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I Forgot My Apple ID Password on My iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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Use FMiP to Recover Your Account

Use FMiP to Recover Your Account

I Forgot My Apple ID Password

1) First, go to settings>tap on your name>Passwords & Security. Tap “Change Password,” and follow the prompts to change the password. If you cannot sign in, try the following suggestion.

2) If you are signed into your device and use a verification code for security, try the Find My iPhone App. Tap on the app with a green radar sign, and ensure your Apple ID is in the top line, tap “Forgot My Apple Password,” and change your password. The app may ask you for your passcode before you can change your password.

I Have a Trusted Device

If you have another Apple device with the same Apple ID and you are signed into your account, go to the home screen and open Settings>Passwords & Security>Tap “Change Password.” Follow the prompts to change your password for your Apple account. Sign into any device with your new password that uses that same Apple ID.

I am Not Signed into My Device or I do not have Access to My Device

If you don’t have a device, but can borrow a friend or family member’s iPhone or iPad, open the Find My iPhone App and delete their Apple ID and type in yours instead. Hit “Forgot My Password,” and follow the instructions for resetting your password on the screen.

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Go to on any browser and sign in with your Apple ID. The prompts that appear depend on the personal settings you have chosen for your account. If the security system verifies your identity, you will either receive an email, text or phone call with the code to reset your password.

Set Up as a New Device

For iPhone 8 or later, erase you device on iTunes and set it up as a new device. Do not put in your Apple ID or password and choose "Skip or Later" whenever asked to enter information (except Wi-Fi setup). When you finally reach the home screen, enter your Apple ID and password in settings. It will ask you for your phone number and send you a verification code.

Account Recovery

Without access to the email address or phone number on your account, Apple is unable to verify you and will be place your account in recovery. Unfortunately, this process can take 24 hours to several days to be resolved. After you add your new phone number or email address in the recovery process, Apple will provide a time to expect a text, email or phone call to reset your password.

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