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Learn about the popular search engine Google - some unknown and interesting information


Internet users do not know more or less about the search engine Google Maybe you came to Google to read this article Google began as a research project in the hands of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two PhD students at Stanford University. The world's most popular search engine started from the garage of another friend of the two founders We are constantly using this search engine for various tasks starting from finding information Today we will learn some interesting facts about Google, most of which you may have never thought of So let's take a look at some of the known and unknown facts about Google: -

1. The name Google originates from the mathematical word 'googol' which means ten to the power hundred. That is, 100 will be 0 behind 1.

It's like this 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

2. Although Google helps you find the right information, the word Google itself is a misnomer The two founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, wanted to keep googol with binary code. Accordingly, on September 15, 1998, the year after the plan was adopted, he registered a domain called Google.com. The domain they wanted to register was mistakenly registered as Google. Of course, they suffer a lot from this. Later he proceeded with the wrong name

3. The word 'googol' was coined by 9-year-old Milton Sirota He is the nephew of mathematician Edward Cassner. He made it famous by writing about it in his book. So the main purpose of the Google founders was to choose this name so that they have a lot of people behind this search engine.

4. Although we know Google as the most popular search engine in the world, it was first named backRub. This is because in this system the backlinks of the site were verified to determine how important the site is. Later, Google is by changing the backRub

5. At first, there were only two Google employees. That's why when they went to lunch, they would write on the homepage, 'Sergei and Larry are having lunch now, so it's not possible to fix any mechanical faults. Please wait. '

6. Even at the beginning, there was no search button on Google's site, you had to type 'Enter' to search. Strange as it may seem, the founders of Google did not know how to design search buttons.

7. Google's homepage is clean from the start; It did not have too many sections / content. Because the founders of the site were not so good at HTML (web design language) coding at the time, they simply left it at that. This clean general look was retained even after Google's expansion

8. Google changed their logo on special occasions. And the name of this changed special logo is 'Doodle'. The first doodle was released on August 30, 1997 Interestingly, the first Google Doodle was not for a special day, it was given as an 'Out Of Office' message. When the two founders visited Nevada on the occasion of the Burning Man Festival, they designed the "Burning Man Doodle" for users and went through the website to show that; They are out of the office, at this time it will not be possible to solve any technical error But now Google has a special team to design doodles, the members of this team are called doodlers.

9. When we search for information on Google, we see the results very quickly. But the funny thing is, before considering these results, Google considers about 200 things and then displays them in front of us!

10. Searching Google for misspellings is no problem. Usually we make a mistake when writing something, and Google has bought those domains with this in mind. Server Not Found will not show whatever you type, such as gogle.com, gooogle.com or googlr.com. Moreover, even if you search by typing 466453.com in the search box, Google will appear in front of you. But for that you must find the old keypad phone in your house Then you will understand where the number matches with Google!

11. Google has copyrighted about 50,000 names around its name. Google has bought all the names that can be found in Google's combination. Not only the name but 'Google' has also copyrighted all the characters in its spelling.

12. Although Google was launched in 1997, since June 2000, Google has been recognized as the world's largest search engine. Earlier, Yahoo 8 was the most popular search engine in the world Did you know that in 1999, the founders of Google wanted to sell Google to a company called Excite for just 1 million? But Excite decided not to buy Google. At one point, Larry Page and Sergey Brin even wanted to sell Google to Yahoo. But Yahoo refused to buy. But in 2002, Yahoo offered 3 billion to buy Google. But Google did not agree. Bhagya did not agree then! Google is currently worth about 526 billion Where Yahoo is worth 32 billion

13. Google celebrates April Fool's Day on the first day of April each year by surprising its employees in a fancy way. Google's Gmail was launched on April 1, 2004. So many people think that this is also an April Fool's Day prank.

14. A common question that comes to mind is which parts of Google Speech? Surely you are thinking of putting it in the category of Noun as a search engine name. But do not forget to do it! In June 2008, the word google was added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb

google means - search something from the internet with the help of google search engine.

However, the company 'Google LLC' will be the noun e

15. The Google homepage is available in about ninety languages. There are some strange languages ​​in it. Such as 'Klingon' language used in the popular movie series 'Straw Trek ' or 'Burke Burke Burke' language used in the movie 'The Muppet'.

16. Google does not value formal education or certification when it comes to hiring. Fifteen percent of Google employees did not finish college or go to college

17. Google members are called 'Googler' and when a new member joins, they are called 'Noogler.'

18. The name of Google's headquarters is Googleplex. The name is derived from the mathematical word googolplex. 1 Googleplex = 10 ^ 10 ^ 100

The office is about 2,000,000 square feet. It has a volleyball court, piano, two swimming pools, a gymnasium and 16 cafeterias. And pet dogs can be taken to this office. But not the cat.

19. Google Office can be a heavenly place for food lovers Each part of the office is kept within 150 feet of any food court

20. Google hires goats from an organization called 'California Gazling' to mow the lawn of Google Headquarters! The job of these goats is to clean up the weeds and grass that have accumulated near the Google headquarters. Google is environmentally conscious in cutting grass!

21. No ads are placed on Google's main page, Google.com. If Google were interested in advertising there, each advertiser would pay at least 10 million US dollars!

22. Ever since Google 'Did you mean…?' Since the addition of the feature to their site, the traffic to their site has doubled

23. Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button causes Google to lose about 110 million every year. Because if you search with this button, Google does not show any advertisement. However, Google has kept this button on only for the sake of the users

24. Problems with a large number? Can't read? Google can give the solution. To read the number, you just have to type "= English" in Google after that number.

25. There is no question that Google will always be used. Sometimes it can be a food of entertainment Type do a barrel roll in Google search box Then see the surprise 6 It will bring you a whole round of merry-go-round. If you type 241543903 in the search box, you will see some strange pictures. In the pictures, some people are sitting with their heads inside the deep freezer. Google has some more such madness. Some other words like Google Mirror, Google Gravity, Epic Google, Google Loco, Google Hacker, Google Magic, Google Moon are some of the words that you can see by clicking on the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Don't try!

26. Google's first tweet on Twitter was: I'm Feeling Lucky. 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 It was published on February 7, 2009

27. In 2010, Google took the initiative to buy 1 new company almost every week

28. Alphabet Inc., a subsidiary of Google, including Google since 2015. 6 is working under a parent company

Larry Page is the CEO of Alphabet and Sergei is the President

29. Larry and Sergei also have runways at a NASA-owned airport for private jets. Where no other private aircraft in the world is allowed to land Google has leased the hangar of NASA aircraft for 60 years

30. Google's future plans are quite ambitious. Google plans to scan 126 million books worldwide and add them to its own database by 2020. Without it, they are trying to build a computer that can write programs on its own!

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