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Increase your Google PageRank by Using These 12 Guest Blogging Sites

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Increase your Google PageRank by Using These 12 Guest Blogging Sites

Everything we do has competitors that may perform better in our sector. In the web sector, there are billions of webpages on Google and other search engines, making it difficult to be a top player on Google and Bing.

To appear on top of Google search, a web page must perform better than others with similar phrases or information. One of the most important criteria Google considers when ranking a page is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which includes web page quality and content, percentage of unique words, web page optimization, and key terms used.

Google also considers the number of incoming links pointing to your website, which helps to create good authenticity, the amount of traffic your website is receiving, on page loading time, used, and the number of bouncing rate your website is experiencing, which helps Google to know if the web visitors your website is receiving are satisfied or not, thus the longer they stay on your website.

Incoming links referring to your website are one of the elements Google employs to rank web pages. Google believes what others say about you or your website is more important than what you say yourself. This provides a direct relationship between incoming links and Google search rank.

How do you gain links to your website? You can develop incoming links to your website by generating high-quality articles that others will share. They may even link their pages to yours if they think the information beneficial and informed.

Guest blogging is another approach to create a website link. What's guest blogging? Guest blogging involves posting content on other websites in exchange for a link to your own. Some websites may pay you for the article in addition to the link. The more websites that link to yours, the higher you'll rank on Google, giving you a better chance of high traffic, which is every website owner's goal.

This page lists 12 guest-posting sites where you can build links. If you want to rank higher on Google, visit these sites.

1. eHow is one of the sites that millions of people search for information on every month. This website accepts guest articles, but they have to be very good for them to be posted. You also get paid for your work. You could make an average of $15 for each article you write for them.

2. The website Tumblr is a free social site where you can write an article and add a link to your website. When you write an article on Tumblr, make sure to go to the dashboard's settings and choose "Allow everyone to see my content." This will help Google find your content when people search for it.

If you want your article on Tumblr to show up in Google search results, make sure you write high-quality, unique content. This will make Google see your article as something that visitors will find useful.

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3. Ezine Articles

When it comes to guest blogging, is one of the best sites you should use. The site accepts high-quality content with no spelling or grammar mistakes, which they feature in their newsletters and make searchable on Google. If one of your articles is chosen to be in this site's newsletter, you will get paid.

4. Articlebiz

If you want to build strong backlinks to your site, you can go to to do so. It's a free site that a lot of people use. The site gets more visitors every month, so there is a good chance that your guest blog will be seen. Make sure you write good content that will get your article listed on Google's search engine.

5. Google's sites are free is also a good place to create a backlink that will help your website rank higher in Google search results. This site is free to use, and your article has a good chance of getting indexed if you write high-quality, unique content that users will find useful.

6.Github is one of the most popular free sites where people go to find free information and publish articles. More people visit the site every month, and Google ranks it higher. There are a lot of tools on the site that make it easy to write your article. You can go there and write an article with a link to your website.

7. ArticleCube is also a well-known site where authors go to publish high-quality, original content and where people go to search for free information. People have been coming to this site for at least 17 years. Make sure you go to this site to write your guest article, which will include a link to your website.

8. HubPages is one of the most popular places to build a strong backlink to your website. This site encourages original, high-quality content that is at least 500 words long. Once your article is published on Hub pages, it goes through a high-quality assessment, which can take up to 48 hours. When your article has been judged to be of high quality, it will be added to the list of top articles, and you may be able to make money from it by using Google AdSense or Amazon Ads.

Another thing to think about if you want to write an article on Hub pages to get a backlink is that the site doesn't allow do-follow backlinks in your first five featured articles because it thinks they are spam. You also need a hub score of at least 65% to get a do-follow backlink.

says it has more than 23,000 online publishers who are actively working, and it has been in the article publishing business for more than 15 years. Make sure you also go to this site and write an article that includes a backlink to your website to boost your ranking.

10. Storify is a popular site where people go to blog as guests. The site is free for publishers, and it has features that make it easy to create backlinks. This means that you can use it to boost your ranking by making a do-follow backlink that points to your website.

11. Buzzle is a well-known online directory that many publishers use to get more traffic and build backlinks. The site is free to use and gets a lot of visitors every month, so there is a good chance that a lot of people will see your article or articles. If you want your article to have a better chance of getting indexed, make sure it has unique, high-quality content.

12. Bukisa

You should also think about going to to make your backlink. The site is free to use, and a lot of people visit it every month. What makes this site unique is that a lot of companies go there to look for publishers who can write high-quality articles and pay them to do so. This gives you a good chance of being hired and gives you a free backlink, which will help you rank higher in Google searches.

In conclusion, this article has shown you the 12 best free sites that accept guest blogs and where you can make a free backlink that points to your website. This will help your website get a higher ranking on Google and other search engines like Bing, which will help your website get a lot of web traffic.


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