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J2ME .jar/.jad app download tool for the LG Rumor Touch (LG VM510)


J2ME Downloader App written for and tested on Virgin Mobile LG VM510 Rumor Touch


My FileConfusicator site got hacked, and was shut down by the free hosting provider. Rather than risk this happening again, I'm going to leave it dead.

Sorry to all those of you who were using it the way it was intended :(

Original info about the FileConfusicator, if you want to make something similar for yourself:

I decided that j2me wasn't really the way to go for this process, since the phone's data service is what is blocking downloads. So, I built a website to work around the download limitations.


You enter a URL and the file extension you want to append to it so VM's network doesn't realize the file is actually a .jad or .jar.

The website downloads the file from the URL to its own storage, and then sends it to the phone with the added extension and a different MIME type. the ".zip" extension with binary file MIME type seems to work well.

It (was) built to work with Opera Mini 5.1 so you don't always have to type URL's or use fancy downloader software. You will need a j2me file manager, like minicommander, to rename the files after downloading them (I get around the network limits by making downloads into .tmp files!)

WllieinSF has kindly provided links to MiniCommander and other goodies in .zip files which can be found in the comments below.

Note: I've noticed that a lot of downloads were failing due to improper URLs being entered into the FileConfusicator. Be sure that the URL you paste into the textbox ends in .xxx, where .xxx represents an extension such as, but not limited to, .jad .jar .gif or .mp3

I was asked for help with .jar and .jad files. Rather than redo the work already put forth by DanaTheTeacher, I'm linking to her hubs and other useful places.

Original hub content:

Hi, all.

I am currently working on refining an app I have written for the Rumor Touch phone which allows the direct download of .jar files to the SD card.

The annoying part of the app is I haven't managed to hook bookmarks from Opera (much less the built-in Netfront browser,) so the user has to manually type the whole download URL to get it to work. Myself, I try to download the .jar with Opera, it kicks out to Netfront, and says content not supported. Then I write down (pencil and paper, gasp!) the URL and run my downloader, type in the URL, and voila!

Right now it works but needs polish for public release.

It also downloads every other type of file I've tried except .jad files (which are blocked by the VM phone proxy server.)

However, certain files are modified by VM's proxy server during download. Image files which exceed the device resolution of 200x400 are compressed to 170x170 pixels, and if those large pics are animated .gif files, the animation frames are removed as well. So, it's better to use Opera Mini 5.1 to download images since they've gotten around the proxy server limitations for those. I like using Opera to download all other filetypes than .jar or .jad files since I don't particularly enjoy typing the whole URL for downloads if I don't have to.

I would like comments to assess interest in this project. Also you can <contact me> here on hubpages and leave me a message. I'll probably respond.

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Anyone who wants to make me work faster on releasing improvements is welcome to donate to my Paypal account, but the app itself will be released as freeware. Money is a great motivator, though!


Type the URL of the file you want in the appropriate box, and the destination filename in its box. You can modify the path if you want.

Whether or not the URL is not a valid file, the app will create the file on the SD card, or overwrite it if it already exists, and it won't warn you it's overwriting, so take care.

Click Download.

If the app hangs trying to access the internet, it won't display any progress for a while. If the app hangs up, or you decide you don't really want the file you're downloading in the middle of the process, press Break. The app will exit and not write the complete file to the SD card, but it will create the file on the card and write any completed downloaded data to the file.

If there is an error, the HTML code for the error will be written into the destination filename instead of the desired file. Error files seem to be from 256 to 337 bytes. If you suspect an error, rename the file to a .txt file and read it to see. If it's an error, it'll be obvious at that point.

The app will tell you the filesize once downloaded and go back to its main menu. Press Exit on the main menu screen to leave the app politely.

Download links are below.

The Dreaded "Access denied" File

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="">
<p>Access denied</p>


bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on August 04, 2012:

Sorry, folks, the fileconfusicator was hacked and will not be brought back online. The original semi-functional J2ME app is still available for download if you're so inclined.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on July 14, 2011:

good suggestion, I'll have to look into the g-docs trick. if I figure out something consistent I'll post it up at the top and give you credit!

thanks for the feedback and suggestions. glad the confusicator hasn't crashed, I've only been checking on it sometimes at random. its log shows a couple people still get some use out of it, nice to hear from you that it's doing the job it was built for.

wgs1912 from Florida on July 13, 2011:

@ bigsupersquid I think I know a way to download to new version. If you upload the files to your google docs. It will try to install when downloading the jad file. But, I can not figure out the url for jar file so it fails while trying to install. I think it allows downloading and installing because it thinks it is a google app which is approved and it sees gooogle url. If you can figure out the url for jar files it should install. Thanks and the fileconfusicator is still working great.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on July 04, 2011:


thanks for the heads-up. I actually downloaded the pv8 firmware from lg recently but it is missing a .dll needed to unpack it or flash it to the phone so I hadn't been able to check it out.

not surprising they plugged the 'security hole' as they'd probably call it.

good thing for us VM customers that they refuse to send OTA updates!

wgs1912 from Florida on June 29, 2011:

@bigsupersquid Just to let you know the new vmrt is coming with software version 8 and seems like they closed the loophole for installing games and apps.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on June 12, 2011:

@NHP: near the top of this hub, right before the instructions for the fileconfusicator, are a whole handful of links to DanatheTeacher's various hubs on installing apps for the RT. I'm pretty sure you can get the instructions you need from one or more of those, she's really good at laying out walkthroughs.

best of luck!

N.H.P! (Need Help Please!) on June 11, 2011:

Hi. Um i have been reading alot of forums and articals about being able to download/install APPS and games and the LG-VM510 Rumor Touch. But everytime i try to download/install a program like JADMaker and others to actually LET ME download/install an APP or game... It always says "access denied". I do all this on Opera Mini 6 for my phone (LG-VM510 Rumor Touch for Virgin Mobile). I read a few forums on "hub" and some on "". But i have NOOO IDEA ON WHAT I'M DOING!! Its soo confusing cause it doesn't explain much of anything!! Like what the hell is a JADMaker??? And a Zip file??? My parents are getting mad at me cause i told them you can download some cool APPS and games on my Rumor Touch. But they just keep saying no even though i showed them a video of proof it works! I need some ones help to explain IN DETAIL what the hell i'm supposed to be doing. Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Help Me! : ( I'm desperate.

TimTom on April 02, 2011:

I thought the fact that the timers didn't work was due to the lack of flash. I actually tried refreshing the download page with the timer and sure enough the timer decreased and I was able to download the file eventually. With the browser mods and file confusicator I have been able to download just about anything.

wgs1912 from Florida on April 01, 2011:

@ squid Willes bolt2.12 mod will not work with the timers but it will download jars from mediafire, umnet and some of the other sites the confusicator will not work with. Your site still seems to work very well. Between your site and then bolt mod you can download from almost anywhere.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on April 01, 2011:

Yeah, they'll probably come out with another soon that kicks the Optimus around. My woman had to convince me to upgrade since I hand't had the RT too long myself, but with her taking the RT to replace her worthless Samsung Mantra, and my love of toys, it didn't even take a week to make up my mind to get the Optimus.

I had the best luck with that opera 4.20 mod, not too many things I couldn't get to download through the Fileconfusicator with that. Plus, the mod can download a lot of .jar files without any help from my webtool!

The countdown timers you mention are a java issue. The RT can't handle java, and requires decaffeinated webpages or it can't fully choke 'em down. Maybe bolt browser can get around that but I'm not sure. Willie posted a nice mod for bolt which doesn't try to use the socket:// connection that the RT can't handle, which problem blocks all the streaming software and FTP apps I tried out.