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Use a Spreadsheet to Organize and See Your Life

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Take an inventory of your daily experiences

What occupies you most days? Make a very specific list. Do you spend 1 hour exercising? It is probably easy to identify exercise as something you either do or don´t do. Now, try to identify less obvious activities you do. Do you spend an hour cooking each day? That time might escape what you identify as your daily involvments because you may think it is trivial, simply a necessity, or boring. But, nevertheless it occupies you. Now identify less obvious mental occupations. Do you spend 1 hour ruminating over various matters every day? Do you read, listen, or watch media? What kind exactly? After you have a solid list of the actual activities your mind and body are engaged in on a daily basis your ready for the next step.


Order your list according to values

Now, order your list according the importance of activities. #1 on your list should be that activity which has a far reaching effect on other activities. It would make sense to have reflection and contemplation about your day as #1 since that has a far reach in how you approach the day. Here is an example of a brief ordered list:

  1. Reflection
  2. Reading
  3. Cooking
  4. Exercising
  5. Work
  6. Social Media

Make each activity a different sheet in a spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet using a program such as google sheets. It´s free. Then within that spreadsheet create a sheet for each activity on your ordered list.

You now have a way to easily record and reference details about each of these activities in your life, including related ideas, elements, and whatever else is important about these activities. For example, record all the fruits and vegetables you eat. Perhaps record how they help your health and foods you should include. In other words, use each sheet to take account of this activity very speficially and thoroughly.

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You are much more aware of the actual activities your life is composed of. You can also easily arrange and record all these details using the spreadsheet. It can really help you see and keep track of how you are living your life! Use it frequently, even daily, to better understand what exactly your life is all about.

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