. If your customer base is targeted and interested in your content, they will follow you, which could lead to subscriptions.

There's no worry, we've created you a guide on how to make the most out of your Instagram Ads. It walks you through it in detail and should answer any questions you may have about advertising on Instagram.

It's expensive to use the strategy of building Instagram followers in the beginning, but it's cheaper once you have a negotiation for a brand post.

Always make sure that your ad matches your appearance and the quality of the content. If a user clicks on your ad and receives something different than what they were expecting, they won’t stay for long.

#14. How exactly do you get a lot of interactions and followers?

For your Instagram to be a success, you need to interact with your followers. If people are more engaged on your account, then they'll hear about you more often and want to follow you. On top of that, Instagram will promote accounts based on how much people interact with them.

Interactions are used to create helpful connections with other users and can lead to increased user participation. It's important to engage in interactions with your account and post content at least once a day.

#15. Instagram pods and engagement groups

At a recent conference in Losmouth, Bristol, self-confessed "Instagram addict" Dan Bilzerian outlined how groups of Instagrammers can help each other get more engagement and followers.

Instagram pods strengthen your engagement and broaden your horizons. They all have their own rules, so use social media to find one that suits you.

#16. Challenge yourself to add more Instagram followers

When a brand post daily prompts, they generate more attention for its content and followers. Instagram challenges can be specific or general and should always align with your audience

If you already have a good presence on Instagram, you can set up your own challenge and for maximum effect, it's best to cooperate with one or two other accounts. You build upon what you've already got and you have fun doing it. Challenging yourself on social media will also tell people who aren't following you that you're back and better than ever!

#17 Use Reels on Instagram

Reels are short and fun videos that you can present to your followers on your Instagram account. You have audio, effects, and creative tools at your disposal. You can share them on your feed and publicly on Explore to reach new audiences.

There have been kinks found with reels in the past, but there's no one size fits all recipe for success with this format. Keeping the following tips in mind can help:

You should make your content unique to generate more followers on Instagram. Use what’s trending on Instagram and TikTok and add your own twist to it.

Sometimes less is more, and the quality of a video doesn't reflect how successful it will be.

Inform your audience with these Instagram tips

#18. Use Instagram analytics to improve your account

. The integrated Instagram analytics can give you information about your followers. However, there are many free tools that can give you more interesting information. Things like engagement rate, new followers, or inactive accounts can give you insights on how to get more followers on Instagram. The best Instagram analytics tools right now include:

1 Sprout Social

2 Iconosquare

3 social bakers

All of these analytics tools provide valid and very insightful information that can help you better understand your audience. This data can also reveal the right content that can help you gain more followers in the long run.

#19. Analyze and optimize

All of these tactics will increase your Instagram followers. The platform is very dynamic and new apps are constantly coming available which brings the need to update old strategies.

As such, strategically proceeding to optimize your strategy on a case-by-case basis is beneficial.

Good metrics to measure in terms of your blog posting are the following: follower growth, interactions on each post, the reach of your posts, and click-through rates on links.

Get a list of ways to get more Instagram followers

There are platforms where you can easily buy Instagram followers. But is that even a good idea?

Do not buy followers from Instagram. It may seem faster to just buy a batch of followers, but it is the long-term quality that should be considered. The real goal of an audience is engaged and to have genuine, quality followers.

If you're looking to build a strong relationship with potential brand cooperations, it is important to have a respectable engagement rate. Rather than relying on influencers, focus on micro-influencers with small but highly engaged audiences.

So: hands off the topic of buying Instagram followers!

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