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Increase Your Blog Traffic in a Day

One of my greatest passions as an internet marketer and blogger is thinking of new ways to reach others. I hope my latest blog post helps.


Simple Ways to Get Traffic Fast!

Each passing day new blogs make their way on the world wide web. The truth is that many of these blogs don't gain the exposure they need to make a blogger successful. Unless a site is search engine optimized, a site owner will need to drive traffic to their own site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a site that is created to be visible on the web. Most sites today are not search engine friendly which means when a person does a search for something specific, they are one of the first sites to show in search results. There is hope for those wishing to gain visibility.

List Building is Key

Anytime you share details about your blog, try to get visitors email addresses. Adding an opt-in pop-up or a subscription box on your blog will be helpful. After you get their address, add them to your email list. Make sure you store your email list in two places. Keep a written log for your email contacts. It is also important to use an email service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact for email blasting. Working on unique ways to gather email contacts is a plus. For example, think about giving away a free ten page ebook or something else of value. Have people to sign-up for the giveaway in exchange for their email address. A free Mailchimp account can be created at Visit Constant Contact to learn more about how to use an automated email system.

Share New Blog Post

If you are a blogger, share new blog post on social media and send them to your email contacts. When sharing new post, ask friends and family to share them also. Think about creating graphics using canva to post with your links. This will help with visibility especially on platforms like Pinterest and Twitter. Even if your contacts only forward one email or share one post, links could go viral. Join relevant groups on facebook and make it a goal to post in several groups daily. This means you've got to do some target marketing to find the best groups suitable for sharing your blog content.

Create Youtube Videos

Youtube videos seem to be the thing today in terms of marketing and promotion. People are creating funny videos, inspirationals, promotional videos, service and product reviews. The key is to embed a link to your site or blog and to also make sure you let viewers know how they can subscribe to your blog. Youtube links can also be shared on social media and by email. You may also want to ask viewers to subscribe to your youtube channel.

Email Product Reviews

If you sell affiliate products or your own products, write honest reviews on your blog and email them to your contacts. When writing reviews try to include positive reviews that have been written by other affiliates selling the same products. This can be done by researching product reviews for the products that you are selling. Then include a link on your review directing potential clients to other reviews. Amazon is a great place for finding reviews on products.

Organize Your Contacts for Target Marketing

Organize your list by areas of interest. For example you may want to create a list just for small business owners. You will know how to target potential clients. Find out which contacts may be interested in the products or services you sell. Then invite them to visit your blog by emailing them. The subject area should be appealing enough to make them want to read your blog. In your email description, give them brief details about your blog. Make sure you include a link to your blog or new post. If you are not using an automated email system, you will need to send out new emails as often as you are able to. Sending out emails like this once a month will help your company gain the visibility it needs. Some even send out emails daily or once a week but try not to annoy people with too many emails. If you have so many contacts that manually sending them out will take some time, try sending out a few a day.

Create a Promotional Deal

Create a promotional deal that potential clients can't refuse. What would make your offer different from other internet marketers? Doing a little brain storming and preplanning could really make a world of difference. Always remember quality is better than quantity. Work on appearance and being unique. It may take time to create a good post or promotion but keep in mind that blogging can be very rewarding. Everything about it should present itself as great.

Do Some Target Marketing

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Get a piece of paper and simply write down the names of friends and family members that may benefit from what you offer. Before there was such a thing as the world wide web, we had telephones. Use telemarketing skills to call some of the people you know to let them know about your blog. Word of mouth is one of the most affective ways to advertise. Not everyone is computer savvy or has access to the web.

Create a Facebook Business Page

People are using facebook everyday to take advantage of free ways to maket their business. Create a facebook page for your business and join business networks on facebook that will help you get the word out about your blog. There are groups on facebook called Facebook like groups. When business owners join these groups and post links, other business owners will like their facebook page. There are also groups on facebook specifically for those that wish to promote their blog.

Share Holiday & Birthday Greeting Cards on Social Media

There is nothing like making a person feel special. Create greeting cards and personalize them with your business name on the greeting cards. As a rule of thumb, always include your link in the description area when posting. Your card may say something like XYZ Company wishes Jane Doe a happy birthday or WXY Publications wishes you a Merry Christmas. Yes this takes some extra time but sites like Canva have card templates to make this easier.

If Your Blog Offers Services, Share Your Price List

Often not only are people curious about products or services, but they are also curious about how much money is involved. Creating a price list that details everything your company offers along with prices helps you the business owner by answering the question that will eventually be asked later. How much do you charge?

Ask Your Facebook Friends & Family to Share Your Link

Create a simple graphic for your blog including a link on the wall of your facebook page. Your graphic may say check out my latest blog post - (add the post title). Simply send a few of your friends a message and ask them if they will share your link. A simple way of sharing a link is to upload a graphic on facebook along with a link and tag as many facebook friends that you would want to see your ad.

Increasing traffic to your website or blog in a day can happen when bloggers take the necessary steps it takes to create unique realistic ways to gain exposure. Some of the things listed can be done in a day and some may take some time but if a blog owner takes the measures and follow the tips, in time traffic will increase.

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