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Introduction to Microsoft Word - Using the Cut, Copy, and Paste Tools

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Using the Cut, Copy, and Paste Tools

After typing a document, we can transfer data or produce many copies by using the copy, cut and paste commands.

In this article, we are going to explore the use of these important tools.

There are several ways to cut text. You'll learn three techniques in this article; using the menu, using the right-click commands, and using the keyboard shortcuts.

To learn how to make copies of your data follow these procedures:

  1. Select or highlight the data you want to copy.
  2. Click on edit.
  3. Click on the Copy option. You can also copy by using Ctrl and pressing C at the same time or right-clicking on the selected data and clicking on the copy.
  4. Click the destination (where you want to have it pasted).
  5. Click on edit and then click on paste. You can also paste by holding Ctrl and V at the same time or right click on where you want to paste and select paste from the list of commands.
  6. If you want to reverse your changes, click on edit and then undo or hold Ctrl and Z keys at the same time.
  7. If you want to redo - repeat your last action, go to edit and select redo or hold Ctrl and Y to redo.

Important Tips When Copying and Pasting

These are some tips that will help you when copying and pasting data.

  • Whenever you are copying or cutting data, make sure you start by highlighting the intended data.
  • When pasting, make sure you click on where you want to paste the data.
  • The text blinking cursor highlights character by character.
  • The highlight pointer highlights a whole sentence.
  • When you want to have a continuous highlight, do not release the mouse button until you reach the desired point.
  • You can use Ctrl + A to select all the contents of a page.

The Copy Option

The Copy Command

The Copy Command

Data Transfer and Replication Using Icons:

It is possible to use shortcut icons found on the standard toolbar to do data transfer and replication instead of using the edit menu.

Cut – This command removes the selected portion from its current position to a different one. Once you cut anything, it held on the clipboard awaiting your next move.

  • Select what you want to cut.
  • Click the Cut icon.


  • Select what you want to copy.
  • Click the Copy icon.


  • Place the cursor at the point where you want to place the information that is currently on the Clipboard.
  • Click the Paste icon.

Cut Command

The Cut Command

The Cut Command

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Paste Command

The paste command

The paste command

Some Short Cuts that Apply to Almost all Programs

I love using keyboard shortcuts. For one, they are easily accessible thus making you work fast without keeping on reaching for your mouse.

The following is a table with a list of shortcut commands that appear in many, but not all programs.

Check each program's documentation for information specific to the program to be able to determine the shortcut keys to use.

Most Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Common keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard short cutMenu Path Command Description

1. Ctrl - N

File > New

Create a new file

2. Ctrl - O

File > Open

Open an existing file

3. Ctrl - S

File > Save

Save the current file

4. Ctrl - P

File > Print

Print the current file

5. Ctrl - F

Edit > Find

Find text in the current document

6. Ctrl - X

Edit > Cut

Cut (delete and place on Clipboard) the current selection.

7. Ctrl - V

Edit > Paste

Place the material currently on the Clipboard at the current location of your cursor

8. Ctrl - C

Edit > Copy

Copy the current selection to the Clipboard

9. Ctrl - Z

Edit > Undo

Reverse the most recent command. Place the program in the state it was in before executing the last command

10. Ctrl - Y

Edit > Redo

Reverse the last undo. Place the program in the state it was in before executing Undo.

11. Ctrl - D

Format > Font

Apply a font to the current selection

12. Ctrl - B

Format > Font

Bold the current selection

13. Ctrl - I

Format > Font

Italicize the current selection

14. Ctrl - U

Format > Font

Underline the current selection.

15. Ctrl-L

Format > Font

Left-align the selection.

16. Ctrl - R

Format > Font

Right-align the selection.

17. Ctrl - E

Format > Font

Center the selection

18. Ctrl - J

Format > Font

Justify the selection

How to Cut, Copy and Paste in Microsoft Word

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