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How to do SEO for B2C Clients?

I am working as an SEO Executive in Green Media Technology Mumbai.


SEO for B2C(Business to Consumer)!

SEO is done in order to get a high ranking on SERP, to get good traffic, and also to boost sales. SEO is the backbone for any online business. SEO strategy is different for different categories and domains. Some Categories have great traffic and high CPC keywords, while other categories have very low. Today I will be explaining How to do SEO For the B2C category. B2C stands for Business to consumer. Here we will talk about a location-based business operating online with a website. So let's proceed.

What is B2C?

Before proceeding further first let's understand what exactly is B2C? Simply in b2c, we are selling our products directly to our customers or providing business services to the end-users. Customers are directly interacting with the business. Any E-commerce website selling Gym workout membership to its customers is an example of b2c types. An online retail shop is also considered to be a b2c type. Amazon is considered to be b2c, c2c, and also b2b. It is the largest business portal providing a platform for buying and selling. There are many online operating b2c portals for doing business. Many of the B2C categories have a website as well as location-based. Here we will talk about a category, whose has a website as well as a local shop for business.

Keywords Research For B2C

First, do keyword research for your business. Understand your Audience's concern. For which keywords people are doing a search on the web. Then understand the influencer's concern. Influencer concern matters because from there you will be getting good quality links. Most probably influencer concern and audience concern will be the same because influencer's basically targeted the high traffic keywords. Targetting a high sales keyword will give you good revenue. So choose high-value keywords. You can use Google keyword planner and Google trends for doing Keyword research. In Google trends, you can check your keyword performance according to location. And also check for keywords that are getting high CPC. High CPC is those keywords that have good conversion rates high. So use high CPC keywords. In Google trends, you will get the past performance of a particular keyword. So you can design your strategy based on that keywords. There are many other paid as well as free keyword research tools available.

ON-Page Activity

In on-page activity use your location-based keywords in title, description, and H1 tags. Structure your tags in a proper sequence way, followed by h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6. Use one h1 tag on a single page. In the alt tag of your images give location-based words. For example, if your keyword is "Air conditioner repairer" and you have hosted your business in Mumbai. Then use "air conditioner repairer in Mumbai".

  1. Use your Keyword in the Title.
  2. Use your keyword in the Page URL.
  3. Use your Keyword in Meta Description and Meta Keywords
  4. Use your Keyword in the H1 tag.
  5. Use your Keyword in the alt tag of an image.
  6. Use your Keyword and Keywords Synonyms in Your Content.


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Do Internal Linking of your website. Pass your link Juice among the webpages equally and target your keyword page with more internal links. Give your target keyword page links on your home page. Assigned your link on target keywords. Use breadcrumbs if you are having more products and sub-products it will increase your Clicks and decrease your bounce rate. Give Links to your bread crumbs of sub-products.

Content Creation.

Create content for your audience not for search engines. Create your own quality plagiarism-free content. Content length should be more than 500 but less than 2500. For shorter content, you can use a single Image. But for long content, you should use at least 2-3 Images. Don't forget to use your location keywords in Content. Use your location-based keywords. Don't stuff keywords in your Content. Try to use keywords synonyms in your content. Don't use repetitive words in your content. For creating quality content use Grammarly's free version, and do a setup of WordPress and install the Yoast SEO plugin. Through the Yoast SEO plugin, you can create very good SEO Content. Use Yoast SEO's free version plugin. ON Yoast plugin you will get tips and suggestions for creating content.

Schema Markup

Don't forget to take full use of Schema markup. Schema mark-up is a way of structuring your data and representing it in front of the Google search engine. So Google can properly, accurately understand and index your website. There are Different types of Schema Data Available at the Schema Data Site. For Ranking your website in specific regions you can use Location-Based schema data. You can use product schema data with rating features.


Simply Off page is a Link Building activity where you can get a link from other websites or Influencers. For Local Business, local citations are a must. In Link building activity first, build up Business Citations for your website. Business Citations are nothing but Business Listings. You can list your business on Google (GMB), bing, yelp, Hot frog India and etc. sites. List your business on your business categories. Don't list your business randomly anywhere. And also list your business under your location. If you are doing business in India. Then DO Google search and Find Business Listings in India and list your business there.


When we talk about business with a specific location and operating that business online then google my business is the first preference to be adopted. Google My Business gives us various online facilities for free. Through GMB we can list our business on Google Map. It provides us a facility to list our business on the world's most powerful search engine Google. More than 90 percent of our traffic we get is from google. So first step in the OFF-Page strategy is to create a GMB page and Listing and to verify it. After verification, only our listing will appear on Google. Add your website to GMB. Then urge your customers for reviews and ratings. Reviews play a vital role in ranking a business on Line. Try to take reviews with your business-specific keywords. For example, if you are running an Air Conditioner service in Mumbai. So tell your customers to give you a rating like "best air conditioner repairer in Mumbai" or "best ac technician". don't forget to get your keywords as well as your location name. It will help Google to rank your business in that specific area. Then create a post and link your website with that post and post it on GMB. Your Click rate will increase through these GMB posts. Take as many reviews as you can. But the reviews should be Genuine, no fake reviews. If you get any bad reviews don't be sad it will also be going to help you. Fake reviews tell google that this is a genuine review done by a human, not a bot or any other software program.

After Doing a strong On-page, and good Content and Building up excellent Citations, and getting many reviews on GMB for your Business. Your B2C category Website will start ranking on some keywords. For other keywords ranking you can Just DO Bookmarks and Classified Ads Submission for your Targeted Area, and then your Website will boost up on SERP. For getting huge traffic you should use forums. Through forum posts, you will get great traffic.

If you had any doubts or Confusion. Please comment in the Comment Box. Do Share with others.

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