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Hubpages instead of Facebook

Choose carefully where you write.

Choose carefully where you write.

Hijacking posts

This is my personal testimony that I would like to share because I believe it may benefit someone. I have begun giving Hubpages the time that I used to spend on Facebook because I came to a realization. Initially, the writer in me was posting a lot of detailed information on the social media platform rather than simple posts. A tone point I began doing the notes, which allowed you to use more characters than a regular post but I don't even believe they have that now. After posting some things I would re-read them and realize they could have made a Hub instead. I found myself a bit confused wanting to enlighten my Facebook friends versus making the post into an actual story. One day I determined that my time would be better spent writing on Hubpages rather than trying to socialize on Facebook because I wanted my writing skills to be utilized professionally rather than socially. I began to notice that people would share my posts and remove my name and post as if it were their own. These were individuals who never liked or commented. They were reading and stealing. If I only share my stories, they have to reshare as is and cannot take any credit for my work.

Facebook offers no reward

Facebook offers no reward

Value and self worth

I always had shared my Internet writings on social media but also spent time posting. Prior to Facebook I had a Ning Network of my own and joined several Networks that others invited me to be a part of. A lot of times my posts were misunderstood but a story allows me to give more detail for those who need clarity. I do not get a lot of views on my Hubs and almost never any comments but at least if anyone does read and they share it, this increases my revenue. I noticed last week that a fake story about a child being shot with a nail gun was still being passed around after 5 years. Just imagine one of your stories being shared over and over for that long a period of time. My point is that because I am a writer, I was giving away my gift in a place where I was not being celebrated by posting often. I am working on my self worth and value as a writer and therefore I am going to share professionally more than I just post. Guage yourself and think of all the posts you have written on social media over the years when you could have been sharing your stories and boosting your income. Time spent writing hubs will help to build your brand and benefit you in the long run. I am not suggesting that anyone reading stop using social media. I am only pointing out the revelation that came to me. I foyu have time to do both well, that's great.

Hubpages or Facebook?

Hubpages or Facebook?

Hubpages really is a community

In my time on Facebook, this has been my personal observation. Everyone comes out of the woodwork to say happy birthday or happy anniversary and when a death is announced. The rest of the time people do not really communicate. I run into people at the grocery store who tell me they enjoy my posts but they do not communicate, but they are reading. On Hubpages, not everyone who follows you will read your stories or comment but I have noticed there is more communication on Hubpages. In my opinion, it's better to go where you are celebrated, appreciated, and congratulated than where you are simply tolerated. Hubpages has a great incentive by acknowledging when you have written specific numbers of Hubs, and we gain points by our overall communication with this platform. Reading and commenting on other Hubs and sharing in the forum are all rewarded. There is no reward on Facebook and no monetary compensation for your time.

Intellectual stimulation

I don't mean any disrespect but a lot of the posts on Facebook are not intellectually stimulating. I am finding that reading other Hubs is giving me new information and quite the learning experience. I am gleaning from the writing of others and it helps me to stay in writing mode. I understand that social media is just that, a platform to be social and that won't change. I find that I am easily drained reading my Facebook newsfeed but I am recharged by the quality of what I read on Hubpages. Everyone's experience is different and perhaps someone reading enjoys social media. This is just my story and I share it because if I am dealing with this situation, then so are others.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 06, 2020:

I enjoyed reading your experience on Facebook & Hubpages.

I do enjoy talking with other writer's.

My so called Facebook friends complain that I dont spend alot of time there.

When I am on there I am usually on writing group sites.. reading & messaging other writers. I occasionally post on regular Facebook but I guess I don't spend much time commenting on other posts.

Writing is kinda my thing...I enjoy the community of Hubpages. Or well I did when we could freely comment.

Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on October 06, 2020:

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Yes it would be nice if you could block. Ive had people being very nasty to me as well. Perhaps they might consider it sometimes.

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 06, 2020:

The only potential problem I found with considering HP a social platform is that they do not offer a way to block out things that are negative or toxic to me. Sure, I can ignore people and avoid people I don't get along with. And I can delete things if I ever found it necessary to delete. But sometimes those actions aren't enough. I do very much enjoy the community aspect some of the hubbers provide, though.

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on September 20, 2020:

Well articulated "anti mi". I left Facebook because through the medium I fell into the hands of internet fraudsters. This pained me richly. Then I have not discovered HubPages, it was after this incident that i started seeking for other means of socializing and then the HubPages advert jumped at me one day, and I do not miss it, I registered immediately, but could not make head way through, because I was writing there like I was writing on Facebook with lots of abbreviations. Having taken time to study the HubPages, I discover it is better, as you have stated through her, HubPages, one can hone his or her writing skills unlike at other pages.

It is also educational and intriguingly I think the editorial crew of HubPages do monitor some of our articles and when copied without due referencing they communicate with the person to make adjustments, for such has happened to me before.

So, I feel it makes a writer's work even more secure and adding more value to one's life, work among other things.

Good work "anti mi".

Stay Safe!

Stay Lifted in Jesus Christ!!

Warmest Regards from me in Ilorin, Nigeria, to the brethren and family over there.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 18, 2020:

HubPages does have a community feel to it. The interaction here is fun and informative. The fact that we can earn a few dollars from writing on this site is a plus.

Lorna Lamon on September 18, 2020:

I stopped using Facebook years ago for all the reasons you have mentioned. I prefer a site where you can not only share your own experiences but benefit from the shared experiences of others. I find Hub Pages allows me to write and also be part of a community. Thanks for sharing Cheryl.

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