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I'm So Fed Up with Robot Calls!

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What They Do

Since COVID-19, telephone calls from everyone trying to sell me everything, have been blowing up my landline phone. I guess this is to be expected. Everyone is home now. Solicitors know they have a captive audience.

The calls start at 9:00 am, and go on until 8 o'clock at night. Just when you think you can settle in for the night, and watch a little television, the calls still go on.

I can tell when a solicitor is calling. There is a long time of dead air when you pick up the phone, and say hello. The reason for the hesitation is to transfer the call to one of their solicitors.

I am often referred to as 'sir'. That alone tells me they do not know who they are calling.

Types of Calls

These are but a few of the types of robot calls and human calls that I have received, asking me to buy:

·• Emergency medical bracelet (I already have one)

• Fake Amazon robot calls that tell me, for example, that someone has fraudulently charged $399 dollars for a product using my debit card. I get this message every time I order something from Amazon. I'm sure it isn't Amazon. I would never buy something that expensive online.

• ·"We can solve your credit card problem".. Assistance with debt. Always a robot call.

• Diabetes glucose meter that do not require you to prick your fingers (I am not eligible for it). The last two months, I have gotten over a dozen such calls.

• Good payment history of electrical bills - do I want to install solar panels?

• In addition, I have spoken to different men and women asking me do I want auto insurance (I haven't had a car in three years).

• The calls informing me that they can provide me with a knee brace, an ankle brace, or a back brace for me, free of charge. Medicare will pay for it.

At the end of one day, I received six robot calls. Some of the same calls I have /gotten two or three times a week. I am sure that the companies that call me got my information from a mailing list. A company, or hospital, will sell a list of their clients as a source of income. The real question is, how do they get my telephone number?

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Stop Trying to Fool Us!

The calls that really infuriate me are the ones that try to trick you into answering back to a robot call. They give their speech, "This call is recorded for quality assurance". This is so you will believe the 'caller'.

Then, so to make sure that you're still on the line, he will. ask, "Can you hear me?" Right then, if you answer him, you are talking to a machine.

Then you get the calls that again try to fool you. The guy on the phone wants you to confirm information that he already knows. He has your street address. He knows you have diabetes, and obviously, your telephone number. He tells me that I am eligible for a free glucose meter. The man will then ask for your Medicare I.D. number..

Clearly, this is not an allowed request. You don't know who this person is, or what he will do with the information. Immediately, hang up,

One day, I don't hang up. I want to know how far he will go to get my Medicare card I.D. number.. I tell him that a close relative keeps my card. He can call her for the number. Or, he can call my doctor if he wishes. He tells me that if I get my Medicare card number from my relative, he will call me back later.

Of course, he never calls me back. He thought I was that gullible and eager to give him my personal information right away.

What Can I Do?

You answer the phone and say hello. There isn't anyone there, and there is a long pause. It's their call center, transferring the call to one of their employees. I hang up before they say hello.

If I'm doing something important, or if I am expecting a certain call, only to be called by a solicitor, asking me to buy something, it makes me angry. Many times, I am so angry, that I just hang up the phone in their face.

I have hung up on these types of calls. If the person talks while I am talking at the same time, I hang up. They are more committed to talking fast and furious, then listening to me. When I can finally get a word in, to tell him I am not interested, he quickly disconnects the call. On to the next person.

I feel sorry for those who make these calls as a way to make money. I was once one of those people. I lasted a month. I didn't have the temperament. I didn't like making cold calls, and listening to belligerent people asking me a lot of questions.

I only made money if the company I worked for got the business. I soon found out that I was the only one getting the business.

Final Comments

Making robot call recordings, or cold calling, is fine for the right person. You have to have the right speech. You have to have the right tone of voice. You have to be patient. You don't let negativity affect you. You have to be upbeat when you talk to a person.

You have to know when the person who call is not on board with what you are selling. You have to know when to disconnect the call. You have to be willing and able to do this twenty-or more times a day, every day.

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© 2020 Carolyn Gibson

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