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LG Cosmos Transfer Files Pics and Ringtones to PC

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LG Cosmos VN250

LG Cosmos VN250

LG Cosmos Tranferring Files To/From PC

I was quite excited to get my new LG Cosmos VN250 only to be foiled when I thought I could just use plug-n-play with windows to move files between my PC and the Phone. I figured since it had a USB interface to charge the phone it would make sense that it would just look like any other memory stick once you plugged it in.

Interface to PC

When I plugged the phone into my PC it did the plug-in-play magic to install a driver for the phone. All seemed well. (Here's the link to download the LG Cosmos driver if your PC does not recognize the device.) Problem was it still did not recognize the phone when I plugged it in as a memory device. There was nothing in the instructions or setup manual.

After a bit of research turns out there is a second step and I found it in the LG Cosmos VN250 online manual, pg 75.

LG Cosmos VN250 Pg 75

LG Cosmos VN250 Pg 75

How to Turn on File Transfers

For reference I've shown pg 75 from the manual. Turns out you need to turn on the USB mass storage capability. From the standby mode, hit OK-9-3-* keys and you will enable the mass storage device. Once it has been set active you can easily transfer picture and sound files to and from your pc. Simple drag and drop works fine. I've moved pictures onto my desktop for capture and saved MIDI files for ring tones.  If you look at my review, I explain that the phone could use a music player but have a look at my review for more info on that subject. 

File Types -Audio & Video

I've tried MP3 files for sound, MIDI files for ring tones and JPG's for pictures and all work just fine. I'm sure there are other standard file formats work as well for both sound and images but I'll leave that exercise up to the reader.

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D on January 04, 2014:

Hi, does the Cosmo vn 270 and the Cosmo vn 250 use a 3.5 mmsz for the jack. I believe it's 3.5mm . What would be some good choices for hand free~mono bud,motorla razor, mini ear bluetooth.Thanks for your ideas

Heidi3 on December 08, 2012:

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've been trying to do this on the verizon website and all kinds of driver manager thingies for way too long. This helped me out a ton.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on June 13, 2012:

@candee- Your very welcome. Glad it worked out for you.

Candee R on June 08, 2012:

Thank you after struggling and struggling and buying a sandisk adapter just to have it break, I found this page and WOW WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! Thank You Soooo Much :)

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on May 25, 2012:

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@Don W/P-oui - Glad to help. Thanks for stopping by.

@John - Great Tip. Thanks for sharing. Every little bit of help is appreciated.

P-oui on May 18, 2012:

Thanks a billion for this information...

I wasn going crazy trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and the problem was buried all along in the instructions..

I guess I'll have to hang up my testosterone capsules and start reading the manuals from here on out...

Thanks to EVERYone for sharing and to TOM for cranking this stuff up! You all rock..

John on May 12, 2012:

You can transfer pictures etc. to your PC by

bringing up the picture and clicking the options button, then SEND and zap it to your email.

Don W on May 06, 2012:

Thanks, driver downloaded, then installed on computer, phone connected, then mass storage selected, photo downloaded, worked like a charm

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on March 24, 2012:

@ Ed B - Glad to help. Thanks for stopping by.

Ed B on March 22, 2012:

Great instructions... works like a charm!

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on March 09, 2012:

Amacx86 - Good to know it works with Linux. Thanks for the share.

Amacx86 on March 05, 2012:

Thanks for the instructions on where to find it on the menus...this works just fine with my Linux distro (Mint 12) without installing any drivers. Copied my MP3 to the ringtones folder on the memory card and it worked right away.

r0sie on February 27, 2012:

thank you so much

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 26, 2012:

@Rosie - Ok here's the whole process. You download you MP3 ringtone file. Connect your phone to your PC. Under Menu/Settings & Tools - Select USB Mass Storage. That makes your phone's SD card look like a USB drive. On that drive will be 3 folders. Do a drag and drop of the Ringtone audio file into the ringtones folder. Disconnect the Phone from the PC. Under Menu/Settings & Tools/Memory - Select Card Memory. Under that either go into the My Ringtones setting select the file you want to move over using the options selection or under card memory select "Move All to Phone"

This should move your ringtones from your SD card to your phone where you can use the standard options to set ringtones.

r0sie on February 25, 2012:

ok, how do you put in the ringtones folder?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 24, 2012:

@rosie - Yes, just put the file into the ringtones folder and it will show up as an available ringtone. Must be in one of the accepted forms like MP3 but it works just fine.

r0sie on February 24, 2012:

.......Like.....if i wanted to download a song to my phone. Could i transfer it somehow to "my ringtones"?

r0sie on February 24, 2012:

okaiy.... can you turn music into ringtones??? from yuhr SD card?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 23, 2012:

@rosie - You can download either but once the SD card is in places, you need to move the files from the SD card onto the phone. under your settings/tools then the memory setting, go to the card memory and you will find a setting to send all files to the phone. That should get the ring tones on your SD Card to the ring tone folder on the Phone.

@Hyrup Syrup - Terrific point and spot on. Need to make sure those files are on the phone not the memory card.

HyrupSyrup on February 23, 2012:

Hey just telling folks about the Music situation. Take the Music out of their folders. By which I mean out of their personal folders, not the "my ringtone" folder. That is what was wrong with mine, but I placed the direct file in to the ringtones and all was well.

r0sie on February 23, 2012:

haiy Tom.....thanks for your comments on downloading music. is there a way i can download ringtones the same way i download music? or is that a totally diff task? if so could you tell me how? i've been wanting certain ringtones on mine and ive tried and they still come up as folder empty so could you help me

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 12, 2012:

@Chris -

You could try moving your sounds to your phone. I believe if you go into Tools & Settings/Memory/Card Memory, there is an option to move all the sounds to the phone. Give that a try and see if they show up.

Chris on February 10, 2012:

I know I sound stupid, I've read all the comments, and the answers - but I'm still messing up somewhere.

I plug my phone into the computer - it recognizes it - I move my sounds over to the my_sounds folder (they are all MP3 Format Sound), then properly "exit".

Yet, they don't show up when I go to my sounds on my phone. I've tried rebooting the phone, I've tried just waiting (and waiting and waiting). I even double checked by hooking the phone back up to the computer, and it shows the sounds in the folder.

What am I doing wrong? (Or does my phone just hate me... A very likely possibility.)

Frank on December 31, 2011:

OOOoh.. USB Mass Storage. Thank you!!!

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on November 06, 2011:

@Patrick - No I'm going to guess here that the sound does not come in stereo because the head set is one ear piece and a mic.

As for turning off the voice command, my guess is that somehow the CLR button with the picture of the Microphone on it is somehow getting hit. You can either deactivate your keypad which requires 1 or 2 key strokes to reactivate or disable the voice commands. To disable the voice command, hit the CLR key the the Settings button and select item 5 to disable CLR key activation.

Good Luck.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on November 06, 2011:

@Art - As Chris so aptly suggested the only way I now is to forward your texts to an email account.

Chris on November 03, 2011:

@Art - Your impression seems valid to me. Notes has a copy function but doesn't seem to copy to message text. As such, I don't see a way to transfer text out from notes. Another way to do it so you can get text would be to save text in a text message (160 chars) or picture message (1000 chars) in the text field. Then save as draft and when ready send it to your email account. Pain in the butt at 25 cents for that. No other way I have discovered yet.

Art on October 27, 2011:

I'm getting the impression that txt cannot be transferred to Win7 by "mass storage"

Patrick on October 27, 2011:

First - I have an adapter for the mic jack, but it is working as a headset would. Is there anyway to get both headphones to work and not just the right one? -Or is my little adapter thing have a problem? (Thanks btw, helped me set up music on here)

Second - Is there a way to turn off the voice command thing, so that it doesn't pop up anytime the headphone cord moves a little bit(can't even notice sound cut out, but it detects it and stops the music and waits for a voice command)

Thanks, I'm assuming there are no fixes for these issues, but thought I would ask anyways, can't complain about a free mp3 portable radio, lol.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on October 12, 2011:

@Courtney - yes you do need a micro SD card. They range in price from a couple of dollars to around 20 for a 32Mb card. A 2 or 4MB card will be less than $10. You can get them at most cell phone stores, and many retailers. You can also see some examples above. Good Luck.

Courtney on October 12, 2011:

Hi! Thanks so much for posting this! I do appreciate it. However I do have one problem, I don't have a card! Every time I click "USB Mass Storage" on my phone it says, "Card no inserted". Do I have to buy one to transfer files from my PC to my phone? If so, where can I get them? Thanks again!

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on October 07, 2011:

@Phydous - Yes there is a way to set the defaults for pictures. Under the settings and tools menu there is a memory option that allows you to set the defaults for save options on your pictures. You can set it to phone memory or card memory.

@kdp - the phone can only recognize certain formats of pictures (jpg etc.) If your trail camera pics are not in the right format or too large to be displayed, the camera may not recognize them. You can use a too like to reformat your pictures to say JPG and give that a try. Good Luck.

kdp on October 05, 2011:

how do I read game trail camera pics on my phone after removing chip from camera with pics on it. Phone doesn't recognize any pics from game camera.

Phydous on September 24, 2011:

Is there a way to set a default so that the pictures taken with the camera automatically save to the micro SD card vs. having to mark/save them to the card later? Also, when I marked and saved the picts to the local micro SD card, it defaulted all the setting (removed pict associations with contacts, etc.) Any way to stop it from defaulting the settings when picts are saved?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on September 22, 2011:

@Megan - Thanks for the question...I think I understand what you are saying but I'm not 100% sure so here goes. You should have installed a driver as mentioned in this article. When enable the phone to look like a disk drive on your PC you should be able to go into the Phone via your PC from your desktop. The phone will look like any other USB drive. When you open that drive, you should see 3 folders. If you have saved your sounds to the SD card on your Phone, then the sounds should be in that folder. There is a difference between onboard memory for the phone and the SD card memory. Be sure the information is saved to the SD Card Memory.

If you don't see 3 folders perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. Let me know if this helps. If not let me know where my assumption was incorrect. Thanks.

megan on September 22, 2011:

these posts have been very helpful. but my biggest issue is figuring out how to transfer or copy audio from 'my sounds' using the memory card route. it may be the way im doing it...?... i put the micro mem card in the card reader that came with the cosmos phone that plugs into a usb port. all i get is my pictures. which i dont understand, because i have EVERYTHING saved to the memory card. thanks for your help. hope u understand what im trying to explain... not to tech savvy ;)

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on September 18, 2011:

@JK - No worries, but thanks for helping. You added a few more details.

@Bridgette - I'm afraid you are above my pay grade. If the pictures are on the onboard memory, you have to take it in the store and see if they can recover them. I know of no way to move items in onboard memory to the SD Card then onto a PC or MAC.

JK on September 18, 2011:

Tom - I didn't see that you had replied...saying the same thing!! Sorry and thank you!

Bridgette on September 18, 2011:

My LG Cosmos Touch's screen stopped working and I would like to get my pictures off the phone to my Mac computer. When I plug my phone into the computer, nothing shows up that there is anything plugged in so I can't transfer files or anything. I can still use the slide out keyboard but nothing else. I also have a Mirco SD card but none of the pictures were on the card before it broke so they are only saved to the phone. Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

JK on September 18, 2011:

To transfer voice mails to your computer with your LG Cosmos or any other phone with a 2.5mm (3/32") headphone jack do as follows:

(1) Get a 3/32" to 1/8" adapter and a 1/8" to 1/8" cord. You can find these at Radio shack for a total of about $10-12.

(2) Put the adapter into the headphone jack on the phone. Connect the cord to the other end of the adapter - and then other end of the cord goes into the LINE IN 1/8" jack on your computer.

(3) Open up an audio editing software and press record while playing the message on your phone. If you don't have an audio editing software, get Audacity at

I got to back up messages from my mom who just passed away and I am very happy to have such full, clean-sounding mp3s of them!

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on September 13, 2011:

@Jogn, I believe what you are looking for is the 2.5mm headphone jack on the right size of the phone. Be careful as there is a slightly larger 3.5mm jack used for headsets on MP3 players. The next thing you will have to do is make sure the audio out (which would go into the ear piece) goes into the mic input on your PC. Be sure to turn up the volume as there probably isn't much drive in your cell phone audio output but there should be enough there to record the message. Good Luck.

JK on September 13, 2011:

In order to save voice mails to my computer in mp3 format, is it possible to connect from the LG Cosmos VN250 headphone jack to and 1/8" which would go into the Line In on my PC. I know this works with other devices like my Sony voice recorder but they were helpful and made it an 1/8" size jack on the unit.



Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on September 09, 2011:

@Aden - Sorry I know of no way to do that. When you connect your phone to the PC, the only thing you see is what is on the SD card implying that there is no access to other data on the phone. Means you need an SD card.

Aden:) on September 08, 2011:

is there anyway you could transform files without a memory card?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on September 07, 2011:

@tiffany - sorry don't have a solution for you. You'll need to purchase a MicroSD card. You can find them for less than $10 these days.

@Nelly - Yes I store my music/ring tones on the SD card. The phone comes with a small amount of memory but it gets eaten up fast with pictures, text etc.

@Jason - Don't know what to tell you. Be sure you put it in the ringtone folder not the sounds folder. They are different functions.

@K.Rex Glad to help. Sorry it took so long. I've always had good luck with Verizon techs fixing my phone. Never asked how to do some of the external stuff like upload/download things so I had to figure it out myself. Glad to have helped.

K. Rex on September 04, 2011:


You Are The MAN!!!! Thank you so much for helping me with this issue. I was about to trade in my Cosmos....I have been trying to work this out for several months. You are the only one that knows anything about this. I have been in four Verizon shops trying to find a tecky that knew something about transfers but with no luck.

Thanks again.

K. Rex

jason on September 02, 2011:

i plugged my phone into my computer and copied my music i wanted for the ringtone into the ringtone folder...but when i unplug the phone, the ringtone isn't there--i do have a memory card though.

nellyy on August 30, 2011:

do u use mass storage for downloading music

tiffany on August 29, 2011:

i dont have a sim card and my computer wont upload my pictures to computer. what do i do?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on August 26, 2011:

@JoeJoeS... I think that is what this hub is about. If you follow the steps you should be able to move files between your phone and PC.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on August 25, 2011:

@healthyjen30 - Sorry to hear about your problem. As far as downloading drivers, I don't have the touch but I was able to download the driver from LG

Once you download the driver, you should have some access to the phone. Unfortunately, looking at page 113 of the manual , it looks like you need access to the touch screen to do this. Unless the items you are looking to keep are on an SD card you may be out of luck doing it yourself. May need to find a store near you with tech support to see if they can salvage your information.

healthyjen30 on August 25, 2011:

Tom! I hope you can help... I have the cosmos touch, but the touch screen has broke... manufacturer has sent me a new one, but I have pics (my kiddos & family) on the old one (and phone #'s) that I would like to get off, but without the touch screen I've been told I cannot. Was told to see about installing drivers? but don't have the cd that would let me install them... anyway to get those without the cd? I know I can connect to my computer, is there anyway to go thru the comp into my phone to retrieve the pics and maybe the #'s? They are not saved onto a card, just on the phone! And to top it off I have to send this non-working phone back ASAP so that I don't get charged like $500!! Any help would be soooooo appreciated... at my wits end! Thank you!!

JoeJoeS on August 17, 2011:

Is there a way to transfer pictures already in phone memory to a micro SD card,so that I can download the micro card into my PC

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on August 11, 2011:

cmfd79 Sorry to hear your situation. I do not know of a way to do this. The only thing I've seen people do is to text the messages to an email address but I'm not sure if they carry the time/date info either. Best bet may be to take it to the store and ask one of the reps. Also there may be some record of the where/when in the data kept by the provider. Good luck.

cmfd70 on August 11, 2011:

I need, due to a lawsuit, to get my messages (sent and received) out of my old Cosmos. I removed all my ringtones, sounds, and contacts but found no way to access the messaging storage. I didn't find any way to move them to the SD card or access through the USB cable. When I forward these messages the "from" and "time" info is not forwarded. Any help would be appreciated.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on August 06, 2011:

@Debbie H You probably don't need more than 4GB and it should be less than $20.

Debbie H on August 06, 2011:

thanks, after I wrote this I looked closer at my phone and "found" it. Now I am not sure what kind to get (sdhc vs regular) I will order from Best Buy and hope for the best! Thanks again, Tom

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on August 05, 2011:

@Debbie H - No question is 'stupid' The micro SD card is a storage card on your phone. On the VN250 it is on the bottom right hand side of the phone. (next t0 the End/3/6/9 keys.) There is a cover where you insert the card into your phone. It is something that must be purchased. If you have a card in there, you many need to give it a small push to make sure it is locked in.

You really can't put it in backwards as the card is keyed to fit only one way.

Hope that helps.

Debbie H on August 03, 2011:

Hi Tom, have a stupid question. What is a micro cd card? Is it for the phone or my windows 7 PC. I followed your instructions and get error (card not inserted) on my phone. Thanks.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on July 14, 2011:

@Cbrtlsseca - Every could of months I do a quick check to see if there is anything out there and I've not found anything free or paid. I can't for the life of me figure out why they don't include something a little better in one of the software upgrades but they haven't. If I find something, I'll be sure to post a note.

Cbrtlsseca on July 13, 2011:

Thanks for the help with the card, but I am trying to find a MP3 player for the phone and seem I may be out of luck. Since the player on this phone stops the song if I look at the phone funnny. (if I move or touch the phone while it is not locked it stops the song) I downloaded some .jar apps, but as you stated it won't run it. Was wondering if you or anyone has found a MP3 player app that will work. I don't care if it is free or not.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on July 04, 2011:

@ryan & KLH - No Problem Glad to help.

KLH on July 04, 2011:

Tom T - Great help in getting this LG phone connected for ringtones and pics. Expected plug and play to take care of this automatically and was getting nowhere. Your summary instructions saved me a bunch of time and got me back on track in a few minutes. Thanks.

ryan on June 27, 2011:

thanks for all of the info Tom!!!!!!!!!! :))

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on June 16, 2011:

Jemma @ Thank you for the compliment. You made my day. Glad to be a help.

Jemma on June 16, 2011:

I'd like to tell you that you've been a huge help. Thank you very much. :)

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on May 07, 2011:

@robertpc - Unfortunately, it does not look like you can set the lock/unlock in an auto mode. Only on power up and when you set the phone in Lock mode manually. There may be a 3rd party app that does this but it is not part of the standard package as far as I can tell. If anyone has a suggestion, please pass it along.

robertpc on May 07, 2011:

Tom, I just got the LG Cosmos and really appreciate this hub. Thanks for creating it and keeping it up to date.

My question for Tom or anyone is this. I would like to be able to secure my phone all the time so I have to enter the 4 digit security code whenever I want to use it. I know there is a way I can manually go through about 6 steps to put my phone into secure mode, but I would like this to happen automatically, perhaps after a few minutes of inactivity (like my old blackberry). Any ideas? Thanks.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on April 04, 2011:

Dimushi - Glad to help but I'm afraid this one is out of my pay grade. I don't know how they are organized and I don't really see how they are organizing pictures. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this questions....

Dimushi on April 03, 2011:

Confused. Your site was most helpful when I first acquired this phone, and I was grateful for your posts. There is one issue I am having with the pictures on the phone. Why is it that they are arranged by modified date? Is there any way to sort the pictures by name? I have no problem with uploading/downloading pictures to/from my PC, but on the phone they still are not arranged by name. I have the MicroSD card, and have used my computer to add to the card before reinserting the card into the phone. Same problem, sorted by modified date. Any clues? Thanks so much

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on March 06, 2011:

@Umesh - No problem..made the same mistake...that's how I know. Glad my misfires helped someone out.

Umesh on March 06, 2011:


You hit right on the head. The part I was missing was formatting using phone option. It's working perfectly fine now.

Thanks for the great tips.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on March 05, 2011:


As of yet I do know know of any drivers for a Mac. You could try texting some of your pictures to an email and see if you can capture them on your MAC to save them that way. Good Luck.

Mark on March 05, 2011:


Thanks for posting this helpful information. I have a Mac and was trying to download the LG Cosmos driver and it didn't recognize it. Is there another version for the Mac that you know of? All that I'm trying to do is move my pictures onto my computer to free up some space on my phone by moving pictures. I also would like to put some ringtones on my phone but that isn't necessary. Thank you very much!

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on March 05, 2011:

@Umesh - Did you format your SD card? If so where did you drop the file? There is ring tones and sounds. You need to navigate to the right folder to see the song.

@Rocky - I don't think the Cosmos can run .jar files, It is a java app and is not currently supported. Sorry.

@Name13013 - Can't help you there. I haven't found much support for applications or games with this phone.

Name13013 on March 03, 2011:

What formats are acceptable for games? I also want to know if you have any tips for transferring games to phone. What file format is for apps?

Rocky on February 27, 2011:

Just switched to LG Cosmos and am trying to download bible app that is a .jar file type. tired sending as pic message but get file too big to receive message. bought microsd card and can transfer file to card from pc but do not know how to access it on phone. I've tried two different Bible apps that are both the .jar file type. Any clue?

Umesh on February 27, 2011:

Thanks for the tip. I could transfer the file but when I go back on the phone and try to see songs, it didn't show anything. Is there anything I am missing?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 25, 2011:

@Jeff K - Glad it worked for you.

jeff k. on February 25, 2011:

a i should download the LG Cosmos driver then do that second step with the USB mass storage command?


Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 24, 2011:

@Jeff - two things. First to talk with the phone your computer needs a driver. (See above in the interface to PC section) but more importantly, I don't think you need to download anything as you have already move the files over. Just go to your phone under the Menu>Media Center>Tunes & Tones>My Sounds

Give that a try and hopefully that solves your problem.

jeff k. on February 24, 2011:

REGARDING PLAYING MUSIC: After reading the information above, Here's what I did:

1. formatted the SDcard in the phone

2. took SDcard out and put it in PC...BAM!,,,the 4 folders show up! I put a few mp3's in the "my sounds folder"...great!

3. ok, I take out the card and put card back in phone (Phone is attached to PC with USB cable. At his point i want to play music!

4. I go to tools>memory and try to transfer all files to phone and it says "no content saved"..

5. HELP...

Miranda on February 20, 2011:

i tried turns out the card was no good...had to get an new one. but thanks for the help! your post come in handy!

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 19, 2011:

Miranda - Since I don't think you can insert upside down, my guess is that you need to format the card. Note that formatting will destroy any data on the card so proceed with caution. To format your card, navigate to; Menu/Settings & Tools/Memory/Card Memory/Options/Format. This also creates the folders on your card where you store your tunes, ringtones and Pictures. Good Luck.

Miranda on February 19, 2011:

I put my sd card into my cosmos and tried to move some pictures to the sd card but it said card not inserted. Do you know what I could do to get it to work? Any information would help. thanks

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 14, 2011:

@Turtletime - I'm not sure and my sense is that it does not. The microSD stores audio, ringtone & contact info. If anyone has different info, please send it along.

@catmandu - I would verify that the file you are downloading is in fact and mp3. I've had no problems with mp3 files. There are a couple audio file formats like .wma that are not supported. Be sure of the actual format of your file. Here's a partial list of all the file formats I found that could be stored on the microSD card in the following folders;

My Sounds: aac, acc, mid, mp3, qcp,

My Ringtones: aac, mid, midi, mp3, pmd, qcp, wav

My Pictures: bmp, gif, jpg, png

I've only used MP3 and MIDI files myself.

Good Luck

catmandu on February 14, 2011:

have an LG VN250 with supposed mp3 capablities. but when trying to download ringtones from specific sites, i receive format not supported messages. WTH?

turtletime on February 14, 2011:

Hi Tom, thanks for your reply, anyway. My other question stands-- do you (or does anyone) know if installing a microSD card will or can increase the Cosmos' capacity for storing saved text messages? If so, this alone would be helpful to me. Thanks again, TT

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 13, 2011:

@turtletime - Sorry to hear your plight. I know of no other way than to email them. If I find something I'll be sure to update this hub. I get the question often. Sorry I could not help more.

turtletime on February 13, 2011:

I'm having the same problem as BigBobby -- I very much need to get (500 or so) text messages off of my Cosmos and saved onto my computer. Emailing them to myself doesn't work consistently and wouldn't be practical for that number of texts in any case. I don't yet have a MicroSD card, although it doesn't sound like that would do the trick anyway. Would putting a MicroSD card in the phone even increase its capacity for storing texts? I've also tried downloading and using BitPim, but it won't work with this phone. Other hardware? Other software? Other ideas? Please help! Thanks very much.

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 10, 2011:

@person, I'm not sure what to tell you. Sounds like a catastrophic failure. If you have not done a soft reset by removing the battery you could try that but I'm afraid I don't have any other suggestions. Please let us know what you find if you take it back to the store.

Person on February 08, 2011:

My other numbers where not saved by the backup so the olny option is to get them from the bad phone but i can not.

Person on February 08, 2011:

Tom. i have a lg cosmos that had the buttons stop working so now it olny retsarts every time i press any button i have tryed every one ev the keyboard ones. i thouhgt that i could plug it into my comp and get all the files like pics and contacts and what not. but i cant get to the usb mass thing on my phone to get the stuff. i know there is backup manager they suggested i do that first, i did and it saved 6 outa my 40 numbers what can i do?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on February 01, 2011:

@ anabanana111 - First question is what is your old phone? If it is an LG Cosmos, then I'm not sure why you could not just move it over. If it is not, do you have a way to put those pictures on your desktop? If so you could then upload them to your new phone via the USB connection to the phone.

anabanana111 on February 01, 2011:

I just received my LG Cosmos Touch. I have an SD micro chip and I am attempting to put my pictures from my old phone onto the new phone...with NO luck. The phone says 'No Use Content' for all info stored on the card except one song that was on the phone. When I put the card in the old phone or the computer all data is there. Any suggestions?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on December 31, 2010:

@Nick W - Thanks for the question. Without knowing more detail I'd guess that your SD card is not formatted properly. The sound files have to be put into folders meant for sound files. My suggestion is to try formatting your SD Cards and move the files to a sound (Vs. Picture or contact) folder. Good Luck.

@Jakari - I have not done this but there may be a way if you have a data package. A word of caution - there is only 20M so memory is significantly limited for sound files because you need room to keep contacts and pictures on the phone.

Jakari on December 31, 2010:

How do you put music on the phone without using a microSD card?

Nick W on December 31, 2010:

Hey i have a cosmo and i have a mac and when i attempt to send an mp3 via bluetooth it tells me its and unsupported file format

can you help?

Tom T (author) from Orange County, CA on December 25, 2010:

Ahsayuni - if you look above, they have them for like $3 - $4. Make sure it is a Micro SD card.

Ahsayuni on December 25, 2010:

Omg.. I poop, I can't believe you need an SD card to be able to transfer files >.>; Is there any place that sells the cards cheap? like... I looked online and they're expensive... does the LG cosmos need a specific card?

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