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Mastering HubPages RSS, Create Topic-Based RSS Feeds for Better, More Focused Promotion

HubPages offers RSS feeds to list your newest hubs, best hubs, and hottest hubs. Distributing your RSS feed and posting it on a related web site is excellent for traffic and ranking. However, we all write on so many different topics that the effectiveness of these feeds is limited.

Readers of my money saving blog could care less about hermit crab care. This article presents a brand new, super simple way to make your hubs on certain topics distributable via topic-based RSS feeds.

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Why use RSS for HubPages?How to create RSS feeds for hot/best/latest hubs with a particular tagHow to make RSS feeds for your hubs, images, forum posts, and other HubPages contributionsPromote your hub with RSS


Why Do I Need Topic Based RSS for HubPages?

Let's say you've written a collection of hubs about the health benefits of essential oils. However, in your day job as a taxi driver you have learned all the shortcuts in your city so you also write local hubs.

You can promote your hubs on a natural remedies forum or web site (possibly your own blog) where people who would be interested in your essential oil knowledge. If the web site allows you to post an RSS feed, you can ensure that there are always links coming into your latest, hottest, or best hubs. In addition to being interesting to the users of the web site, search engines like Google will reward your hub with a better search ranking for having incoming links from web sites featuring content which is relevant to your hub. For more reasons why you should use RSS to promote your hub, read these helpful articles from other hubbers.

Unfortunately, since all of your hubs are included in the RSS feed, regardless of content, those traffic tips continually get in the way, a black sheep among your essential oil hubs. The solution is to publish RSS feeds which are filtered by topic to keep your readers' interest.

RSS Feeds Listing Hot, Latest, and Best Hubs by Tag

Once you have published 20 hubs on HubPages, a Top Tags module is added to your author page. The author page is the page that you reach after clicking the more → link on your profile and is probably the most commonly-used RSS feed for hub promotion. However, as you have already read, promoting hubs across many topics may not be very effective.

Clicking one of the tag links in the Top Tags module brings you to a page which shows only your hubs that are labeled with that particular tag. This is an excellent reason to include an identical tag among your hubs by category, so that you can easily distinguish them by topic and distribute only relevant articles in your RSS feeds.

Simply click the orange RSS icon in your browser toolbar or add ?rss to the end of the web address to get the link to your hub feed. This link can be used in any feed reader or feed submission system to pull in content from and links to your most recent, hottest, and best hubs.

Your browser may help you find the RSS link for a web site. Just look for the orange RSS icon and click for the link.

Your browser may help you find the RSS link for a web site. Just look for the orange RSS icon and click for the link.

For authors who do not have a Top Tags module

Even if your Top Tags are not listed on your author page, you can still generate RSS feeds based on the tags that you have applied to your hubs. Just follow these simple instructions to change the web address of your author page in order to view hubs by tag.

  • Go to your author page:
  • After your username but before the latest, hot, or best options, type one of the tags that you used, ensure that forward slashes separate these items: tag/latest/
  • Hit the Enter key to visit the page, you can click Hot to sort your hubs with the hottest first: tag/hot/
  • Add ?rss to the end of the web address to get the RSS feed for these results: tag/hot/?rss

Limitations of HubPages Hot, Latest, and Best Hubs RSS

A new HubPages search feature allows you to search for all content by a specific user and generate RSS feeds of the results.

A new HubPages search feature allows you to search for all content by a specific user and generate RSS feeds of the results.

More Flexible Topic-based RSS for Hubs and All Other HubPages Content

You can wrap up any hubs, polls, forum posts, or any other content that you've posted on HubPages into an RSS feed which can be used to promote your activity at HubPages. Unlike the tag-based RSS feeds described above, these feeds can span multiple content types and keywords.

The new search box on your HubPages user profile will take you to the HubPages user content search system. From this search, there are two ways to build feeds of your content.

  1. If you use the search box on your profile you will see all results from your content based on the keywords that you selected. Your web browser should detect the RSS feed related to these lists and display an orange RSS icon in the web address bar or elsewhere. Click this to get the link to your topic-based RSS, or simply add &rss to the end of the search URL.
  2. Just change the RSS link for any HubPages search to include your username:

Note: HubPages has added the convenience that both ?user=YourUsername&rss and ?rss&user=YourUsername will work. Unlike other pages, you cannot add ?rss to the end of the link because the link will not work properly with two question marks, so an ampersand is the required separator.

Results from the HubPages user content search may include your hubs, forum posts, polls, images, and more.

Results from the HubPages user content search may include your hubs, forum posts, polls, images, and more.

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RSS feeds including only hubs, comments, polls, forum posts, etc

To the right of the search results, just click the name of the type of content that you wish to include in the RSS feed.

Note: If you only intend to include hubs in the RSS which match a specific tag, use the author page to generate your RSS XML instead because that RSS link is cleaner and this method searches full text instead of just tags.

HubPages RSS with multiple, specific types of content

You can then include multiple content types by modifying the URL as follows to include a comma-separated list of each content type that you wish to include in the results with no spaces between each item. This helps to exclude content which you may not want to syndicate, such as forum posts and questions:,polls,images+stock+photo?user=YourUsername&rss

Note: Be careful to not remove the + sign which separates the content types from the keyword search. Also, if there are any spaces between the content types, they will be included as keywords in the search.

Limitations of using the HubPages user content search for RSS

  • The RSS links are not as clean as the links to RSS for your hot/best/latest hubs
  • Results can be sorted by date or by relevance, which is loosely related to latest and best but the relevance of the hub to the particular search keyword overrides the hubscore to some extent.
  • You cannot search only on tags, so any of your content containing matching text will be listed.

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Reader Comments

gepeTooRs on April 11, 2016:

These are in fact enormous ideas in about blogging. You have touched some fastidious things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

fritteritter (author) from Ohio, USA on June 20, 2013:

Correct, the hub was updated when HubPages removed support for the RSS module, and at 3 years old it is probably no longer relevant.

Dr Abby Campbell from Charlotte, North Carolina on June 20, 2013:

I was excited to find this hub. It seems that it was last dated in February 2013. However, this must be old information because these do not work for me. :(

chamilj from Sri Lanka on April 10, 2011:

You are doing great help to new hubbers. Thank you very much for your tutorials.

IndikaT from Kandy,Sri Lanka on February 10, 2011:

Great hub, learned a lot on custom rss feeds. Thanks

kiwitom from Perth, Australia on January 12, 2011:

Great hub - very helpful in creating custom rss feeds. Nice work!

Mike Teddleton from Midwest USA on December 17, 2010:

Thanks for the useful information. hub up and bookmarked...

uykusuz from England on September 24, 2010:

Great hub,thanks.

aminur on August 09, 2010:

absolutely brilliant my friend. Fully explain about the RSS feed. Me personally was looking for more information on how to use the rss feed. Now i get the grip of it. cheers and god bless

smaq on July 07, 2010:

Thanks a lot. It was exactly what i was looking for. Great post.

Alison Graham from UK on June 22, 2010:

Thank you - after reading several hubs on RSS, I have FINALLY GOT IT after reading yours!! Thanks so much, have just created an RSS capsule for a group of hubs so I am very pleased - voted up!

ns1209 from UK - England on April 30, 2010:

Wow this is really helpful!

kirstenblog from London UK on October 30, 2009:

Dude THANK YOU! for this one.

I have been trying to get a topic based rss feed on a hub since yesterday, everyone I asked tried but I don't think they got what I was trying to do. The problem was in the end very simple, one of how the rss url was formated, it wasn't right. I decided this morning to read some more on rss and hope I could figure out what I was doing wrong, read 3 hubs before yours and they just were not helpful. Your hub had the answer for me! Why does it not have a hub score of 100! It is fab for people trying to advance their use of rss so that its targeted and thus actually useful in hubs.

Dedicated Content Curator from United Kingdom on October 26, 2009:

Fab. I spotted your hub the other night and came out tonight specifically looking for it.

You're a genius. Thanks. I just need one more piece of my jigsaw now :)

Happy hubbing!

fritteritter (author) from Ohio, USA on July 25, 2009:

I contribute to some Q&A communities and mostly use RSS to send notifications to my web browser when someone posts a question that I might be able to answer. I haven't had a lot of luck promoting hubs with RSS yet partially because I haven't written enough in any one topic... but there are certainly a handful of good hubs about RSS basics to study before diving into this one.

bigmikeh from UK on July 25, 2009:

Searched out this hub after seeing your comment in the forums. I need to get into this stuff - right now it's right on the edge of my understanding, but it's got to be useful to learn it.

fritteritter (author) from Ohio, USA on July 24, 2009:

I'm glad you liked it. This hub underwent a major revision last week when I discovered some new search features which had not been available on my account when I wrote the hub. Consequently the instructions became much simpler, the old one involved filtering the main RSS feeds through another web-based service and all kinds of hullabaloo :)

F A Williams from United States on July 24, 2009:

Thanks for this hub. It's awesome. You helped me to add a topic specific feed to both my hub and one of my blogs.

I've bookmarked this hub because I know I'll need to come back to it in the future for more info.

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