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Latest and Greatest Tech Articles

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Latest and Greatest Tech Articles

You should sign up for a few different tech news websites if you want to stay abreast of the latest technological developments. A few places to go for the latest in technology are TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Gizmodo, Mashable, and Wired. There is a wide range of viewpoints on the latest technological developments presented on these sites. Magazines are another good resource for learning about new technologies.


Whether you’re a newbie or a computer whiz, there are thousands of publications online about the latest in technology. Because of the proliferation of blogs and other forms of online media, there is now an abundance of information available online. It can be challenging to sift through everything and pick the best options. These top articles on technology are compiled to make your life easier. Many of the items in this list are likely to shock you.

TechCrunch is an online business technology journal that reports on topics like new firms, VC funding, video games, and mobile apps. CrunchBase, a database on the web, contains financial details on numerous tech firms. TechCrunch is relied upon by millions of people every month as their go-to source for technology news. Over half of the site's readers access it via their mobile devices. Meaning, those who read TechCrunch are true tech-news addicts who relish the inside scoop.

The Financial Times (FT) The Verge takes a less serious view of technology. Verge's email is notorious for the snark it contains due to its irreverent tone. To be fair, though, the site does feature some excellent investigative reporting. A while ago, The Verge was banned from the popular consumer technology website Engaged. Despite its humorous tone, the blog consistently provides insightful analysis of Silicon Valley and newsworthy industry scoops.


We recommend that you check out VentureBeat if you want to stay abreast of the latest in the world of technology on the web. If you're into tech, business, and pop culture, you should check out this blog. Health technology, video games, and AI are just a few of the numerous topics explored on VentureBeat. Read the most recent stories from VentureBeat for insightful coverage of these areas. However, it encompasses more than simply the tech sector; it also spans other fields including medicine, business, education, and entertainment.

While sending out a press release may seem like a smart idea when trying to get your piece published, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making your pitch. The first step is to zero in on your specific technological interests and coverage preferences. A technologist may not be the appropriate audience for an article that discusses healthcare, biotechnology, or AI.


A simple perusal of Gizmodo's most popular stories will familiarize you with the state of the art in consumer electronics. Gizmodo, which has been around for more than a decade, is published by the same company that brings you Lifehacker, Dead spin, and Jezebel. Kinja, the platform behind the site's innovative technology, enables conversation participation from any logged-in user. Thus, the distinction between reader and blogger is eroded, and more people are inspired to post to the feed.

Also, if you like gadgets, you should read Gizmodo's news, science, and technology coverage. The review part contains a wealth of information that complements the wealth of knowledge found in the science and technology sections. If you're a fan of Apple products, you should also read the reviews at 9to5Mac. Everything related to Apple products, from iOS to accessories, can be found on this site.


Mashable, a digital news blog, is a fantastic resource for learning about new technologies. Mashable, which has bases in both San Francisco and New York, reports on everything from Facebook updates to new smartphone functions. There are more than 45 million of them, and 40 journalists are working for it. Despite its name, Mashable isn't just about tech news; it also features articles about social media, business, and pop culture.

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It caters to a specific audience interested in technology and digital culture and publishes new articles every day. Alesha Williams Boyd, the network's current editor-in-chief, was previously the senior digital director for the USA Today Network. Williams Boyd aspires to make Mashable a more diverse place to read about technology by discussing the gender and diversity gap. Read the most recent edition of Mashable, titled "Technology's Future is a Rainbow of Disruptions," here.

TechCrunch is a blog that combines technology, mobile apps, and games, and it's worth checking out. Technology news and reviews, especially those of cutting-edge gadgets, are regularly covered. New gadgets are covered, along with reviews, and their prices are listed on the site. The Verge is a fantastic resource for reviews and recommendations in the realm of consumer electronics, and it covers this topic in depth. The website lacks tutorials, though.

Silicon Angle

If you're searching for a daily dose of technology news, Silicon ANGLE has a lot of interesting stories on the newest subjects and trends. Browse the "trending stories" featured on the homepage and the articles under the artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and emerging technologies areas. "Breaking Analysis," their podcast, can be found on platforms like iTunes, Stitched, and Spotify. The Cube speaks with Vera Reynolds, Sue Persichetti, Stephanie Curry (Worldwide Head of AWS at NetApp), and Danielle Greshock (Director of Partner SAs at AWS) at the AWS Partner Showcase S1 E3 event.

Silicon Angle relies on several reliable technology news outlets, including Extremities’ and Read Write, which both focus on cutting-edge computer hardware and software. IoT (Internet of Things) is a fast-developing field in technology, and Read Write is one of the most prominent media outlets covering it. In terms of technology news and reviews, Ars Technical is unparalleled. From the newest gadgets to technological policy, have it all. Trusted Reviews also features how-to guides and articles about the latest consumer electronics.

Read Write

Read Write is the place to go if you're curious about web design, social media, or technology. From the early days of blogging and social media to the potential of aggregate data analysis and machine learning in the future, its authors cover it all. The website also exists on the web, where it attracts a sizable audience from all over the world. If you're into creating a cutting-edge company, you should check out the articles on Read Write.


TechSpot appears to offer a roundup of recommended tech reads every week. The first of a series of posts to assist you to choose which tech publications to read each day, these postings cover the basics. Where do you look to discover the greatest ones though? Find out by reading on! Below are the best articles on technology that you should read. Learn useful information about technology, such as how to make the most of the tools at your disposal.

This site may appeal to you if you are an expert computer user, IT worker, or gamer. It's a daily computer blog that reports on industry news and offers evaluations of the latest products. There is a comprehensive rundown of cutting-edge electronic devices and products on its "The Best" page. In its forums, you can talk shop with other experts in your field and learn about the latest developments.

Trusted Reviews

Trust the reviews on Trusted Reviews if you want to know about the best new tech goods. Articles cover not only consumer electronics but also industry news and new product releases. Windows Central, published by Trusted Reviews, serves as a hub for everything Windows-related, including reviews of the newest Xbox games and peripherals, as well as news, forums, buyer guides, help & tips, and more.

Following the introduction of the iPhone 12, Trusted Reviews was forced to make a swift course correction to remain current. From opinion pieces to reviews, Trusted Reviews needs fresh optimization for popular search terms. The team's content approach was based on the STAT framework. That effort yielded fruit in the form of a brand-new website that dominates search engine results pages (SERPs) for a set of extremely competitive keyword phrases. By using STAT, Trusted Reviews quickly rose to the top of search engine results for the competitive keyword phrase.


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