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Top 10 Internet Resources That Pay You up to $100 to Read Emails

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TOP 10 Internet Resources that Pay You up to $100 to Read Emails

Listed below are nine online services that will pay you up to $100 just for reading emails.

The first place goes to Fusion Cash

one of the few GPT sites that are both legitimate and a little bit different from the rest.

Not only has this service been endorsed for years by respected freelancers around the globe, but it also provides its users with a wide variety of novel opportunities to earn cash online, such as being compensated for reading emails or listening to commercial-free radio. If you take them seriously, you may find that you may make more money than you thought possible.

List verse

is looking for contributors like you who are interested in getting paid to create and maintain lists (or listicles!). They request that stories include at least ten specifics. If your list is approved, List verse will send you $100 (through PayPal only).

List verse, possibly the largest website devoted to listicles, is always on the lookout for talented writers who can create engaging and original list articles. Anything odd, intriguing, or special can be the subject of one of your lists. They anticipate each entry in the list to be at least a paragraph long. List verse provides an internet platform for Nigerians to find and apply for employment opportunities.

In addition to being paid $100 for each piece that is approved, you also have a chance to win a $1,000 bonus if your article ends up being the most popular within a given period.

Third, Points2Shop offers six different ways to earn money:

by referring new users, joining the site, reading emails, completing offers, taking surveys, and making purchases on the site itself.

This brand-new website has emerged, and naturally, it is loaded with amazing, appealing features.

Unique Paid, number four on our list

is a top-tier website that offers a hundred dollars for simply reading and collecting emails. Reviews have shown that one can easily make as much as $100 from the site and that the site itself has a very remarkable and speedy payout system. For each user you bring to the site, you will receive a referral bonus.

Five Sites That Pay One Hundred Dollars to Have You Read Emails

Make a Living Writing is one of the most visited sites by writers who are seeking compensated article writing gigs. Carol Tice, a successful freelance writer, runs it. Each accepted article can earn you $75 - $150. Your piece is published, and you receive payment at the end of the next month.

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Make a Living Writing is geared toward assisting authors in their quest to secure higher earnings and more stable careers as writers. Copywriting, blogging, productivity, ghost-writing, breaking through as a writer, marketing tools, top writing sites, and many other topics are all fair game.

The members of Carol Tice's Freelance Writers Den, both current and former, are given priority while contributions are being considered.

Sixth, Inbox Dollars:

Inbox Dollars is a GPT website that provides users with a variety of activities, including surveys, offers, and games, for earning rewards; it is one of the sites that pay $100 for reading Emails and select news articles.

Drop zone:

The drop zone is a site that pays its writers to write about skydiving. They are looking for content relating to skydiving in general, as well as skydiving equipment.

The rate per item ranges from $50 to $100. Each accepted piece earns you $50, and a featured article can earn you $100.

The Top 8 $100 Paying Sites | Cash Crate Responding to Emails Cash crate is another service that issues regular payments. Several freelancers have written articles about it on LinkedIn, and it has received positive reviews on review sites like YouTube. They compensate you not only for adding new members but also for referring others.

Nine. Scotch:

Scotch is a blog on web development that is always looking for new authors to contribute articles and tutorials. In addition to React, Vue, Angular, JavaScript, Node, CSS, Python, Laravel, and so on, they accept tutorials on a wide variety of web development-related topics. They have a per-article fee of $150.

You can get paid to write for Scotch even if you're just starting, but having experience is preferred. If your pitch is accepted, you should expect a response within two weeks.

Thus, to sum up

If you don't have a regular source of income but are dedicated to "side hustles" like the ones that pay $100 for reading Emails, you could make enough money to cover some of your bills without needing to work full-time. If you found this post helpful, please consider sharing it on social media, professional networks, and any other places where you think it could be useful. This will help many writers get rewarded fairly for their efforts.


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