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Is Scaled Agile Framework Better Than Scrum?

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SAFe or Scrum



When choosing a framework for developing software, companies usually face, which framework is ideal for the project. While there are conflicting views about the Scaled Agile Framework, commonly known as SAFe and Scrum, there is little distinction between the two. But the basis of the distinction serves as the method of choosing the right one for the company. To understand, which might be better, a brief outlook into each framework and how they work might help you decide.


Scrum is built on the framework of Agile methodology. The work is divided into smaller segments and distributed amongst teams. Each team works to finish the work within the stipulated time and produce high-quality work. It works best for small teams with excellent cross-functional capabilities. In Scrum, the functioning depends on three key personnel:

  • Scrum Master: The ‘leader’ who organizes and distributes work and makes the decisions.
  • Team members: The ones who finish the work in time and of high quality.
  • Product owner: he is the primary stakeholder who utilizes the end product for realizing the company’s long-term goals.


The Scaled Agile Framework is an extension of Scrum, created to help enterprises scale easily. For large organizations, it is necessary to release software in a very short duration of time. A SAFe environment needs to be adopted to develop software at the fastest pace to survive in such a competitive environment. In addition, the teams working with SAFe can easily work together to fulfill the final work. The interesting part of this is the teams can choose to use Scrum to work differently in smaller segments or stick to SAFe.

Differences between Scrum and SAFe

  • Scrum is for smaller teams, while SAFe is for the entire enterprise.
  • In Scrum, the development process is very focused on each specific while SAFe oversees the bigger picture.
  • Scrum has better interaction, transparency between teams, while SAFe does not require teams to communicate, rather fulfill each task swiftly to align with the working of the other team.
  • SAFe takes lesser time to develop software than Scrum.
  • Scrum cannot be used for scaling enterprises at all or for bigger teams with optimum efficiency.

So, is SAFe better than Scrum?

SAFe was created to overcome the drawbacks of Scrum, so it is a bit obvious that it will be in some ways better than Scrum. But when it comes to choosing a framework for your company, the focus should be rather on the project, its difficulty, time frame, and most importantly, the size of the enterprise. If the enterprise has limited developers or managers to oversee the operations, or the enterprise itself is small. It consists of a small team of developers. Then it is better to choose Scrum. But if you are a bigger or smaller enterprise wanting to scale, SAFe is a more reliable choice. But do remember while settling for one that the chosen framework will determine the success of a project.

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