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I Regret After Switching from Android to iOS

iphone 8

iphone 8

If I remember correctly, I've been an Android user since 2014. And, a few months before 2022 ends, I finally moved to iOS. The reason, anyway, because it's just bored. I thought to start looking for different sensations through "other vendors". And, now I regret it. Yes, sorry because why didn't I just move from Android to iOS earlier.

Well, as usual, apart from being bored, I moved to iOS because of the environment. Many of my friends use iPhones. After observing for some time, several questions arose. For example, why do so many of my friends start using or moving to iPhones? Is it really worth it?

Long story short, I started getting used to checking iPhone developments on the marketplace. After that, read lots of reviews. One of them is a comparison of Android and iOS. The Apple product I bought was the iPhone 8 for a little over IDR 2 million. Let's just say this is a try-and-try phone.

Now, I have become an iPhone user. If you count the length of use, anyway, maybe almost three months. This short time has strengthened my mind that I regret not trying iOS earlier. Well, it may sound out of date. The name alone used to be comfortable with Android. Isn't love a matter of comfort and the need to complement each other?

The difference between Android and iOS
During those nearly three months, I found several differences between Android and iOS. While still using Android, some heavy applications felt heavy to run, the camera was not satisfactory, it was not comfortable to hold, and the operating system was not smooth enough.

Meanwhile, when using iOS, I found that until now I haven't met such a thing as lag, the camera is satisfying, feels good in the hand, and the work system is really smooth.

I feel that the iPhone is not just a cellphone to satisfy prestige. This Apple product is here for those of us who need convenience, speed, and aesthetics. Well, even though at first it felt strange because the buttons on the iPhone 8 are few, they are different from Android products.

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However, even though the button is "poor", therein lies its strengths. As far as my experience, iPhone is more efficient and simpler. Just swipe left, right, up and down. This is a tool that understands user needs.

Regarding the price, I hold a mutual agreement that there is a price, yes there is a way. When a work tool becomes so useful, I think the price debate between Android and iOS is over. Well, each of them has its own target market. So, it's strange to debate.

Design and camera
Talking about design, what I feel is a matter of simplicity but elegance. Android still has a good design in my opinion. However, iPhones has an elegant and simple side.

Now, when it comes to cameras, for me who is a bit unfamiliar with image quality, the difference between Android and iOS is immediately felt. For example, my old iPhone 8 is still great for taking photos and recording videos. The results are still satisfying even if you use an old school device.

Sometimes I wonder, even though an Android phone has a 48MP camera, iPhone shots still look clearer. Just like not natural results from Android. I'm not saying it's completely bad. What can I do, I've been using the robotic OS since 2014.

Want to try other Apple products
In my opinion, customer satisfaction is very important in the midst of competition. If you are satisfied, like me, you will feel like trying other Apple products. I've been eyeing a MacBook myself. But, still confused to determine which one. Do readers have any suggestions for me?

Finally, this article is purely my personal opinion, yes, as an Android and iOS user. There must be someone out there who feels that Android is better and that's good. Well, the name of the preference must be different. so.

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