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Logo Design with Artificial Intelligence

In the age of digital advancement, we are able to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify various tasks in many industries like business, entertainment, and design. Logo design is one of many examples of these tasks. Logos are important because they allow a brand to connect with its customers by giving it an identity that they can trust. Also, familiarity with the brand and its logo gives customers a sense of loyalty to it and makes it more memorable. Usually, when thinking of a brand, its logo is the first thing that comes to mind.

A brand should be consistent with the way it represents itself in different places like social media, advertisements, business cards, etc. It also has to make sure its logo has a suitable design that syncs with its products or services in addition to being attractive to its target audience. Taking these points into consideration, Artificial intelligence is able to carry out this task quickly and conveniently, simplifying the process and saving us a lot of effort.

What challenges are faced by logo designers nowadays?

Prior to the digital age, creating a unique logo was simple since most logos were designed by hand. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology and the rise of digital design, it has become difficult for a logo to stand out. This is due to many factors, like the improvement and increasing popularity of technological tools used for design, the changes in the approach to logo design and marketing strategies, the urge to keep up with trends (styles, shapes, sizes, fonts) that are continually changing, and global competition with other brands. The benefit of AI logo design is that it is quick in a way that can help brands catch up with emerging trends while being able to stay unique and true to itself.

What characteristics define whether a logo is suitable for a brand?

To design a suitable logo, there are three elements that should be taken into account: Color, shape, and font. The psychological connection of a color should be kept in mind. For example, green is usually linked to the environment or economy, while orange is related to society or community work. Shapes also have an impact on what the logo symbolizes. For example, triangles are related to creativity and imagination, while circles symbolize interaction and cooperation. When it comes to fonts, they are essential in showing what the brand represents. A unique and playful font can be used for something targeted toward kids, like a toy store or a children’s clothing shop, while it may not be suitable for a financial business or an engineering firm, which would require the font to be simpler and more professional.

What AI-based tools can be used to achieve this?

There are various online AI-based applications that take the above-mentioned issues into consideration. They are easy to use and only require a few, simple steps. A few examples of these tools are listed below:

According to the website, this tool is the only logo maker with free customization. To start generating logos, the website will prompt you to enter the brand name and a slogan (optional). The next step is to choose some keywords that describe the brand; you can type them in yourself or select one from a list of suggested keywords. After that, you can choose a colour style or a single color. The logos that are generated can then be edited and adjusted depending on your preference.

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2. Fiverr Logo Maker:

Just like the previously mentioned tool, this tool can also generate a logo in a few simple steps. After entering a name and slogan, you have to enter the industry and some elements that you would like to include in the logo (optional). Then, you can choose and customize one of the suggested logos.


3) Looka:

Another easy-to-use tool with amazing results. After entering the brand name, slogan, and industry, it will show a bunch of logos that you can choose from to give the tool an idea on what kind of logos it will generate. Then, you can choose up to 3 colors and some symbol types. Finally, you can pick a logo from a variety of options and customize it as you like.


Artificial Intelligence definitely has its advantages when it comes to logo design tools. Small companies can benefit from these tools especially if they are unable to afford professional designers. In addition, designers may use them if they need an inspiration or starting idea for a new logo design. However, despite the efforts of AI, human logo designs will still have the upper hand for many years to come. This is because AI is still unable to substitute for innovation and creative work. There remains so much to be improved and developed in the field of AI to the extent where it reaches the same degree of human creativity.

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