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How to buy Bitcoin 2021

How to buy Bitcoin.

For years I've thought about buying bitcoin. But I was limited by a number of things. Number one. I didn't know how to buy bitcoin. What's a wallet? Why would I buy a gimmick that can be copied by another coin and go to zero? While I was thinking these things Bitcoin was $700. Now bitcoin is $40,000 and moving up. It's not a gimmick and it's not going away. After doing some research I finally got into the crypto game. If you want to get in too click my link -->(To Coinbase) <--and we will both get $10 in bitcoin if you invest $100. You will also get about $30 in free promotions. I'd sign up just for that. After getting the bitcoin bug, I've decided to share it with others. And hopefully get some tips myself as a newbie. Stay tuned and I will share a series of articles to share the knowledge that I've come across in the world of Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin: It's not too late to be part of the future.

Bitcoin: It's not too late to be part of the future.

Join with me and we can both get $10

Let's get in on Bitcoin together.

Let's get in on Bitcoin together.

Why should you invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency are the new gold. It's a hedge against inflation. Have you seen the national debt lately? It's not pretty and the money machines continue to go BRRRR! How do you protect yourself from this? You can buy silver, Gold, stocks, or property. You can also invest in crypto. Precious metals are nice. I own silver, but one problem is that it's hard to get rid of. I have to play with ebay or go to a coin shop in order to find a buyer. I've actually never sold any. It's too much of a hassle. With Bitcoin I can convert it to cash instantly or even use it as a currency. I own some stocks. Can I use my brokerage account as cash? I don't know. They never gave me a bank card. I would have to sell my stock and transfer the cash to my bank account to use them. And property has such a huge cost to get into that its at a whole different level of investing.


Dave Smith (author) from Michigan on February 06, 2021:

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