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Keith From 'The Try Guys' Made His Own Hot Sauce (and It's Delicious)

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Keith Partners With Heatonist

If you don't know Keith Habersberger OR The Try Guys, you probably don't live most of your life on YouTube like me or maybe you've never even ventured into the YouTube realm before.

The Try Guys are a team of 4 dudes that split from Buzzfeed in order to fully have control over doing what they love– Making creative content and sharing it with the world. Their videos range from trying crazy tasks that most people will never get the chance to do, to food reviews/hauls, and even interviewing the CEO of YouTube.

Their content has amassed 981,744,787 views with 6.79 Million Subscribers as of this date. But they are ever-changing and thinking of the trends of tomorrow. It's why myself and so many admire them.

On November 30th, 2019 Keith did a 'solo' video on The Try Guys channel to announce the launch of his hot sauce and also show the process of making it:

In the description of his video, he says:

"It’s here folks! The chicken king of the internet officially made a chicken sauce!"

Buy Keith's Chicken Sauce here.

Keith Puts All His Hot Sauces to The TEST on Panera's EAT THE MENU

The Passion Project

If you watched the video where Keith makes this incredible hot sauce meant for chicken (but good on anything else), he says that this has been a year in the making. When he released the video, the hot sauce was immediately up for sale without waiting.

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It sold out immediately since everyone wanted to get their hands on it, which is why I'm late to the party. I had to wait for it to be restocked on the Heatonist website and I'm so glad I waited because it was worth it.

Also in the video, he discusses his 'geographic tongue' that also has fissures. This is the tongue he was born with and has to work around in order to enjoy the foods he loves. On the Try Guys channel, Keith is primarily known as the foodie and the one who has an obsession with fried chicken. That is why for my video above, I had to try his hot sauce on the item he crafted it for.

In retrospect, KFC was not the best choice and I should have opted for a better quality chicken because their fried chicken has gone downhill in recent years. But besides that, I highly recommend watching the video where I taste test this with my boyfriend because he doesn't watch The Try Guys so he has an unbiased opinion when it comes to this hot sauce.

The Final Word

After all is said and done– Waiting for the restock, paying $12 plus $6 for shipping, trying it with on poor quality fried chicken myself... (it'll come to no surprise since it's in the title of this article) but I'll say it here too...

It's delicious.

Heatonist has a plethora of hot sauces from mild to HOT! Keith's Chicken Sauce is a mild/medium approach to hot sauce with buffalo and ranch tones to it. So far I've tried it with eggs, tacos, pizza, and even in my ramen noodles– So take my word that it's delicious!

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