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J2ME .jar/.jad app download tool for the LG Rumor Touch (LG VM510)


J2ME Downloader App written for and tested on Virgin Mobile LG VM510 Rumor Touch


My FileConfusicator site got hacked, and was shut down by the free hosting provider. Rather than risk this happening again, I'm going to leave it dead.

Sorry to all those of you who were using it the way it was intended :(

Original info about the FileConfusicator, if you want to make something similar for yourself:

I decided that j2me wasn't really the way to go for this process, since the phone's data service is what is blocking downloads. So, I built a website to work around the download limitations.


You enter a URL and the file extension you want to append to it so VM's network doesn't realize the file is actually a .jad or .jar.

The website downloads the file from the URL to its own storage, and then sends it to the phone with the added extension and a different MIME type. the ".zip" extension with binary file MIME type seems to work well.

It (was) built to work with Opera Mini 5.1 so you don't always have to type URL's or use fancy downloader software. You will need a j2me file manager, like minicommander, to rename the files after downloading them (I get around the network limits by making downloads into .tmp files!)

WllieinSF has kindly provided links to MiniCommander and other goodies in .zip files which can be found in the comments below.

Note: I've noticed that a lot of downloads were failing due to improper URLs being entered into the FileConfusicator. Be sure that the URL you paste into the textbox ends in .xxx, where .xxx represents an extension such as, but not limited to, .jad .jar .gif or .mp3

I was asked for help with .jar and .jad files. Rather than redo the work already put forth by DanaTheTeacher, I'm linking to her hubs and other useful places.

Original hub content:

Hi, all.

I am currently working on refining an app I have written for the Rumor Touch phone which allows the direct download of .jar files to the SD card.

The annoying part of the app is I haven't managed to hook bookmarks from Opera (much less the built-in Netfront browser,) so the user has to manually type the whole download URL to get it to work. Myself, I try to download the .jar with Opera, it kicks out to Netfront, and says content not supported. Then I write down (pencil and paper, gasp!) the URL and run my downloader, type in the URL, and voila!

Right now it works but needs polish for public release.

It also downloads every other type of file I've tried except .jad files (which are blocked by the VM phone proxy server.)

However, certain files are modified by VM's proxy server during download. Image files which exceed the device resolution of 200x400 are compressed to 170x170 pixels, and if those large pics are animated .gif files, the animation frames are removed as well. So, it's better to use Opera Mini 5.1 to download images since they've gotten around the proxy server limitations for those. I like using Opera to download all other filetypes than .jar or .jad files since I don't particularly enjoy typing the whole URL for downloads if I don't have to.

I would like comments to assess interest in this project. Also you can <contact me> here on hubpages and leave me a message. I'll probably respond.

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Anyone who wants to make me work faster on releasing improvements is welcome to donate to my Paypal account, but the app itself will be released as freeware. Money is a great motivator, though!


Type the URL of the file you want in the appropriate box, and the destination filename in its box. You can modify the path if you want.

Whether or not the URL is not a valid file, the app will create the file on the SD card, or overwrite it if it already exists, and it won't warn you it's overwriting, so take care.

Click Download.

If the app hangs trying to access the internet, it won't display any progress for a while. If the app hangs up, or you decide you don't really want the file you're downloading in the middle of the process, press Break. The app will exit and not write the complete file to the SD card, but it will create the file on the card and write any completed downloaded data to the file.

If there is an error, the HTML code for the error will be written into the destination filename instead of the desired file. Error files seem to be from 256 to 337 bytes. If you suspect an error, rename the file to a .txt file and read it to see. If it's an error, it'll be obvious at that point.

The app will tell you the filesize once downloaded and go back to its main menu. Press Exit on the main menu screen to leave the app politely.

Download links are below.

The Dreaded "Access denied" File

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="">
<p>Access denied</p>


bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on August 04, 2012:

Sorry, folks, the fileconfusicator was hacked and will not be brought back online. The original semi-functional J2ME app is still available for download if you're so inclined.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on July 14, 2011:

good suggestion, I'll have to look into the g-docs trick. if I figure out something consistent I'll post it up at the top and give you credit!

thanks for the feedback and suggestions. glad the confusicator hasn't crashed, I've only been checking on it sometimes at random. its log shows a couple people still get some use out of it, nice to hear from you that it's doing the job it was built for.

wgs1912 from Florida on July 13, 2011:

@ bigsupersquid I think I know a way to download to new version. If you upload the files to your google docs. It will try to install when downloading the jad file. But, I can not figure out the url for jar file so it fails while trying to install. I think it allows downloading and installing because it thinks it is a google app which is approved and it sees gooogle url. If you can figure out the url for jar files it should install. Thanks and the fileconfusicator is still working great.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on July 04, 2011:


thanks for the heads-up. I actually downloaded the pv8 firmware from lg recently but it is missing a .dll needed to unpack it or flash it to the phone so I hadn't been able to check it out.

not surprising they plugged the 'security hole' as they'd probably call it.

good thing for us VM customers that they refuse to send OTA updates!

wgs1912 from Florida on June 29, 2011:

@bigsupersquid Just to let you know the new vmrt is coming with software version 8 and seems like they closed the loophole for installing games and apps.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on June 12, 2011:

@NHP: near the top of this hub, right before the instructions for the fileconfusicator, are a whole handful of links to DanatheTeacher's various hubs on installing apps for the RT. I'm pretty sure you can get the instructions you need from one or more of those, she's really good at laying out walkthroughs.

best of luck!

N.H.P! (Need Help Please!) on June 11, 2011:

Hi. Um i have been reading alot of forums and articals about being able to download/install APPS and games and the LG-VM510 Rumor Touch. But everytime i try to download/install a program like JADMaker and others to actually LET ME download/install an APP or game... It always says "access denied". I do all this on Opera Mini 6 for my phone (LG-VM510 Rumor Touch for Virgin Mobile). I read a few forums on "hub" and some on "". But i have NOOO IDEA ON WHAT I'M DOING!! Its soo confusing cause it doesn't explain much of anything!! Like what the hell is a JADMaker??? And a Zip file??? My parents are getting mad at me cause i told them you can download some cool APPS and games on my Rumor Touch. But they just keep saying no even though i showed them a video of proof it works! I need some ones help to explain IN DETAIL what the hell i'm supposed to be doing. Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Help Me! : ( I'm desperate.

TimTom on April 02, 2011:

I thought the fact that the timers didn't work was due to the lack of flash. I actually tried refreshing the download page with the timer and sure enough the timer decreased and I was able to download the file eventually. With the browser mods and file confusicator I have been able to download just about anything.

wgs1912 from Florida on April 01, 2011:

@ squid Willes bolt2.12 mod will not work with the timers but it will download jars from mediafire, umnet and some of the other sites the confusicator will not work with. Your site still seems to work very well. Between your site and then bolt mod you can download from almost anywhere.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on April 01, 2011:

Yeah, they'll probably come out with another soon that kicks the Optimus around. My woman had to convince me to upgrade since I hand't had the RT too long myself, but with her taking the RT to replace her worthless Samsung Mantra, and my love of toys, it didn't even take a week to make up my mind to get the Optimus.

I had the best luck with that opera 4.20 mod, not too many things I couldn't get to download through the Fileconfusicator with that. Plus, the mod can download a lot of .jar files without any help from my webtool!

The countdown timers you mention are a java issue. The RT can't handle java, and requires decaffeinated webpages or it can't fully choke 'em down. Maybe bolt browser can get around that but I'm not sure. Willie posted a nice mod for bolt which doesn't try to use the socket:// connection that the RT can't handle, which problem blocks all the streaming software and FTP apps I tried out.

TimTom on April 01, 2011:

Cool. The first link was the url I was inputting into the file confusicator and the third link was the mediafire page for that file. The second link was just the mediafire page for another file I was trying and I didn't want to bother copying the url I was entering into the file confusicator on another post. I guess since the url ending in .jar is just a redirect then files from mediafire won't work as that is what all of the files I have tried to download give me. That stinks because other sites I have tried all have countdowns before the download starts and the don't work in OM. I'll see if I can get it to work with the OM mod.

Thanks so much for all the help. I too would move up too the optimus but I just got the rumor touch a couple months before the optimus came out. I just can't justify getting rid of a brand new phone. Besides there will probably be an even better phone than the optimus in about a year that I can get.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on April 01, 2011:

Ok, the URL ending in .jar is actually a redirecting link which transfers the browser to the real download location. The next two after that open the mediafire download pages for those files. The first URL downloads an error since the Fileconfusicator can't handle redirects. The other two will download the mediafire download web pages as complete .html files which you could open with a desktop browser if they were put on a 'real' computer, and would show you each entire mediafire download page.

My suggestion would be to try WilleinSF's posted opera mini 4.2 mod which can handle downloads better. Danatheteacher has a nice hub on how to use it, and down in the comments there I posted a downloadable link to the opera mod which your RT can handle without the Fileconfusicator being neccesary. There are a few bogus links first, but I can't edit Dana's hub to get rid of them :p

look here for instructions on using the opera mod:

cut-and paste the following into your opera address bar if hubpages killed the previous link:

and go here for the actual mod download as a .zip file:

you may have to copy-and-paste the next link into your opera address bar if the above doesn't work, it wouldn't on Dana's hub because the system chops it short for some reason.

cut-and-paste the following if the previous link doesn't work:

good luck! I'd be more help troubleshooting but I've moved to an android phone which rarely needs the Fileconfusicator to download, and I can't run J2ME programs on it to directly debug the link issue. My woman now has the RT and she's at work right now. I'll help out more if you need it and if it's within my capabilities.

TimTom on April 01, 2011:

TimTom on April 01, 2011:

TimTom on April 01, 2011:

TimTom on April 01, 2011:

I have opened the download link like you said but it still doesn't work. I tried using minicommander to edit and look at the files but since I don't have any programming experience it wasn't too helpful. Below are two of the links I've tried if you wouldn't mind taking a look to see what is wrong. Thank you so much for all the help supersquid.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on April 01, 2011:

@trisha: I never have been able to find any sort of functional flash player for J2ME, and thus the RT. Sorry.

Supposedly Bolt translates some Flash, but I think it just fetches compatible video from the sites which offer more than one filetype to the browser. WillieinSF posted an excellent Bolt mod up in the later comments here which seems to work on the Rumor Touch if you want to try it out.

bigsupersquid on April 01, 2011:

I think so... you have to make sure to get all the way to the download link at mediafire. long-press the "click here to start download", open it in a new tab, and QUICKLY press the "X" at the bottom of the screen to stop the page loading. copy the URL from that tab to the Fileconfusicator. When you paste it, click the URL box and look at the whole URL. The very end of the URL should be the name of the file you're after. If it's not at the end of the URL, it won't download a file, but will download a webpage, an error, or an empty file instead.

Open the .htm (or .html) file you got with a text editor to see what happened if you're interested.

More problems, post the link you used here and I'll analyze it.

TimTom on March 31, 2011:

Does the file confusicator work with files from mediafire because I haven't gotten any to work? Thanks for all the help making this phone so awesome.

bigsupersquid on March 29, 2011:

if the file comes thru as an .htm or .html file, it has downloaded an error instead of the file you're trying for. make sure your download link ends in a filename, and sometimes even then certain links won't work right.

Fishie on March 29, 2011:

@ Tim Tom : I think you're suppose to remove the .htm using some file editor program. I used blueFTP. But it seems to mess up the .jar file. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I also try to make a .jad out of the .jar using Centurion, but it tells me "The file is not "jar" archive!" Still trying to figure this out >.< Anyone have Ideas?

TimTom on March 26, 2011:

I am having trouble downloading .jars using the file confusicator. I am using opera mini 6 and when I try to save a .jar from mediafire it tries to save the file as filename.jar.htm. This file does not seem workable on the phone. Please help.

trisha on March 01, 2011:

hi guys......a quick question....have any of you found a flash player or a way to flash the vm510 to be able to play saaaay like farmville lol i so wanna flash my phone ;););) thank you

wgs1912 on February 21, 2011:

@ wille and bigsupersquid

I found a om5.1 mod. Looks like you can choose server. But i am not sure how to use. Here is a link. Just rename to jar from zip.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 11, 2011:


Glad to hear it's working for you.

If you notice that certain sites won't ever push downloads cleanly, feel free to post to save others some trouble (if you so desire.)

Thanks for the feedback.

wgs1912 from Florida on February 10, 2011:

@squid Have been using your site a little more. Has been working great. Also a tip, In opera 5.1 if you long press a download link choose (open in new tab). When it opens a new window press back arrow to make it stop loading the page (before it kicks out of opera). Long press url copy then paste to your site for downloading. Thanks again site is looking good.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 09, 2011:


Site now hosts google ads. Sorry, folks.

If people want to contribute, I can remove the advertising.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 09, 2011:

Errors repaired:

FileConfusicator User-Agent set to LGE-VM510 NetFront/3.5.1 (GUI) MMP/2.0

repairs getjar .jads downloading as .htm with prepended error message. Other sites that did this should work correctly now as well.

Extra http:// is now ignored if pasted into URL box.

Upgrade: File extension now selectable.

The extension can also be removed entirely to allow viewing of large animated .gif files in Netfront through the FileConfusicator. Netfront doesn't accept the pushed file as a download, but will view .gifs of higher resolution than the network gateway normally allows due to the mime-type encoding from the FileConfusicator.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 07, 2011:

It appears that umnet and dreamstrikes are incompatible with the FileConfusicator.

Both seem to require a login cookie, and the FileConfusicator isn't sophisticated enough to handle cookies... At least not at this time.

Sorry 'bout that!

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 03, 2011:


re:bolt 2.12 st mod

while the UI for bolt isn't really my style, turns out it can open some pages which opera blanks out or hangs on! So, I'll be keeping it around. Nice work ditching that socket:// default so I could actually try it out, not to mention making it usable.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 02, 2011:

Wouldn't worry about anything but .mod and .mif, being brew extensions. Brew might brick the device.

Doubt .exe would work, no MS-DOS handler.

You can always try... I wouldn't worry about anything but Brew, I don't think anything else has access to the phone core.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on February 02, 2011:

Thanks for the lesson, man. It's probably a bit beyond my current capability, but if I get the time I may try to chase handlers (I have my SPC).

Anyway, do you think there's any risk in trying to run an executable this way (.exe, for example)? I doubt it will work, but its quick & easy to do.

Can you think of any other way to exploit this?

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 02, 2011:

Have not poked at the handler thing very much.

J2ME has a function called 'platform_request' which exits the calling Midlet and runs the appropriate built-in device handler for the argument passed to the platform_request.

If the argument starts with http://, platform_request launches the browser with the given URL. Stock OM 5.1 uses that to handle .jar or .jad files.

J2ME lacks the ability to directly call other Midlets from a running Midlet (excepting with the push registry which can call another Midlet from an alarm.) I suspect Centurion calls a platform_request with the argument fs:///MemoryCard/app.jar (or equivalent) and the Rumor Touch doesn't have a way to run J2ME from the memory card directly; so it tries the best it can to get a handler, and VM is not set up to pass one along to the phone.

In the phone filesystem are a couple of files with the system proxy addresses and a shorter version of that 'home' URL. If you wanted to hack at it, you could maybe edit the home URL in all the files it shows up in (in the phone's internals accessible with Bitpim,) to a page you control, with the same length URL as the original home URL so as not to foul the database files. Then try to pass an appropriate .brx along through the doctored URL.

You might have to put the phone in DM mode (##PORT# on your phone pad followed by your 6 digit SPC code) to allow the new handler to stick if you manage to trick it into downloading.

Once your phone goes to resetting instead of trying to download a handler you could try a ##786# on phone pad (reset to factory settings menu) but the factory reset also takes your SPC, which is not only loads of fun to obtain, but a factory reset causes you to lose all your handset customizations including paid downloads.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on February 02, 2011:

This is a bit off-topic, but I am really interested in your take on this:

In Centurion 7.1, when a .jar file is selected (as when you are generating a .jad), you are given the option to "RUN" the file. If you select "RUN", the BrewMP OS steps in to notify you that "a handler is needed for this content-type", giving you the option to "Get Handler". When you select "Get Handler", you kicked to crappy NetFront and directed to URL http://homepage/%253frequest=scheme-handler&ty... (NOTE: this happens ONLY the first few times you attempt to "Get Handler". After several attempts, you will NOT be redirected. Instead, when you select "Get Handler" you force a hard reset. SO pay attention to the first few attempts).

This URL is inaccessable and results in a proxy error (DNS lookup failure)

This seems to be a backdoor access to BrewMp.

Is there any way we can exploit this? For example, to access Brew MP's embedded media player that is there but inaccessable.

PERHAPS we can launch (run) executables from this backdoor?

HOW ABOUT .brx files, which are apparently BrewMP handler extensions?

.js? .exe? .bat?

IS there a BRICK risk probing this door?

PLEASE reply with your opinions.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 01, 2011:

Oops... you are correct, .jars download fine in your Bolt mod.

My refernce to google maps and the email/IM app is that I saw socket:// settings in the .jad file in the handset itself for some built-in app. I meant picking it apart using bitpim to get the stock apps from the phone to a desktop for decompilation or whatever form of deconstruction could be productive towards getting around the socket:// lockout.

As far as the multi-apps, they may be able to share RMS files. Different mods of Opera Mini in the same multi-app might be able to share bookmarks, for example, but I haven't tried that yet.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on February 01, 2011:

Re: Bolt 2.12 ST Mod - stumped as to why you are getting the 256b crap when dling jars. It's dl'ed full jars cleanly for me at least 100 times - literally. Did you mean JAD (not jar) files? That would make more sense to me as jad files are always a 256b error file when dl'ed by Bolt.

Re: Google Maps- the version that Virgin offers is 2.3.2. I used OM5 MZ & your File Confusicator to snatch the jad address directly from then grabbed the jar from the jad's MIDlet-Jar-URL. This gave me a clean full Google Maps 2.3.2 jad/jar set saved to my MemoryCard. Most importantly (to me) was the ability to save it to Games rather than Applications. Also gives me the option to upload Google Maps with the other Google apps I have to and then download one master Google Multi App .jar file.

It's a bit anal-rententive, but I like to keep as few apps as possible in my Applications folder and I prefer them to be in a precise sequence. Further, since I don't f-around with games, I use the VMRT Games folder as an auxillary Applications folder where I keep Maps, Media Players and other secondary apps.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on February 01, 2011:

Ah, yes. Since I moved to another part of town, I actually got bolt 1.3 from their site to connect a few times, and it might have downloaded a .jar, I don't remember. Didn't like the UI and it was tempermental about video.

Tried your mod, yes. It did not attempt socket:// connection at all. It gave the 256-byte error file for .jars. Still didn't like the UI, have been focussed on the OM mods instead.

However, excellent job getting Bolt to ditch that nasty socket:// default! Very good, functional mod.

As an aside, I believe socket:// connection attempts are completely ignored by the VM mobile gateway, thus no functional streaming radio etc for the Rumor Touch. My RT always errors in java apps which want socket:// with a timeout. There might be a key to unlocking that in one of the built-in apps like the messenger and google map.

Re: other sites for .jads;

I haven't really taken note, but since the older contract phones I've had seem to need the .jad with a remote Midlet-Jar-URL to install apps, I know there's several out there. Getjar used to be a lot better in 2004. Now a lot of adware and links to websites. has .jads .jars and .zips and that varies by author.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on February 01, 2011:

Re:OM5 MZ Mod: like I said, the d-load is tempermantal & a pain in the a$$ to use. It makes the 256b error files UNLESS you use the longpress 0 (zero) menu (copy URL to the mod MultiClipboard/Tap Menu/New/Menu/Clipboard/Select jar address from ClipBoard/Tap Menu/SCROLL DOWN TO "5. Download"/wait for file name to pop up, then Tap CONFIRM/Tap Menu/Back to return to web/SHORTpress 0 to get rid of D-Load Menu).

NOT ONLY is this a pain in the a$$, it also only works on some sites (PLUNDER: YES; BOOSTAPPS: NO). It's Much easier to use your File Confusicator with this mod since there is never a redirect to sh!tty ol' NetFront.

Also, I get alot of mileage out of the Multi-Clipboard too. It allows you to store multiple clips of text - even lengthy ones - then paste MULtIPLE clips (ex.: A LIST OF URL'S) in to ONE field. The original's copy function is the whole field or nothing.

The RMS backup is also helpful for recording your usernames and passwords for dillerent sites

Re: Bolt 2.12 ST Mod: you never commented on this, my first mod. It's yet redirect to socket on me. (It shouldn't since I changed the http attempts to 9 from 1)

Re: Your File Cofusicator - I really dig your File Confusicator's ability to DL .jads. Comes in real handy with jad-dload-only sites like Google &

**TIP: check out Opera's new app store at : - it's jad-only. BIG SELECTION.

QUESTION: what other Jad-only sites have you used?

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on January 31, 2011:

I tried out the MZ mod of OM 5.1 on some .jad and .jar files, but it just pulled down that nasty old 'access denied' html file (the same which my original app was getting) every time.

Does copy and paste the final download URL ok, for the FileConfusicator, though. If the MZ mod had the editor from the 4.20 mod test15rev7, I'd use it. Certainly faster and better UI in the 5.1 mod, but that filesystem access and editor in the 4.20 mod really kick some hind end. I've been using the stock OM 5.1, but may trade up.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on January 31, 2011:

Well I'm glad you are getting some mileage out of these mods. For me the 5 edges out the 4.2 for everyday browsing. Although it lacks most of the 4.2's features, the 5's speed & UI are far superior. I use the 4.2 and your confusicator when I am app hunting & editing.

You know, I read somewhere that there's a fix for the diagonal output in the 4.2 mod. I'll try to dig it back up.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on January 31, 2011:

A lovely feature of the OM 4.20 mod test 15/v7 is that you can open .jads which you've downloaded into the RT filesystem right in the mod itself with no exit, which allows copy/paste of the Jar-URL from the .jad into the FileConfusicator, thus avoiding the whole write-down-and-type-the-URL snafu. Very nice, I couldn't find anything similar to the filesystem-capable text editor from the 4.2 mod in the OM5 MZ mod. And it seems to work both with getjar and sourceforge, two picky redirection-link sites which were giving my poor Confusicator html-error-file downloads instead of the intended target files when used solely with OM 5.1 unmodded.

The output on the Rumor Touch from OM 4.2 may be a bit ugly sometimes, but in spite of the occasional diagonal smear that mod is the most functional I've seen yet for my purposes.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on January 31, 2011:

Neither the OM 4.2 t15 mod nor the OM5 MZ MOD redirect to NetFront when pointed to a jar OR a jad - dovetails nicely with your php site.

The OM5 MZ Mod downloads jars independently, but it is tempermental and a bit tricky to learn. Make sure you use the proper directory notation as per my instructs (file:///MemoryCard/). Another tip: to dload, I use Copy URL/(Muiti)ClipBoard/LongPress 0/D-Load/New/5.Download/Confirm.

Even if you can't be bothered with learning how to dload jars independently with OM5 MZ Mod, the fact that it NEVER redirects to NetFront AND it has a MULTI-CLIPBOARD makes it a winner - especially in conjunction w/ you php Confusicator. All the additional features are just icing on the cake. It's the only version of OM5 that I have saved on my handset.

ANOTHER Bonus w/OM 5 MZ is that you can bypass's 'Premium Content' BS. Just ignore the black Premium Content banner overlay, scroll down to & select 'Download' then proceed as usual.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on January 30, 2011:

Thanks for the testing, Will!

I found a heavily-modded Opera 4.20 which has a nice downloader interface but .jars still knock up against the 'access denied' from VM's gateway proxy.

Was going to post a link here but saw you'd a;ready put one on DanaTheTeacher's page at

I mention it because that mod won't drop out to netfront even though it doesn't download .jars thru the VM network, and you can get all the way to the download link and copy it into... of course, pushing the FileConfusicator again. But at least this time with no pencil and paper except for when you can only get .jad files, like on Getjar or other places. I'll work next on an app to get those .jads and fetch the .jars right out of 'em with no typing. May take a little while to get it up, and it'll still need a pet website to operate.

I'll check out those browsers you posted, Will. Thanks! I'd really like it if the OM5 mod works as advertised.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on January 30, 2011:

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been real busy w/work.

Your file confusicator works perfectly, man. GREAT work - especially getting .jads to dload ( can dload .jar's but NOT .jad's).

I finally hex/class diddled Bolt 2.1 enough to eliminate the socket transport protocol (increased # of http attempts til fail). Still can't get 2.31 to work right for me though. My completed "socket-less" mod, Bolt 2.12 ST, which handily downloads all .jars, is included in Willie Pack #19. DOWNLOAD at: or file #247809.

ALSO take a look at Opera Mini 5 MZ Mod, which also dloads .jar's. Included in Willie Pack #40: or . Setup insttructs included in pack.

Thanks again for the File Confusicator site.

SUGGESTION: Try using your File Confusicator site to dload from Opera's new app store where only .jads are available to dload. (see 'MIDlet-Jar-URL:' descriptor in downloaded jad for corresponding jar URL).

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on January 11, 2011:

During testing, I've been able to dowload from getjar.

I had to write down the URL after Opera kicked me out to Netfront which of course said Access Denied and type the URL manually into the Fileconfusicator.

Once you download the .jad you have to open it with an editor to get the link for the Midlet-Jar-URL, and type that URL into the FileConfusicator, to download the .jar file.

Then delete the .jad which came from getjar and make a new one with jad2jar or something, which is a lot easier than editing out all the extra lines put in at getjar and fixing the Midlet-Jar-URL for the RT.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on January 11, 2011:

Well, I gave up on using j2me alone to get around the .jar and .jad download blocks.

Instead I wrote a tiny web page and PHP script to do the job.

Later on I will make an app for the RT to download .jar files from .jad files, but that's later.

It could use some error-checking I haven't figured out yet (this is my first foray into PHP, after all) but if you get your link right, it works!

So, after days of crunching to get a script that my desktop browser AND opera mini could both use,

finally I feel successful in this endeavor. I'll put the website link and instructions up in the main hub shortly.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on December 24, 2010:

Also see my additional files at:

File Numbers 314614, 313861, 313807, 313806, 313733, 313731, 313730, 313729, 313728

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on December 23, 2010:

I added a bunch more apps for everyone to dload & test. ENJOY.


Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on December 20, 2010:

Hey, man. Welcome back. Sorry I took so long to reply. I've been in Ireland visiting my mom. sounds alotn like http// &

I'll test it & let you know.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on December 12, 2010:

ok, after some frenetic searching, I've found this site.

makes jars available as zip rar etc, uses from a url instead of requiring upload.

Beautiful site. Tested a little, seemed to work fine. Convert jar, from url, to zip, download zip thru opera mini 5.1 to rt handset in memory card apps folder, rename file extension back to jar with a file manager app, make jad from jar with centurion(easy interface for that) or minicommander for rename&jad creation, whatever floats your boat.

Willie, try that site and see if it's consistent, eh?

If it works for most everything, no need for a separate app.

Let me know how it works for you and I'll move the link to docspal up into the hub proper so everyone can use it should it be functional.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 27, 2010:

Willie Pack #8:

- OM 3.10 Modded & Signed

- PaderSync: Sync/File Manager/FTP Client

- Mobile Dloader: High speed file dloader, sorry no

jads or jars

- Memory Mgr

Willie Pack #9:

- 3 x Programmer's apps

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 26, 2010:

@okaythisone- I never had to pay @ Mediafire, either. Are you here in the US?

ANYWAY, my friend, I am NOT a 'games' guy. IN FACT, I think I have a grand total of 1 game on my VMRT - Asteroids - which I have only played once.

IF you are looking for NON-gaming apps, I'd be happy to help you. Just tell me a title or category, and I'll see what I can do.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 26, 2010:

I've never had to pay for mediafire downloads.

Here's a direct link to her BlueFTP upload.

There are games at and among other places.

okaythisone on November 26, 2010:

hi just a quick post with a question or actually a favor i was wondering 2 things if possibly one of you can give me a zip file for blueftp and one with some games besides the app from danatheteacher because you have to pay for her zip files on mediafire and i cant get them form her other liink pleaseeeeeee sorry to intrude on your posts............wich by the way i love your apps...@all of you thank you they heelped me like my phone :) :) :)

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 26, 2010:

@squid- I'm glad you appreciate the obscure apps I've been posting. I try to dig up tough-to-find stuff that people can at least get a brief kick out of, even if they really can't find an everyday use for them.

Keep banging away on your Dloader project, it's worth the aggravation. I'll keep trying to help until you tell me to shut the he|| up.

MORE apps to follow later today...

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 25, 2010:

Looks like the classeditor and edithor are basically the same item.

I like the hex editor in them, that may come in handy, with it I could've modded the jar2jadd right on the handset. I don't program in php, though.

The mod to bolt sounds interesting, but my j2me skills are still learning to fly at this point and I'll have to see what I can get out of more attempts to mod software before I can make any absurd claims... I'll be modding it on my desktop though, since I have a little better control of the software and interface on there.

I did find the downloader section in bolt 2.11 handler ui but haven't really dissected it thoroughly yet.

@willie, I've been enjoying the exotic software you've been putting up for grabs. Thanks.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 25, 2010:

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Here are some app packs I've put together for everyone to try. EACH zip contains multiple apps in VMRT-Ready Jad/Jar sets. USING either VMRT only or your PC, DOWNLOAD the zip file, EXTRACT the Jads & Jars to your APPS folder, POWERCYCLE, copy to your VMRT via my stuff>MEDIA CARD. Piece o' cake.

Willie Pack #3 -

Willie Pack #4.0 -

Willie Pack #4.1 -

Willie Pack #5 -

Willie Pack #6 -

Willie Pack #7.0 -

Willie Pack #7.1 -


Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 25, 2010:

@squid - This may be dumb idea, but I'll run it past you anyway:

You may want to consider creating your own version of a Bolt Mod specifically aimed at patching the connection error caused by its default to socket. If you were to entirely remove the socket connection capability, wouldn't Bolt be forced to remain in http? IF so, the resulting 'Bolt Squid Mod Test 1' would connect consistantly and dload jar files handily. I think that a browser app for Jar downloads would dovetail nicely with your strait-forward, no-nonsense downloader app for any other problem file extensions or excessive file sizes.

I hope the modding tool that I posted earlier today winds up being of some use to you on a possible Bolt Mod Build. Considering the fact that I have no code skills, it sure would be nice I contribute SOMETHING to the j2ME Downloader cause.

Let me know what you think about this approach

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 25, 2010:

@squid - I put together an onboard programming pack, specifically with you and your dloader project in mind:

- EdiThor Modding Tool

- php Editor

- Class Editor

- All apps are, of course, ready to load to handset Jad/Jar sets

I tested these apps as best as I could considering my weak grasp of code and structure. They seem to work on vmrt. Anyway, I hope these are at least interesting if not practical.

Let me know what you think of them.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 23, 2010:

@squid, My handset firmware is also pv7. Suspect some of the connectivity issues are network and geographical, as I split time tween the East Coast & West Coast. In NYC the streamers and Bolt don't connect, but they do in SF. Anecdotal evidence, but suspicious nonetheless.

Also - watch for default to socket as I have never gotten socket connections on this handset.

My general view of Bolt is that it sucks. Connectivity issues nullify everything good about it. Here's a tip though - checking your prefs to making sure you remain in http i/o socket, try repeatedly opening and closing bolt till it connects. Also try to uninstall fully then reinstall. Annoying as he!! but works occasionally.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 23, 2010:

I'm curious, Willie...

Is your handset by chance software version PV5?

(under main menu/settings/phone info/version)

Mine is PV7 and I've never once gotten a sigle version of Bolt or a streaming radio to work. They install... but the streamers give connection errors every time they're run. All the same error if they're specific (error 0 in socket::open)... and Bolt (if it runs at all) goes past the Loading screen to an error with the only menu option being Exit.

The error follows:


Sorry, due to connectivity problems, the last

command could not be completed.

I tried the 2.11 Handler UI version and it gave me the same error, I tried it with the default no proxy, an IP and port spit out by an error dialog in the opera 2.0 mod you put up earlier, and lastly from the @trick to see if that would work, but the yahoo attempt actually kicked out of the Loading screen to the error quickest of the three attempts to get it to run.

I'll dig into the app and see what I can find, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 23, 2010:

THIS zip contains, amongst some miscellaneous claptrap, a vmrt ready Jad/Jar copy of Bolt 2.11 Handler UI. SEEMS like the most stable version yet; stays locked into http i/o socket. DLOADS jars handily. PRESS "save as", select dest folder on SD then press "save". ON INITIAL INSTALL use default proxy server. HANDLER menu is accessable thru main menu. MAYBE you can pull this apart and see how they punch thru the jar security block.

See also:

Another Opera Mod sampler

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 22, 2010:

In this new Willie pack:

Amongst various other crap I put in this zip, there's an app called OperaMusic. Its a full Handler 4.2Mod with a Main Menu Selection called "Download JAR" I can't get it to work yet, though maybe you can.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 22, 2010:

Funny, the opera mod 4.20 has a nice looking downloader, but it downloads the same 'Access denied' page my app does from the boostapps...Paccyman.jar URL

makes me feel a little better about the error, I guess.

Sure wish there was a clean method in J2ME to download thru proxy, I suspect it may take some server-side code on a dedicated page to hand .jar files through to an app on the handset by renaming the .jar extension between the dedicated proxy and the handset, then saving the file on the handset with the correct extension once it's past VM's proxy server.

If it has to be done that way, it'll probably be specific to .jar files or the coding'll be a lot more involved to differentiate which filetypes need special handling to avoid compression or rejection.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 22, 2010:

Re: "4.1 dimensions"

There are multiple versions of 4.1 out there. Only dimesions can dload jars.

I found out about the dimensions version & its download capabilties by combing thru Opera's blog where an opera employee apologizes for it being taken down so quickly, corroborated by various other blogs. It exists - or existed. Since it would be clear violation best practices AND at the time Opera was trying to break into Apple's iPhone empire, I think they did a good job of limiting its spread thru the web. I can't even find it on the Indian or Phillipino blogs, which are my standby for obscure sh!t. OPERA asa had it on their now defunct beta page for only a few weeks when first released. This b@stard is a real white whale.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 22, 2010:

Oh, all suggestions and tech info are definitely welcome.

I'm a bit of a dork myself, though a skinny one.

I'd like full 'net access through the phone myself, and that's why I've made my efforts public.

Soon I'll upload the 4.1 signed app for others to play with themselves.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 22, 2010:

I Dunno if my suggestions are welcome, but here goes anyway:

The OpMin Mods that I have seen work for downloading jars on a very limited basis all have the same process: Download is interrupted, prompt warning of not enough memory available (bogus), download restarted @ same point, jar successfully dloads.

BEST example of this is OpMin Mod 1.22b found here:

I uploaded the ready for vmrt OpMin Mod 1.22b jar/jad set to here:

My apologies if my suggestions are unwelcome, but I am keen for a reliable jar dloader. GUESS that makes me a big fat dork.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 22, 2010:

I did find a signed version of opera mini 4.1...


It wouldn't install on the handset through normal methods. Rebooted the handset every time about 3/4 through the install.

I modified the .jad's MIDlet-Jar-URL to match what lives in the phone;

MIDlet-Jar-URL: fs:/card0/APPS/opera-mini-4.1.11320-advanced-int.jar

and dumped the signed app's .jar and modded .jad into the phone filesystem's /ams folder for the signed 4.2 version which did install ok (using bitpim to edit the phone filesystem after putting the phone in DM mode.)

the signed 4.1 ran but still kicks out to NetFront to try to download .jar files.


maybe it's still the wrong version, even though it's signed.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 22, 2010:

That @trick looks a lot like a signal to use alternate mobile proxies (which I was looking for a list of, so that's really cool.)

I'm going to research that a little more.

Against my better judgement I'm going to leave my app up for download even though it only somewhat works like it's supposed to. I'll upgrade it as soon as possible. The main improvement coming up next is error trapping and display so the app will help debug itself.

If anyone who has J2ME experience wants to weigh in on this I'll post source code to try to make it easier to figure out.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:

@trick continued:

"Whenever you

want to download a file, insert the any of the following after

the http://

Example: http://"

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:

This is the basic jist of the @trick. I have only tried it couple of times to no avail:

"I use opera mini on my phone, i access pages including

pictures 4 wallpapers, but can't download files like themes,

videos, games and other applicbtion, any one knows how it's

done pls notify me..i'll be waiting 4 ur reply.

What version of Opera Mini are you using? Is it 4.1 or a mod

version? If it is a mod version, try to put on

the download link. For example: http://

Or you can try using, for example: http://

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 21, 2010:

Tried another site and got the zero byte download result.

I'll add to the error checking in the app and try to nail down what's failing.

It will probably be after the kids go to bed before I get to it...

Thanks for the feedback.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:

You're close. Keep at it, man.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 21, 2010:


When I try that boostapps URL I get the 'access denied' page instead of the file.

I wonder if VM has that site specifically blocked in the proxy? My test site still works.

I'll hunt some more links to test. Perhaps I was premature releasing this, but no better way to test than to have other people use it in ways I hadn't tried.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:

@squid- your dloader app loaded to my vmrt no prob.

BUT when I entered some jar links ( plus some others from Dennis Bournique's site), press download and wait a few seconds. UNFORTUNATELY nothing downloads to destination. Screen read 0 bytes downloaded. I know these boostapps links are good.

What am I doing wrong?

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:


DOWNLOADERs file is:


-Will explain @trick (gotta find the link).

-Checking out your downloader now.

Will reply with @trick & feedback shortly.

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 21, 2010:

Willie, the downloader/youtube file number 2370918 gives an empty file link.

Pardon my ignorance, what @trick?

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 21, 2010:

Thanks, y'all.

I've uploaded my app to 4shared and

Added links and instructions to the hub.


Feedback and any error/bug reports appreciated.

I will provide upgrades to the app as I improve it.

Dana Rock from Pacific Northwest on November 21, 2010:

@BigSuperSquid, one more thought. In your "tags" section of your hub, you should add my blog tag "LG Rumor Touch Hack Central". Then your blog will get lumped in with its cousins and it will go out to all the subscribers to my feed, etc. It will get you more press.

Dana Rock from Pacific Northwest on November 21, 2010:

@BigSuperSquid, you rock! I linked your name in my post to your profile page- Now that you're a hubbing fool too ;)

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:

And here's a downloader app (paired with yourtube app)

file no.: 2370918

(dloader can use the @trick)

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:

Here's two crappy radios if you want to tinker with them:

file no: 237855

also, check out these kick a$$ video ringtones I found

In 3g2, ready to assign to a contact on your VMRT:

file nos: 237661 & 238037

I found them at

bigsupersquid (author) from BFE, MO, USA on November 21, 2010:

No, but I'll be keeping my eyes open for that now. I'll post a link to my downloader in its current form soon, probably within the day.

I'm looking for a signed app to stream audio. Nothing but trouble looking through the programmer forums, and all the apps I've tried that run on the phone give me an "error 0 in socket::open" when they try to connect to radio stations. None of those apps are signed and the only info I've found on that error is that it relates to network permissions.

If I was rich I'd buy a verisign cert and try it myself, but you know how it goes...

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:

BtW...Have you ever come across a signed copy of Opera 4.1 (code named 'dimensions')? It's NOT a MOD. It's an original beta release from Opera ASA. Allegedly has full download capability - sans jad extensions.

Wllie in SF from San Francisco, CA on November 21, 2010:

Just noticed your hub, below were my comments re your jad2jar app originally posted on Dana's hub:

@bigsupersquid - thanks for the jar2jad app. It

works well. BUT, for me, it has no real advantage over

MiniCommander 4.2. It cannot text edit and it is not a

full file manager whereas MiniCommander 4.2 does

all three: jad from jar, text editing and file

management/explorer. (I think it has a better


See miniCommander 4.2 uploaded to http://

file no. 237336

You are WAAAAY beyond my capabilities re your Jar

downloader project. I look forward to your finished

product as Bolt/UC/OpMin Mods just ain't cuttin it for

me re jar downloading. They are just too unstable to

rely on.

Thanks again.

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