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How to Delete a Google Account & When You Should Do It

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Google is an everyday’s presence in most people’s digital lives. The search engine is surely the absolute leading product that is used in million of computers, tablets and smartphones, but also services like Gmail, YouTube and Google Photos are among the most used ones in their sector. Gmail is one of the most known free e-mail services in the world, Google Photos allows people to backup their photos and videos snd have them always available on all their devices. while YouTube is the most popular online video sharing platform. Most of the Google services outside the search engine, Maps or other products meant to show information require having a personal or corporate Google Account. Most people enjoy having this account, as they are able to use several products belonging to a single company, all with unique login credentials to remember. Google services are both useful to private users (for example in order to have an email account, backup photos and documents, manage a personal blog or review places on Google Maps) and to business users (for example, for managing locations on Google, creating online ads, registering domain names or cloud services through Google Cloud), still, there may be some people who don’t need to use Google services or, eventually, need just to search for something using the search engine or Maps, without using a personal account. In this case, these people may want to eventually get rid of Google Account, provided they don’t make a big usage of it. This article is going to show the steps required in order to cancel a Google Account.


Why You May Want to Delete Your Google Account

There are several reasons why you may want to delete your Google Account: before proceeding with doing this step, it is advisable to analyze them and see if most of them apply to the personal situation. It may be good to proceed with Google Account deletion if:

  • no use of personal services like Gmail, Google Photos, Drive, Calendar or others is made: this may apply, for example, to users who are already relying on alternatives like Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCloud or other ecosystems;
  • there’s no usage of specific services designed for business and corporate realities: no need of managing a business place (like a shop or restaurant) listing on Google, creating online ads campaigns or managing presence of an online website among search results;
  • no Android phones relying heavily on Google services is used.

When You Should Not Delete Your Google Account

Deleting a Google Account can be good if there’s really no usage of it, still, it may be worthy to keep it in the following situations:

  • being owner of a shop, restaurant or any other public place seeking for online visibility: managing a presence on Google services is maybe even more essential than having a website and, in the case of being owner of a website too, it is still advisable to manage its visibility on search results, so a Google Account is always required for someone who is managing online presence of their business;
  • having an Android phone, unless it is completely untied from Google services (like some models of Huawei devices).

One can conclude that the only user who may really get rid of a Google Account is one that may use iPhone or some specific Android devices not tied to Google ecosystem, plus, they shouldn’t any website or business, so they shouldn’t worry about having an online presence at all. This statement is enough to conclude that most people may find it beneficial to keep a Google Account even in case they don’t rely much on Google services, still, this guide is meant to help those who are really sure they don’t need it anymore.

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What to Do Before Deleting Your Google Account

Before proceeding with Google Account deletion, it is very important to download a copy of all the personal data stored in all the used Google services, so that it can be kept and eventually transferred to other providers also after account deletion. In order to proceed, it is recommended to access Google Takeout tool and select the data to be saved. Then, Google will generate an archive containing the selected data, in some cases, it may require some days to complete the process, especially if there is several data to save.

How to Delete a Google Account

Before deleting a Google Account, it is always advisable to double check if it is intended to just get rid of a single Google service or of everything related to Google ecosystem. In the first situation, it is possible to cancel a specific service without affecting the whole Google Account, by simply proceeding to the deactivation page. Only if there is total certainty that it is intended to delete the whole Google Account, it is possible to proceed to the deletion page. After that, your account is permanently deleted and every data hosted on it will be erased. As a final note, it is worth considering also all the content purchased on Google Play will not be available anymore.

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