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Is It Too Late Youtube? - Youtube Beginners

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Is it too late for YouTube?

Is it too late for YouTube? - YouTube Noob

Is it too late for YouTube? - YouTube Noob

Is it too Late for you to Start a YouTube Channel?

This is a very good question if you are thinking to start a YouTube channel now. This means that you are trying to do research and not just wildly swinging it out. This gives you more idea of how you can be successful on YouTube.

But before we will answer the question, if it is too late or not, let us first look at the challenges of starting a YouTube channel.

There is a lot of Competition

The first YouTube video was uploaded in 2005 and since then, there are millions of content on the platform. Standing out among these contents is a big challenge. And you need to stand-out because there is only one way to succeed on YouTube, and that is gaining a lot of audiences.

If you are a beginner on YouTube, it will be difficult to rank against more established channels. Their videos will be suggested first on searches by YouTube’s algorithm. You will be lucky if you can appear in the Top 10 results.

A YouTube Video is a Movie Production

A lot has changed in how YouTube videos are produced a decade ago and now. Before, video qualities were poor and YouTube video topics were irrelevant. Today, content creators have increased the quality of their video production by investing in quality DSLR cameras, a good audio microphone, smooth ambient lighting, and a more organized content delivery.

The challenge is how to outrank YouTubers that have engaging videos. Engagement is the second most important need to be successful on YouTube, following a wide audience.

Life has so Many Distractions

If you want to start a successful YouTube channel now, you need to commit. You need to tell yourself every day that you will create content and release it regularly. YouTubers before you spent hours and hours perfecting their videos before they upload. Some YouTubers with a budget, outsource the video editing process so they can have more time in promotion and planning for the next video

If you pick-up your cellphone to play games, rather than learning how to improve your YouTube video, then success on YouTube would be very difficult for you.

Google’s revenue comes from advertising, and basically, that is how the world of the internet thrives, on advertisements and promotions. We mentioned earlier about established YouTube channels prioritized on search results, the same would also be true for channels paying for Ads. An advertised YouTube channel will have the opportunity to reach more people compared to someone waiting for organic traffic.

The easiest way to grow a YouTube audience is really through paid ads. You can easily target an entire demographic for one Ad campaign.

Can you Still be Successful on YouTube if you Only Start Now?

Can you still be successful on YouTube if you only start now?

Can you still be successful on YouTube if you only start now?

The answer would be yes because the description of growing a YouTube channel is difficult, not impossible. You only need to focus on two things on YouTube, produce quality content, and grow an audience.

A YouTube Channel is an Online Asset that Needs an Audience to Succeed.

Take Some Time to Learn the Following to Help you Grow Your YouTube Channel:

Research for YouTube Keywords

Look for keywords and keyword phrases that people are searching for. You can use Google’s free Keyword Planner to execute this process.

The goal during your keyword research is to identify a keyword that has a high search volume but with low competition. Low competition keywords have higher chances of ranking on youtube searches.

Research for YouTube SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a practice of making online content Google friendly. Optimized content will have greater chances of appearing on search results.

Video title, video description, video tags, and video file name are the most common SEO keyword locations. But the latest update on YouTube also includes keywords in your speeches.

SEO optimization is telling YouTube’s search engine what your video is about and who should it be recommended for.

Invest in Video and Audio Equipment and Software

A clear video and audio is a basic requirement. But you don’t need to break the bank for quality video and audio equipment. Amazon has cheaper options for a quality camera and a reliable condenser microphone.

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You can just upgrade your gears later on when you start to earn from your videos.

Aside from the camera and microphone, you should also think about using software that is easy to use. Video editing software like Filmora is perfect for someone starting on YouTube because the application is intuitive.

Promote Your YouTube Video

You need an audience, and a lot of audiences are needed for a YouTube channel to earn money. You might do it for the fame but at some point, you would really want to ask for monetary gratification for your efforts.

More than just a requirement to earn money on YouTube, an audience also validates your hard work. And social media is very good at finding the perfect audience for your YouTube content.

Select two social media platforms if you cannot afford Ads. Choose only two and do not burn yourself-out jumping from one social media platform to another.

Pinterest and Facebook are perfect for sending audiences to your YouTube channel. Become active on these platforms and try to connect to the community, and convert your social media followers to YouTube subscribers.

Learn how to Run Ads for a YouTube Channel

If that’s what your competitors are doing, then compete with them at their own game. This may come later on your journey when you can afford to invest Ads. Google Ads or any ad campaigns on Facebook or Pinterest will make it much easier to reach an audience.

If you have an engaging YouTube video plus you have learned how to monetize aside from YouTube AdSense, then running paid traffic to your YouTube channel will make the most sense. You can easily gain a profit from an effective Google Ad campaign.

It is Never too Late to Start a YouTube channel

It is never too late to start a YouTube channel

It is never too late to start a YouTube channel

Yes, it is not too late to start on YouTube. YouTube as the second most visited website in the world holds a lot of potentials to grow popularity or make money. Doing research before producing a video is very important because it can save you from a lot of frustrations. Learn more about the challenges and why it is difficult to grow a YouTube channel so you can find solutions, for your YouTube videos to be loved by Google, and for your YouTube channel to gain an audience.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Erl Sua (author) from Philippines on December 06, 2020:

Peachy you have very engaging articles on HP. I can see that all have dozens of commenters, it is a good sign that your content is relatable and has an audience. Audience is a requirement, you got that one checked.

And to best help you, visit the Think Media YouTube channel they have very helpful tips and courses.

Erl Sua (author) from Philippines on December 06, 2020:

Thanks, Nigel

I'm happy that I am able to share something useful with an audience. I would also suggest that grow a presence in Quora. I see that you want to grow a YouTube channel and at the same time you want to write an article, Quora is the best platform for both skill.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on December 06, 2020:

thank you very much for your key points ! I am starting on my video that are related to my hubs, Hope it works

Nigel Koay from Malaysia on December 06, 2020:

I was brought to HP because i wanted to start a Youtube channel, but my lecturer told me to try HP first in order to learn the basic stuffs like ad sense & audience. I've learnt a thing or two from your article! Thank you!

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