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Legit & Effective Tips to Grow Your Twitter Followers

Shey Saints was born on January 30, 1981 in the Philippines. She has completed her Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.



When I joined Twitter in May 2019, I didn’t know what I was doing. I just signed up, used my pen name as an author, put my interests in the bio field, and that’s it. I didn’t really have anything particular in mind to use Twitter for. I just felt that I needed to try it.

After signing up, I didn’t’ put any effort into anything at all. I just tweeted whatever and whenever I wanted to without putting thoughts into what I was tweeting. When I read a good book, I’ll tweet about it, or when I discover good food, I’ll tweet about it. That was pretty much what I did until 2020.

But then when my debut novel was published in September 2020, that was when I thought I needed to do something to grow my tweeter followers. I wanted to use Twitter as one of my platforms in promoting my novels. That was the only time I paid attention to how things worked in Twitter, and what the advantages were, if only I had more followers. And by that, I mean, more. Because I had less than 100 followers during that time.

I didn’t initiate following anyone. I just followed back. Then, I realized that had I started following people in 2019, I would’ve probably already gained 10k or more followers by this time. I can’t believe how I only paid attention to Twitter after publishing my first novel when I should’ve started building followers the minute I created a Twitter account.

Now that I have successfully grew my Twitter followers in just a few months this year, which started with only less than 100 followers to more than 3,500 and still counting, I want to share the steps I did to build my Twitter followers without the need to pay for tools or services.

Below are legit and effective tips to grow your Twitter followers:

  1. Make sure your username, profile pic, bio, and header image are all decent and credible enough to be followed. As much as possible, stick to just one theme that would brand you or get yourself known on Twitter as someone with substance; someone really worth following. To do that, avoid suggestive photos, bio, or header image. Remember that you attract what you are. If you want to have respectable and well-mannered followers, you should show that you are respectable, too.
  2. Follow people everyday if you can. And by this, not just anyone, you should only follow people who have the same interests as you do. My Twitter followers are mostly authors because I only follow and follow back authors. At first, I just entered the word, ‘author’ in my twitter app and it showed the categories, Top, Latest, People, Photos, and Videos, so I clicked on People. It showed me the Twitter accounts of authors that I could follow. When I started following my co-authors, most of them followed me back because they could see in my profile that we share the same passion for writing. Then, when I started growing followers who share the same interests with me, I learned that when you click on any of your followers, or the people you are following, there will be suggestions on ‘Who to follow.’ Do this every day and you’ll be surprised to realize that you’ve grown your followers in no time!
  3. Sweep from time to time. I can assure you that not everyone that you follow will follow you back, so you will end up having more numbers of people you follow, than followers. Your followers should always be more than the people you are following because if there is a big gap, people tend to think that you have so many followers because you are following just about anyone and that’s not a healthy image. So, you need to sweep or unfollow those people who didn’t follow you back. With Twitter, it’s easy to see this. You just need to click on Followers on your profile page, then start unfollowing those Twitter accounts that don’t have that grey label that says, ‘Follows you. Sweeping is a very tedious task, so you don’t need to do it all at once. Also, you need to be very cautious by not unfollowing too many people. 300 would be a safe number, but unfollowing more than this could be a violation of Twitter policy, and you don’t want to be banned or restricted from other features. Just keep it at 300 and you’ll be safe.
  4. Keep following people and unfollow at a certain time. What I do is, I start unfollowing people who didn’t follow me back whenever I see that I have the same, or almost the same number of Following and Followers.
  5. Tweet responsibly. Avoid using Twitter to lash out whenever you’re having a bad day. Don’t treat Twitter like you treat Facebook. Instead, use it to your own advantage. I got sales and reviews on my book because of Twitter, so right now, it’s my main platform in promoting. The reason that Twitter is a great platform for me is because I use it responsibly.
  6. Lastly, read the Terms & Conditions. Don’t end up being banned for something you did excessively or by using Twitter inappropriately. One good example would be sending promotional DM’s to people. That is a No-No! Never sell or send anything promotional to people because that’s really annoying and inappropriate. As much as possible, I don’t DM people, and I don’t respond to DMs as well. You can only do that with your real friends or family, not with people you don’t know personally.
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Well, that was it! I hope that by sharing these tips, you’ll be able to grow your Twitter followers the right way! Stay safe and well!

© 2021 Shey Saints

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