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How to utilise Zoom on the Echo Show

If you have an Echo Show at home, it can serve as a hands-free Zoom machine and another way to attend meetings without using your computer


Zoom meetings are a common feature of many people's daily lives. Most of us have to deal with the video conferencing company at some time in our week, whether we're a middle schooler taking online classes, a CEO attending back-to-back meetings, or even a book club that meets digitally. If you have an Echo Show at home, it can serve as a hands-free Zoom machine and another way to attend meetings without using your computer or staring at your smartphone.

As of right now, Zoom video calling is available on the Echo Show 8 and the Echo Show 10 models (the one that rotates). Amazon has announced that Zoom will be available on the Echo Show 15 later this year.

Even if you're scurrying around, the cameras on the Show 10 and second-generation 8 employ digital panning and zooming to keep on target. To follow you around the room, you may turn the screen 360 degrees with the 10. (helpful if you like to cook dinner while Zooming).

In addition to an Echo Show 8 or 10, you'll need a free Amazon Alexa account and the Alexa app on your smartphone to enjoy Zoom video chatting on an Echo Show. To use the Echo Show, you must be signed into your Alexa account using the same password.

It's a breeze to set up. To use Zoom, you don't even need a Zoom account or an Android or iOS app. However, if you already have a Zoom account, I strongly advise you to sign in to the Show to take advantage of the additional meeting possibilities and convenience. Later, we'll talk about that.

For those who don't have a screen on their Echo or Dot, Zoom meetings can still be accessed via the Alexa app, but only if you have linked your calendar in the Alexa app to utilise Zoom (we detail how to do this below).

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Joining Zoom Meetings on an Echo show

"Alexa, attend my Zoom meeting," you may tell the virtual assistant.
Alexa will ask for your Zoom meeting ID, and you may either shout it out loud or type it in on the screen to get the information. In order to make it easier, you may attach a Bluetooth keyboard to your device.
When prompted for a passcode, enter it either verbally or on the screen, and the conference will begin.
An on-screen toolbar with controls for muting and unmuting, starting and stopping video, and ending will be available when you join a meeting. Tap on the screen to reactivate it when the call is over, but it will disappear.
It's also possible to utilise the hardware mute, camera cover, and volume buttons on the Show when in a conference call or presentation.
To put a stop to a meeting, either press the End button or tell Alexa, "Alexa, end meeting."

If you've linked your calendar to your Alexa account, you may just say "Alexa, join my meeting" or "Alexa, start my next meeting" to go directly into your next meeting without having to manually input the meeting ID and password (Alexa will first confirm which meeting). You can use Alexa to tell you when your next Zoom meeting is scheduled to begin, as well. If you wish to utilise Zoom on an Echo speaker without a screen, you must link your calendar.

For those who have Alexa, here's how to sync your calendar. Setting up Alexa Visual ID or Alexa Voice ID will let Alexa identify which Zoom meeting to open if there are several users in your household.

Navigate to More > Settings > Calendar in the Alexa app on your phone to use this feature.
To add a calendar account, select "Add account" from the drop-down menu. In addition to Alexa's own calendar, the service supports Google, Microsoft, and Apple's calendars. Use the calendar where your Zoom invitations are if you have more than one.)
To link your calendar, simply follow the on-screen instructions.
If you wish to link many calendars, do the same thing.
Now, Alexa can start your meetings without any input from you, and forthcoming meetings will be shown on the Show's screen and announced on any Echo speakers you select in the Alexa app. By just touching the notice when it appears on your phone, you may attend the meeting right away.


On an Echo Show, How Do I Get Into Zoom?

Signing into your Zoom account on the Echo Show gives you more options for creating and running meetings, but it's not essential to utilise Zoom on the Echo Show.

"Alexa, open Zoom," followed by a tap on the Zoom sign-in button.
A code will display on your phone or computer, directing you to go to, or you may input your email and password directly on the Show screen (you will only have to do this once per device)
To unlock Zoom, enter a pin code (helpful if you don't want everyone in your home to use it).

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