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Learn To Type Fast And Get Better--- Typing Lessons Exercises

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Typing lesson exercise

Typing lesson exercise

A few months ago I published an article about the basics after getting better at what we do. That article gave me an incentive to talk about it, what about the basics, and a brief overview of how to improve.

There are two basic categories when it comes to making our work more efficient: literacy.

Sounds like a small thing? Yes.
Is that so? No, it is not.

This article will focus on how fast typing, which is one of the most important areas in which we can improve, can help us to do better.

Why should I bother typing too fast?

Writing is part of my daily work as I need to communicate my analysis with other people, the interactions found with stakeholders, the interactions with what has been learned from other researchers. The truth is, I use most of my church to write, whether I like it or not. If I want to spend more time doing other things, writing fast is another cheap way to do it. Also if you wan to type fast, here is "How?" you will do that. Remember, along with typing techniques you must also practice daily to be a professional typist. You can practice online and check your speed at wpmtest to improve.

When your fingers match your thoughts, typing becomes a very different thing. Sounds like an extension of your voice rather than an obstacle. And when typing begins to sound like an extension of your voice, you can use a computer to express your ideas, connect them, and use written language to achieve whatever goals you want in this world.

Me too enjoy the challenge of growing what I do. There is always a chance to make things work better, better, so the end result — or whatever — overall is better.

Typing basics

Typing basics

Find out how fast you are typing right now

The first step in trying to improve your typing skills is to find out where you are right now and what room you can upgrade. Quick typing has a different meaning for all of us. For some of us, having regular typewriters will suffice. For some, having fast typing may be the goal you want.

The website is very simple and does not require an account registered on the site. There are many other sites where you can do this, choose what you like. The standard test will last 1 minute and will test the value of ‘Words Per Minute (WPM) and Accuracy.

Find out what you want to improve

Depending on the results you get, you can focus on different things:

  • Error minimizing: you may be typing less slowly until you get zero errors and from there start faster.
  • Improving your process: you can type faster but without 10 fingers, which leaves room for improvement in your process. Imagine how quickly you can use both hands to your full potential.
  • Improving your speed: if you find this way, you may want to try typing faster until you get to where you want to be.

Each place will take time, like everything else, until you understand it well. Once you are there, your benefits will become clearer, hopefully. ( To get motivated for typing quick as thunder refer to Ultimate Typing Championship )

 Typing Mistakes

Typing Mistakes

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Get used to it

The final step in getting ready for your quest is to start practicing. There are many online tools for doing this but it took me a while to find something that suited my needs. My requirements were not that complicated: I do not want to register an account, I do not want to keep my profile, I do not want to give my details; I also want something simple, with help if needed and the keyboard is visible on the screen.

The best website I have found that fits my needs is Views can be customized, keyboard layouts can be changed, black mode and other settings can be customized. You can generate an account if you feel like it, or you can practice as an unknown user. This website has a high-scoring section (, where you can promote yourself and compare yourself with other users.

Reduce your physical effort.

The little work your fingers do to press the buttons quickly will be able to move them. Most keyboards require a simple touch to register keystrokes, so there is no need to press buttons down. You must type with the minimum required power. You will type faster and put less weight on your body. Typing involves muscles not only in your fingers, but also in your hands, arms, back, shoulders, neck, and head.

Take a break and relax

To some extent, this is simply a computer-generated task. Every hard work is somewhat tiring, and typing is no different. At the same time, however, taking tips, relaxing between the bumps on your keyboard can be a great way to keep that “in-store of mental energy” and stay clean all day long. So, with that in mind, we wanted to highlight a few ideas on how to differentiate your typing work and stay organized.

Relaxing- A typing technique

Relaxing- A typing technique

Do Something Luxurious

Sometimes the best way to escape from your job and to do a little self-refreshment is simply to relax with a simple but comfortable job. What this really means depends on your personal preferences! Maybe take a bath for an hour with relaxing perfumes. Maybe you sit back with some kind of personal massage aid. Maybe wrap it in a heavy dress and a piece of your favorite show feels comfortable during the working day. Either way, allowing yourself to relax is a great way to leave your work for a while to get back on track and relax.

Practice Contemplation

Getting used to thinking about the awesome idea suggested in the Gala Bingo blog post on how to make the most of your day breaks. As the post says, remembering can “reduce stress and increase happiness” and get you back to work to feel more relaxed and refreshed. Of course, practicing thinking can also mean many different things. But in general, the idea is to find a way out of the bonds and do something that lowers your drive and calms your mind. That can mean meditation; it can mean yoga; it can even mean something like filling out a color book or creating LEGOs, both of which are popular adult relaxation activities. No matter, spending some time in your mind will refresh you on your next typing - and give your fingers a break!

The conclusion

Reading. Writing. Communication. Awareness. These are the basic tasks that fill our days and are the core of our work and our daily lives. Dedicating time and effort to developing these skills is a way to stay competitive anywhere. Everything else builds on these, so it is the key to building strong confidence.

Typing, like any other basic skill, can be greatly improved if we simply focus on it. Once you learn that, you will never forget it. As with any other skill, the only way to improve it is to practice it. Find out your typing speed, find out what you want to improve, and practice.

Once you've pinned this down, you'll be able to focus on extra time for some of the more fun things!

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