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Let's Hold Facebook and the Hackers Accountable





I understand that there is a need to protect both sides of the Hacker Syndrome, but when you are the victim who has put in years and years to build your facebook page and that page is taken away in a blink it’s beyond heart wrenching.


While there are many times that if you take the right steps, you can get your page back fairly quickly, there are other times when the hackers know all the tricks, and nothing works. And I am an example of that.

A week before, as a longtime equine journalist covering my 9th Olympic Games, I was to leave to cover the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, my FB page was hacked. It was easy to find the time and place in my history but I had not put in place 2-factor authentication. So, that gave the hacker the opportunity to put their cell and email in as two factor authentication and when I was asked to prove who I was the generated code that I would need to get my page back would have been sent to them.

Repeatedly FB approved me doing this but every time in order to get the code it needed to go to their email or cell and I could find no way around it.

Finally, when I got to Tokyo and tried logging in, I was alerted of a scammer trying to hack on my page from Tokyo. While that really was me it allowed me to take the necessary steps to get my FB page back. However, there was still a portion of their information that I was not able to delete and once I got home, they hacked me again. I was never alerted by FB and simply got a message that I no longer had access to my account. Now, every attempt I make provides me the option of sending a code to their email. There is another option of generating a code from my FB App on my cell but that code generator will not appear as I’m assuming either FB or the scammer hid it. Then the final option is to provide my IDs, which I have provided many times and it’s clear from those that the photos and everything matches up to it being my site as does the location.

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So, now what. For serious situations like mine facebook needs to allow me to speak with someone. Instead, it’s not a person on the other end, it’s a robot who still can’t understand that thank you for allowing me to get back my site but if you are still going to have the code sent to the other person’s email this isn’t going to work.

So, here is my request. My FB page is Diana De Rosa and it’s the one with a picture of me and not one with no picture. I am based in LI, NY and FB is able to tell that for years and years I’ve gone on to my FB page from that location. While I was in Tokyo I got the email and cell of the person who hacked my site. So, I’m asking anyone and everyone, let’s go viral. Let’s get this person and encourage FB to do more to get my site and other victims’ sites back to the rightful owner by allowing us a way to actually communicate with someone at FB. Or maybe they do weekly workshops or something that will save us the stress of losing years and years of work.

You will see from the # below that it is clear my hacker is from another country. If you have any thoughts on how we can track them down or know how to help me get my page back please reach out to me or to the person posting this so they can get in touch with me, since I no longer have access to my FB page. And most importantly, share this release with your followers so we can get someone to listen to us. Let’s go viral. And so here you go:

HACKER’S CELL PHONE #: +84 78 941 9440


Let’s give them a taste of their own medicine. I’m sure if this post goes viral, we can catch them so they don’t do this to anyone else. I now know and understand the stress of being hacked and it’s truly horrible. My FB page is Diana De Rosa and this is the photo on the correct FB Page. Please share and help me get my page back.


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