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Is a Website Important for Your Company?

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Kebsi is an expert Full-Stack Websites & Games Developer. He worked with all aspects of programming for more than 5+ years.

Most small businesses are not considering a website for there company. Some of them believe that a Facebook page is going to be enough for their business and they'll never need a website. Some others tried to build one, but they figured out that it is too expensive than what they have thought it's going to be. In this article, I will describe why websites are so important for every company, and I'll also mention the ways you can have a website that is suitable for you with the best budget starting from fairly free to $100k.

What Are the Main Purposes of a Website?

If you have a company with more than 30 employers, you may have heard them talking about a that is competing you. Once you go online, you'll know everything about them. Your clients will also do the same, but once they wanna learn more about yours, they will be stuck in google that they are enforced to go to Facebook or Instagram. They don't usually click on ready links "what about going to other app". They will leave and go to the other one. Moreover, people who need a product or a service go directly to google where they will find the other competitors rather than you. Even if your products or services is better, they will not be able to see you since google will directly but the official sites first then Facebook pages. Anyway, all what I've mentioned above are connected to the marketing, but your workers need to have a system that will save their data, let them communicate with your clients, and many more. Social media channels are great, but not like or as save as a web you own.

It Is the Most Secure Place for Your Data

Inevitably, every company have data or information that needs to go across the country. Any communication tool won't provide that security you are looking for. If you have a website, you will be able to transmit any kind of massages you need whether it's just a plain text, a pdf file, an image or infographs, an excel data, an application, a form, or anything else that is needed can be send without limitations. The only limit is that most freelance developers are not capable to be trusted since they are working so far away from you. Moreover, they may work for others and apply the same code which will make it easy to be hacked or cracked.

Commercial Products and Services Are Best Sold Online

Your website is the best tool that makes your things sold easily and efficiently. I made a small research 2 years ago. I discovered that the clients I worked with via my website are 80% satisfied with what they have got while only 54% of the ones I worked with from social media and others sites were happy while the others are only complimenting or telling the truth that they are just accepting it. What ever are you offering your customers, being independent is something that will your clients happier than only trying to use other media channels.

A Website Saves Money More Than Its Price

As mentioned above, it generates more money and helps marketers reach the best results, but it can, additionally, save more money. For instance, if you need to distribute advertising cards and brochures, it will cost a lot (depending on where you live), but you will be easily able to send it as a commercial email to your clients and to the ones interested in your company. You can also save the costs of transferring something to client by using FedEx comfortably. While their are still tons of tricks that will save your money while generating more.

The Best Communication Tool

If you have a business that needs more clients, you probably need to speak to them and get closer to know what do they love and what should be changed to fit their minds and gain the sustainability you need. So, once you starts using Facebook, you'll not be able to let everyone knows that this question was asked before, or what has been done for it. Here your website comes to make your clients satisfied about what have they heard from your company.

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Other Benefits of Websites

The most important ones are mentioned above, while there is tons of other great things that I will try to cover here. For example, your website will make your clients engaged with the things you offer once you made it fits your clients thoughts. The website can be like a profile, blog post, and a forum that will completely reflect your business's interest and will improve your aspect among your clients. It will also help your marketers to make surveys and analyze your customers effectively, which will make you able to change or make your decisions based on your researches. You will start advertising at ad channels with a professional look and a less bounce rate (hitting that back button once they enter). Lastly, it will be the first thing appear on google, which is also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly. We are, until now, staying on mentioning the most needed things while there's still some others that you will discover once you had your own.

How Much Does a Website Costs?

It varies from a place to another. The first things is that if you really need the whole things mentioned above, you will, certainly, need to hire a permanent website developer or team. You can hire someone online. Also you can start building it yourself. But even if you worked yourself for building the website, it will cost some money while it will be clearly seen that it is not professional one.

  • Hiring a Special Developer: a developer will have a salary that comes around $60,000 to $300,000 USD depending on his knowledge, skills, and experience. I'm now working for about $120,000 for one of the finest companies in my country. If this looks too expensive while it's permanently, you can option 2
  • Hiring a Freelancer: you can do this by hiring someone online from freelancing websites like Freelancers or Upwork. You will be able to have all the features, but the limitation is that you will be enforced to pay if you had any bugs or problems with your web. However, it is going to be cheaper than hiring a developer, but the price will vary. I saw from $2 to $25 USD pre hour. While it may take long time. I work mainly from 2 to 6 months/8 hours a day for new projects.
  • Purchase a Template: you will also be in need for a developer to change the template and upload it online. You'll have a huge limitation on the features mentioned above. You'll see that most of them are taken. On the other hand, it will be so cheap that is from $25 to $700 USD excluding the hosting expenses (described below). This is so cheap and fast, but you'll not be strong against your competitors.
  • Do It Yourself: which I don't really recommend. You'll be able doing it yourself by opening an account at Wordpress, Hostinger, or any other website builders. You'll have bunch of accessibilities, and you'll not be that limited with the features mentioned above. You will start designing your website even without any experience, but most of the times it results in a bad reputation of your business. You'll be able to reach the abilities and features of any website, but you will pay for buying some plugins. It will be free, but not completely since you'll buy plugins and you'll pay the host costs.

How Much Does a Hosts/Online Servers Costs?

You'll first need something called domain name that costs around $20 USD for one year. Mostly you'll have the first year for free, but after that, you'll pay. The host is also yearly purchased. Sites like Bluehost gives you bunch of plans that is always changing (most of the time, they become better and cheaper). If you are going to build your own website, you'll need to learn more about this, but if not, you should hire even a beginner. Having a host and a domain for 3 years may cost around $700 excluding the expenses mentioned above, but it worth paying.


At the end, I can't say more than "You should invest to start running instead of just walking". Every business in this world have competitors, so if you just felt you are in a good position, you have to know that others have already make a decision and started from today. You weren't going to come here if you had a website, and you was only going to make a small survey that will give you the right thing to do. I don't want to say that it too late, but you have to start from today rather than tomorrow. I hope that I helped you to figure out what should be done. If you have any extra question, you can leave a comment or mail me directly. I'll catch you next time, so thanks for your time and attention.

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