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How to get started with Display Social Media


What is Display?

First of all, you might be wondering what on Earth is Display Social Media? Valid question considering the social app is still in its beta testing phase and has only recently secured a 19 million dollar investment to prepare to launch early this year. However, 1 million people worldwide have already signed up in order to start carpeting the platform, solidifying their follower status and begin cashing in the pennies. So you start by doing that.

So what is Display?

Display is a new social media platform somewhat similar to Instagram that intends to compete with all the main social media apps out there. This way content creators can actually get paid for the content they post instead of just generating "free money" to the platform. Basically the app pays the users 50% of the ad revenue generated.

Like instagram, there is an ad between every 3 photos on your feed. So the owners of those 3 photos will get a portion of that ad revenue divided among themselves, unlike instagram who keeps it all. So basically every view that every single photo, video, text you get, will be paid out.

You also can use the support button if you want that photo to earn the author the entire 50% revenue of that ad.

As you create a legion of friends and followers, and a profile set of photos and videos, you can see how this adds up very quickly.

Here are some quick rules to help you through this initial journey!

Celebrities such as Lil Nas, Brandy and Brian Michael Cox have just joined the platform

Celebrities such as Lil Nas, Brandy and Brian Michael Cox have just joined the platform

Rule #1 Post Original Content

Copyright infringement is a thing. Don't do it. Don't go searching google for amazing photos that will immediately be perceived as "viral". You will be seen as a photo stealer and your profile name will be discredited as something not worth following in the long run. It's just not worth it.

Post YOU. Even if it's just about you reading a book - engagement will definitely be more worthwhile with longevity and genuine than copying Anne Geddes' baby pics across the platform that we've all seen over and over again.

Rule # 2 Don't Spam

Let's get this straight: this isn't a Get Rich Scheme or a Pyramid Scheme where you will be getting paid for life on your 4th line comissioner's earnings. This is a social media platform that will simply be paying you for the engagement with your content - views. If you post original content that your followers enjoy, the views will add up and so will the follower count - just like any other platform - organically. Buying followers or spamming the ones you already have, never helped anyone, anywhere. On the contrary.

Currently you'll see some very annoying users who post "share 4 share", "like 4 like", etc. to rake in a few pennies. I block them. And so will anyone who plans on staying on the platform and have fun while at it. Believe me. Don't be that person.

So if I decided to follow you for your content worth seeing, don't make me unfollow you with your 500 spammy posts. One nice photo of your daily life / interests will keep you on my feed every morning while I'm scrolling during breakfast, rather than spam. And that's worth much more in the long run.

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Rule # 3 Engage!

You'll only end up using an app if you have fun on it. And you'll only have fun with it if you look beyond the pennies. Follow users whose content interests you: there's no point of following a cat lover when you're not a cat person and then you'll have to see their posts everyday, just for the sake of an extra follower. There's plenty of people with similar interests out there - follow those and interact with them and you'll end up having a much more enjoyable experience.

Just imagine if you were on instagram and you hate sports - but you end up following all the soccer players in the world. You will hate your feed and end up losing interest in instagram. It applies to TSU - create a social media experience you enjoy. And comment, like and support anything that puts a smile on your face. You'll end up smiling and making a couple of friends on the way.

As for the random user who asks you to share his kitty kat in exchange for 10 likes? Block him. That's the best advice you'll ever follow.

Rule #4 Join a Community

One of the cool features on TSU is Communities. Although the app is still in its initial phase, there are already some cool Communities to join. Here you can find people with similar interests and follow them. You can also post photos in these Communities (yes, they count towards your earnings as well). You can join well established communities like "World Traveling", "Food lovers", "Online Cooking Channel", "Bookworm", "i love music", "LGBTQ+" etc. or you can join two that I created "MOVIES" and "Series" because I just love movies and series and reviewing and suggesting new stuff is just fun.

If you end up finding or creating a cool community, feel free to suggest it below in the Comments.


Rule #5 Invite your friends while it's still new

The app is still in beta testing although already paying out members everytime they reach 15USD. But while it's new and no investment in marketing has been done, you can invite your friends and earn 10% of their earnings. This will soon end once the app is fully launched but for now it's a pretty cool perk. At the moment the app has 200k members and growing.

Rule #6 Join sooner rather than later

For now the app is still new so joining today will give you time to get to know the ropes while gaining followers with similar interests, and getting views. Once the app has millions of users, your little profile might end up diluted in the ocean of influencers, raking in very few views. Establish yourself now.

Although the payout varies, it has been "sort of" 0.0001 USD per photo view. Meaning if one person views my profile with 10 posts, that's 10 views. If I post a photo and have 500 followers, that's 500 views. If I post in a community with 10000 followers, well you can do the math. The point is, if you grow an interesting profile and follower count organically, the views will add up organically. Whether you get likes or not. That first photo you ever posted will always be there on your profile for everyone to see every single day, and you'll be earning on that photo... forever.

Will you become a millionaire? Probably not. But how much is Facebook and Instagram paying you every time someone is just looking at your profile?

So join today and post your thoughts in the Comments section below.


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