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How to Create New Partition on Macbook Pro (MacOS / OS X)?


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Basic Summary

  1. Open the "Disk Uitlity' app.
  2. Select disk
  3. Set partition format.
  4. Set partition size.
  5. Crea partition.

Steps to follow

  1. Click Launchpad
  2. Click Utilities or Other
  3. Open "Disk Utility" app
  4. Select "Machintosh HD" in internal on right hand side.
  5. Click "Partition" button located at top.
  6. A popup will open with title such as "Apple File System Space Sharing". Click "Partition" button inside popup.
  7. Click the "Machintosh HD" in round shaped graph.
  8. Click "+" plus sign below the graph.
  9. Edit the "Name" under Partition Information.
  10. Select "Format" of new partition.
  11. Edit the "Size" and set it to a number you prefer to be the size new partition.
  12. Click "Apply" button.
  13. A popup window will appear for final confirmation. Click "Partition" button inside that popup.
  14. MacOS will start erasing any existing data and formatting the new partition. It will take a little time depending on the size you specified for new partition.
  15. A new partition will be created. I would suggest to restart the Macbook after last step.