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How to store my Gmail message into Folders?


You're using Gmail as your email client and you're loving it, but your emails are piling up in your Inbox. What do you do? Well, you store them in folders (just like any of your files). But where do I create a folder in Gmail? In Gmail, Folders = Labels. Here's a quick "How To" in creating your own Labels and storing your email messages in them.

Step 1: Create Labels in Gmail

The first step is to create a Label in Gmail. Click on the Gear symbol in the upper right area of your Gmail and you will see the drop-down selections. Click on Settings to access this feature. (see below)


The Settings window has a horizontal selection bar at the top. Click on Labels to access the Labels Options (see below). The column called Show in label list provides you an option of showing or hiding a Label (or folder). Click on the blue link to turn on or off the visibility of a Label.


Scroll down under Settings until you see the section called Labels and a button called Create new label. Notice that the default Labels already for you are Personal, Receipts, Travel and Work. You may make show or hide these Labels by clicking on their visibility option.


When you click on the Create new label button, a subtext menu will pop up (see right). Just type in the name if your new Label in the first slot.

  • Your Label to be a root folder (at top level) by default.
  • If you want your Label to be nested under another Label (a subfolder), check the option box called Nest label under:, then select from the dropdown menu which Label you want your new label to be under. In this example, I want my new Label called HubPages to be nested under my Personal Label.

The results (see right) show my new HubPages Label nested under my Personal Label. Also, note that I selected the Receipts and Work Labels hide option (see right, in blue box) and the Receipts and Work Label are not visible in my Labels group at the far left.

That's it . . . you've created your own Labels! Now how do we store our email messages into these Labels?

Step 2: Moving Gmail messages in to Label folders

So you've got an email message open and you want to save it into a Label folder. While your email message is open, click on the Folder icon (see below, red circle) and a dropdown menu will popup. Just click on the Label that you want your email message stored within (see red arrow). In this example, we want the email stored in a folder called HubPages.

Note: The email was residing in the Inbox only and is indicated by the gray indicator called Inbox (see blue circle).


Check to see if your task was accomplished by clicking on the Label called HubPages? You should see your email stored within this folder (see below).

That's it . . . you can now create as many Labels as you wish, and begin to categorize all of your email messages with a couple of clicks.

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carole ellsworth on May 01, 2017:


As soon as I delete the original message from the G-mail 'inbox' this message gets deleted from the 'label' or folder where it's stored.

Any way to save a message (or part of a conversation) that is in the inbox and not get it deleted, when clearing out the G-mail inbox?

Please and thank you.

Michael on February 27, 2017:

I get that one at a time storage. But what if I want to store a whole plethora of emails to a folder at one time.

carol on October 01, 2016:

All my folders from my Outlook account were also in my gmail account, but one day they up and disappeared. Any way to get folders moved from Outlook to gmail?

Puppet on January 28, 2016:

Great how to store emails in folders. Thanks

Johnd909 on September 30, 2014:

Article Source a viral game app is not ecegakgeadkb

jaya on September 19, 2014:

clear and understanding webpage.

so gooood.....................

Jacqueline on September 10, 2012:

That's nice and easy but why don't sub labels nesting under a LABEL disply on the left column . If I click the MAIN LABEL-that opens the mails in that box, but nowhere can I access the sun LABELS

dBrian on February 27, 2012:

Very easy to understand, nice tutorial for people new to gmail.

alisha4u from New Delhi, India on February 27, 2012:

Good one for newbies....

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