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Internet of Behaviours (IoB) - Everything You Need to Know

After seeing the power of AI, would you believe it can also play a key role in your career? In this blog article, we will break down the Internet of Behaviours (IoB), explaining what it is and how it can help your career. People are spending more time on the Internet than ever before. And, with over 2.5 billion people actively using the Internet globally, it stands to reason that there is much you can learn about your customers if you do. For example, when looking at just two categories of information, you could glean what people might be interested in by asking questions like which products they buy and how often they update products in their social media feeds.

What is the Internet of Behaviors?

The Internet of Behaviors is the process of moving the boundaries of what is possible by fully automating how businesses convert their customers into loyal users. By setting up specific triggers, triggers that come from the customer through a customer service agent to a machine while simultaneously recognizing emotions and building on them. It allows people to associate themselves with certain groups, opinions, beliefs, interests, etc. This process increases the frequency of certain behaviors while decreasing the frequency of other ones. It is, in some ways, similar to the Internet of Things. It's more on the social side, and it allows your identity to be referred to as something more than just a personal name or a Twitter handle. With features like AI and chatbots, it can make a great tool for marketing.

How Does This Impact me as a Marketer?

The Internet of Behaviour isn't a new technology. The social force of the Internet - our technology-powered behaviors - has been in existence for decades. However, recent advancements in AI and big data analytics, such as machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing (e.g., Google Flu Trends) mean that we're now able to attach granular data onto these behaviors and understand them on a micro level which enables more accurate, hyper-targeted and engaged customer segments. The Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is a technology that syncs and links everyday devices and objects around you and the services they offer.

Connected devices and screens augment their capabilities with each interaction. Imagine, for instance, having an augmented experience on your stove that may help control how fast or hot you cook your breakfast eggs. This concept of interacting through data generated from ambient objects was enabled through enabling technology such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - often called internetworking.

The Internet of Behaviour will change marketing in our society for foreseeable future. It is creating a new engagement and offering new opportunities to reach the consumer. As this concept grows and industries gain understanding and use it, we can expect further driver innovation over these next few years to capitalize on the trend.

Categorizing Millenials

In the previous decades, there have been a number of classifications of people, including Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Generation Ys, and Millenials. However, as this new generation continues to develop, these classifications are being replaced with different names for those who come from that generation. These new micrographics categorize the Millennials as members who were born between 1980 and 2000.

According to an article published by Time Magazine, "Millennials have grown up in a background of social interaction networked via multiple devices at once." Categorizing Millenials has been a hot topic in recent years and in recent months, given the results of studies such as Radiolab's SARS Report and US News Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, categorizing Millenials leaves out the many other worries because it perpetuates stereotypes.

Overview of IoB

The Internet of Behaviour is a term that refers to the real-time collection and classification of human behavior using wearable sensors coupled with cloud-based storage for this data. In recent years, it's been seen as a potential disruptor by searching companies on providing new experiences or products to their customers.

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An internet of behavior happens when people's intentions, thoughts, ideas, etc. are captured in the digital space. This allows for broad research to take place online about people's behaviors because it is much easier to collect data there than in the real world.

The Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is a shift in technological and cultural focus from computers and their use to the complete integration of computing with the human body and how it moves through physical space. The idea is not so much about computers as universal devices that connect people globally. In contrast, it sees computing working more closely with environments made of moving objects, things, spaces, and people that are purposely built to facilitate this integration.

Social Media Marketing Tips for an IoB Landscape

The Internet has transformed into an international network where the laws of the market reign supreme. As future businesses grow, they should take into account that not all media should be treated equally. An IoB-based social media strategy should keep its different platforms in mind to avoid losing traffic on one social media platform and gaining it on another without any effort.

Since this top-down approach can be hard to implement, businesses could integrate IoB across all their digital properties because the same message comes across different audiences through varied channels. As the internet of things expands, social media has some very powerful tactics at its gaining end as well as pitfalls. Competitors are also following to employ these tactics. Points like providing value, personalizing content, and interacting with your audience are all necessary conversation starters in the Social Media Marketing world.

Forty-five percent of Gen Z are currently using the internet alone, with 70% having online access at their fingertips. Meaning, you want to know how this affects your marketing plan. If they're on the internet, they're probably already plugged into social media sites that allow them to do what they need through apps.


The Internet of Behaviour is a protocol at the under slab where network communications are achieved through machine-to-machine interaction. The Internet of Behaviour protocol inherently enables machine-to-machine interactions at a small scale as well as on a large scale. In other words, sensors, biometric devices, and embedded/smart products can all communicate via this protocol. The Internet of Behaviour relates to an ecosystem of devices and intelligent interfaces managed by the cloud. Internet of Behaviour is utilized for business processes across sectors such as education, financial services, government, public utilities, and healthcare.

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